Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Argh! My Hair!

No, this photo isn't me! Close to elbow length was! WAS!!!! I went in for a trim today and told the girl to take off "this" much and showed her from the ends to where I wanted it cut. I have all one length hair (after growing out nasty ugly bangs for years). I even reiterated how much to cut after she put that plastic gown on me.
When I have a pony tail, my hair was still way below my shoulders even if the tail was high on my crown. Not anymore! I can hear her snipping away in the back and when she spun me around, my hair was just tapping my shoulders! She had to have cut off 8 inches! I have Rachael Ray hair without the bangs-yuck!!!! I tried to put it into a pony tail and it is an ugly stick out the back of my head thing now. I had 5 inches cut in late January and just wanted the ends trimmed up neat to get it colored. I am sooooo pissed. Hubby said it was okay but this is a man with no frigging hair but a tuft in the front.

I want my hair back!


My animals are driving me crazy-even the human one. He went to work at 4 AM and didn't get back to town until almost 8:30 PM. He says if we lived closer, he would be earlier. Liar! If we lived closer, he would still work 12-14 hours a day. I get so depressed when I think of all the stuff I need him to do here and I end up doing them or they don't get done. They create more work and me time goes out the door.
Here is another archived card. I used a base orange card and took that red double-sided tape and made strips up both sides and across the top and bottom. Then I poured on the glitter after peeling off the top protective layer of the tape. Use as micro fine as you can or maybe even Perfect Pearls. I then stamped on a matching orange piece and layered it with black. Then I just popped it in the middle. This is so old, it's fading. I don't use glitter enough as it's such a mess sometimes-last night there was glitter all over the counter in the kitchen and I am sure, in my soup!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Garden of Life

Today is sorta an anniversary for me. I had my first (of two) dates with hubby before we got engaged. It was 36 years ago.We never had another date after that second one. Once he had me in the bag (or bed) out went any romance. He didn't say a word today either-other than he called his twin sisters to wish them happy birthday. Guess I shouldn't have scheduled my first date with him on a family holiday. It was my only day off from my job and school at the time. Sofa slug is out for the night now. I am talking to my steaming Brussels sprouts.

This isn't a very good photo but it's the best I could muster at the time. This is from my file. Maybe two years ago? It looks more complicated than it really is. A plain cream card (square) is the base. Make two pieces of the front size cut from double sided paper. Cut on the diagonal and save two pieces for another card. Tape the two pieces with opposing fronts showing on the diagonal (tape on the back).Fold up one corner to meet the middle and the opposite corner down to meet the point.

Apply this whole piece to the front of the card leaving the upper right corner unglued for the tag insertion. If you like the distressed look, ink up the edges before gluing this down. Punch out a tag (die cuts or ready tags work) and ink or powder it up using resist methods. Stamp a flower using a ink that is pleasing. Also ink the edges. Use whatever you have in the stash. I used a huge brad with the prongs cut off that I stamped on with Staz-On but a rub on would work too. Pop dot it in the middle where the points meet.

Stamp a phrase in the lower left. I wish I had photographed this outside before sending it because it is so spring-like. I need to make more of this design. It used up a lot of larger scraps too. And is adjustable for any square size (this is 5 x 5).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Triple Sunflowers

I should be in bed-but had too much tea today. I went to Costco and spent a bazillion dollars. Then hit up a stamp store and a scrap store AND didn't get lost. Thanks to my handy dandy GPS! I let my fingers do the traveling on the screen and am finding places I have never known. I always plug in the scenic route!
So this one from the file-many moons ago too-was one of the very first cards I ever made. Nothing spectacular about it but it works. Yellow and black was one of my fav combos when I was in grade school. I always made my mom buy me yellow dresses. Now I would not get caught dead in that color. So this is easy to figure out and I think the stamp image is a small one from Hero Arts.

See ya later this week-with hopefully something current.

Monday, April 21, 2008

He Killed A Tree!

Remember this a while back? Well, Saturday hubby took me down I75 to shop at Whole Foods and he showed me the area where he let his car get chewed. He killed a tree! Poor little tree babe was only about 2 feet tall and just a pine bough and now he is dead. Hubby is a murderer. Damned lucky it wasn't 100 feet farther south-hubby would have nicked the guardrail and gone down a 200 foot embankment into a swamp-and probably killed a troll.

Sadly, no photos. Traffic was moving at 85 MPH. No radar in site. I need Valium on that road!

Lookie What I Bought!

You will never guess how much-normally 9.99-on sale for 6.49! I can't wait to paint!

Love Is The Key

As I try to work thru some "items" in my life, I have promised myself I will stay off the internet searching for the truth that ultimately upsets me. Some of that comes in emails from family. My mom is very ill and even tho I have not seen her in almost 9 years (by her choice I might add), I love her and always will. Unconditionally. Someday I will go into more details but at another blog. I try to keep this one short and sweet but it's pretty tough some days. It helps to write (it's kinda like primal screaming-remember that?)

This is the dreaded square card. I cut a hank of a scalloped piece from Bazzill and added it to a square textured card. Laid a piece across the middle with matching colors-I just love that pumkiny orange (I heard Bazzill is discontinuing some colors and textures-hope this isn't one). Punch out a flower and top with a tied button and pop dot i where the scallop meets the plain centered on the patterned strip. Add a rub on (or a stamped phrase on the lower right (hopefully, not as close to the edge as I did-but that is me-close to the edge).

See you later this week-and go check my other blog for photos of dinner!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

May All Your Wishes Come True

I have been gone a few days and will be gone a bit more as I try to catch up on some stuff. I have a sick doggie on top of it. He saw me getting out of hubby's truck the other day and tried to jump out to go with me and hurt his butt/hips area. We think. He went to the vet and had shots and meds but still is not perking up at all. I have to basically play wait and see but nothing appeared to be broken. I wish he could tell me where it hurt.

I found this card in my unpublished file (actually found a bunch of them) so thought I would post it while I remembered. My brain is not working too great recently. I think you can all figure this out as I used a bunch of layered scraps, inked the edges and glittered up the image after I colored it. The photo is crooked but the card is not. The stamps are both from Great Impressions, so ask for them at your local stamp store. They have a SOTM each month and usually a deal if you buy more than one of them from the chart.

I will return when I can find something else worth posting-I really need to shake my brains loose soon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Creating Keepsakes

May 2008 issue
Page 56

Did she say yes?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

Butterfly Love

I have so much to do and just not enough arms or hands. I thought I would be able to create today but my hip and knee were giving me fits, so I spent the day on a heating pad. I guess I overdid it at the gym again.I did get to watch a slew of sports tho-basketball, hockey, golf and baseball.All from the comfort? of my sofa.

This is the last card I have in my queue, so I may just take a few weeks off to finish my taxes (I am still waiting on donation receipts), sort thru crap to give to a local school's rummage sale and I have to assess what I will hope to do verses what I can do on my house. I really need a long vacation (by myself) to just have no obligations.That will never happen (unless Johnny Depp shows up at my door).

Here is another card from the Penny Black sticker sheet. So simple but pretty elegant. Start with a plain white card-a folded square (and not my favorite type). Taking a scrap of pink texture, secure a tiny eyelet in each corner. Tape run it to the front of the base card.

A small piece of Bling black has the corners rounded and this too was attached to the front of the pink. I centered the frame sticker on the black. Then I tipped the butterfly sticker and placed it inside the frame. For some extra shimmer, I used Stickles on the wings (I think this is called Ice Stickles). This is the last of the Penny Black cards made from one sheet of stickers. I have more in my stash, so there will be examples coming again.

I hope to be back sooner than later. And maybe with some recipes for my other blog. It was pretty exciting to come in second with my soup recipe in a recent contest, so I am experimenting again. There will be a post here on this blog when the photos/recipes are up. Enjoy spring if you have it! Ciao!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bad News for Local Scrappers

The wonderful little store that closed a few weeks after Thanksgiving with a promise to re-open in a more viable place is not to be. I had not heard anything for quite a while so I contacted Paula and she told me there will be no grand re-opening.

Paula thought she might try making up kits (older Maya Road paper and books) and selling them online from the stock she has left over but honestly, the kits we can buy online are usually so cutting edge that leftovers will not go over enough to make it worth her time. She could just make up grab bags and sell that or hold a yard sale locally after the weather is good. Most people today want what is new and hot (I admit I am the same way sometimes).

Her store was cute and I enjoyed shopping there (after having a dickens of a time finding it for months-sorta a warning sign, right?). My entire area is so economically going to hell, and with a possibility of another local GM strike looming next week or so, it may be time to turn off the last light bulb on the way out.

I will leave her link in my side bar (Paula's Pickles) for another month or so and see what happens. I have bad vibes on a few more that are listed but maybe they are in better area's and can weather the storm.

The Dollar Goodies are Back!

Target has a bunch of ribbon, ink pads, paper packs, stickers and acrylic stamps-most in baby or young kids mode but if that is your style-go for it. All in the front dollar spot.

Joann's dollar area had pads of paper in 5 x 7 size for drawing, sketching, acrylics, and a pad of palette paper (waxy on one side) for one measly buck. There was more down a bit-some stickers, ribbon and other small items but I grabbed the paper-perfect for stamping and background painting! And on clearance in the art department was my favorite-vellum Bristol pads. I cleaned 'em out! 50 % off most of it.

I may go to the other side of town and see what the other Joann's has tomorrow if hubby had a workable car (his ABS went out after he got it back two days ago from the accident-I am sure it's related-so long as it ain't on my insurance). On-Star told him it was safe to drive it tho. Not with me in the car! No sirree.

And for anyone who uses painter's tape for holding your brass stencils in place (I do), in the home improvement area of Target, they had two rolls for 1.48 (normal is 5.00 a roll) plus a dispenser on clearance. I won't need any for a while!
Remember, use that 50% off Michael's Coupon that expires tomorrow-Saturday at 9PM. If you didn't get one and see this early enough, I can email it to you. Let me know.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Only You-Dotted Challenge

Allison has a challenge on her blog that had to use dots. I had nothing laying out and honestly, I am too lazy to go looking tonight to make something . I just spent the last couple of hours laughing my butt off at Run Fatboy Run. And hubby got my free popcorn (I won it online but don't eat it). So I was cleaning up some previous posts in my blog and found a draft from over a year ago. It has dots! So here it is in all it's ugly glory (and it is ugly).

Now I need to find some Tylenol as my face hurts from laughing (only a runner would laugh this much at another runner's pain-we have all been there, except for the crotch thing-that hurt watching). Enjoy the ugliness of this card-if I get ambitious and the rain stops for me to go outside and photograph, I may have better stuff this weekend.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Library Drawer Tagger

I am still working with the same sheet of Penny Black stickers-I have seen the new ones coming soon with the spring release and as always, they are so wonderful. For 2.00 or so you can get up to 10 cards from one sheet of stickers. Pretty good bang for the bucks.
So use a plain white base card and layer a piece of printed card stock (this one is two sided too) but leave a bit open on the side edges so you can tuck the ribbon after. Use a die cutter to make you library drawer cut and place a plain piece of white behind. Then add your sticker. Run the ribbon thru the back and up the holes and then take the whole piece and add to the front centering with pop dots. The ribbon ends are then tucked under the sides and you can tack it with tape runner or tiny glue dots. (I see one of my sides has popped back apart).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In Hacker Language

The post I made right below translates into this!

the dancce of pzpar, ink, rbubwer and other odd btiz of tangiblez!!!!!!!11
tu3sday,, april O1, 20)8

i hate yto brag but.. ~~~~~~~ HACK YOUUUUUUUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 !!!!!!!!1~~ .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ ... ~~~ olololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOO.... !!!!!!!!!!111~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 . !!!!!!!!!~~
1 WON!!!!!!11~~~ i won~~~~~~ i won~~~~~ OLOOL.. i won~~~~ i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hack the plannaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ I OWN J00 i wno!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ i woon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ i w0n!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ llolololooolololo rememjbar baX0r here whem i wrote abuot entaring??????????!!!!!!!!!!???????? LOLOL~ I HONESTLY FORG0T ALL BoOT IT/ so whhen i w3nt up to staceys 7ast weeek tpo t4kE the dream weavers c;ass with lynelL har7ow, 1 aMj ust sPaXOr7Ing my brass stecniL (and mys37f) ands tacey comez in and tel7z me i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ I THINK MYB OTtOM ILP IHT TEH RT4BLE s0 i wopn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~ OLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL~ i woN~~~~~ 1 won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~ I WON!!!!!!!!!!111~~ OLOLO~~ I WOMN!!!!!!111~~ I WoN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~ i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ I WON!!!!!!!!!111~~ but fro som3 odd feason, i thought i ahd sent in this one-si that si why i wA zbaffled, i guess!!!!!111 i looked at it and wanted to say-That a1nt miune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ I will HAXOR YOU becausE ur 7ame toTa7 br4in farto n my end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ OLOLLOLOLOLOLOOL SINCE MY NAMe WAS ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~ olloloolololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ olololololol~~~~~ oololololollollolo os i \\\\////\\\\////on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ ollololololo i own!!!!!111 ur lmae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ i w0n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 LOLLOLOL i won~ I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ i wo\~~~~~~ i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I WOPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just dontk nmow what i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ idfrogoit to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~

I Hate To Brag But.................

I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won!

Remember back here when I wrote about entering? I honestly forgot all about it. So when I went up to Stacey's last week to take the Dream Weavers class with Lynell Harlow, I am just spackling my brass stencil (and myself) and Stacey comes in and tells me I won! I think my bottom lip hit the table.

So I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won!

But for some odd reason, I thought I had sent in this one-so that is why I was baffled, I guess. I looked at it and wanted to say-that ain't mine. Total brain fart on my end. Since my name was on it!

So I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won! I won!

I just don't know WHAT I won! I forgot to ask!

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