Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bottled Highlights

Hah! Betcha thought this was about my hair. Not! This is about an odd Penny Black sticker card made at a stamp camp in summer. I love this card except the bottle cap. When we were doing it, I said to Stacey-Aren't we gonna flatten the cap? Nope. I even saw a Sizzix machine in the back room which would have worked fine to do this . Certainly you cant mail this card like this.

I made the card and came home and took it apart. I tried to pry out the middle of the cap thinking I can flatten it myself but for naught. Oh well. I did edge the card in dark brown ink and found several scraps to layer on this. I carefully peeled off the sticker from the base card and added a crackled piece of paper then a razor distressed greenish layer under that.

The lighter brown was dissected with a piece of darker brown that had been run thru a corrugator-rippled. The sticker had been punched using a circle that fit inside the bottle cap and then the cap placed over that circle and the punched out part put inside it. Then it was filled with Dimensional Acrylic. Personally, I would have flattened this and then put the Acrylic in and used a lot less because you can barely see the design under it. It also took forever to dry-about 2 days I think.

I have another set of this sticker sheet and will try it again-but I will flatten the cap. I used a flattened cap on this card a while ago and it was so easy to do. I guess I think Stacey was being lazy that day. I do like the idea of recycling this way tho.

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