Thursday, September 20, 2007

Going Postal With Penny Black

I hate square card-the PO charges too much to send them and I just prefer rectangle ones. But we made one at Stamp Camp, so it was either live with it or tear it up. I sorta tore it up. I had to keep the square as the paper was stuck to the card base. I did leave a tiny border around the patterned paper from the card and ink distress the edges. I also was able to lift the corners to tuck under the ribbon and concave the corners by hand. I did this for a little extra eye-ability.

Since the white base was so white, I wanted to bring out the blue in the fake stamps and used a textured blue card, then found an interesting green/brown for another layer. I taped the ribbon/paper layer on top of this card stock and then added the pewter brads before sticking to the blue. I also layered card stock behind the stamp stickers and used decorative scissors to give it a more stamp like look.

I like this a whole lot more than the original but I still think it lacks something to make it pop. And it certainly didn't need that little clump of kitty hair at the top-courtesy of Loki!

ETA-forgot to add that I drizzled a little Dimensional Glaze over the middle stamp. That is why it looks a bit fuzzy.

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