Saturday, January 31, 2009

Triple Holiday Bulbs

This is the last card in my cue. The stack of ones not photographed are still stacked. 38DD. No nudes. Honestly, I may get to them in time for next winter. So ground hog's day is coming on Monday. Got any idea of which way the shadow turns? One of my high school teachers was from Punxsutawney and he would go on and on about the boy hog. As far as I know they never use a female. Me, I use the smell off the compost pile. If I get a whiff from the kitchen door, it's ripe and warming up. If not, we won't have a nice hot day until July. Last year I had baby bunnies take shelter in the pile. Guess they hate winter too.

For this card I used a snowflake stamp and Brilliance blue ink on the mossy green textured piece. This shows up much nicer in real light. The background main card is deep metallic blue BTW. Three circles were cut from previously embossed dark blue paper that I rubbed a heat and glue pad on then dropped ultra fine clear glitter to coat. Using a die from Quikutz, I made the hanger thingies and glued them to the top of each bulb. I then attached a silver string to each and taped on the back of the green stamped sheet. Pop dot each of the bulbs where you want them. I do wish I had tied the strings to each bulb instead of taping to the back, tho. It would have given a little more dimension to the look. Tape the whole piece to the main card and stamp or use a rub-on for the message/phrase. There is a lot of shimmer to this card. I was just too lazy to get the good stuff out to highlight it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reindeer Games

A month later and I am still doing Christmas? The really sad thing is I haven't even photographed them all and they are piled up on the computer, gathering doggie dust. I haven't even started any Valentine's and certainly no spring as I don't think it's EVER coming. The Deep Freeze is here. And the slug stole my heating pad for his feet.

This red is more burgundy in real light. I loved using this color as it isn't that "in-your-face" red most use at Christmas. The ink is Distress on the edges and some generic stuff I had for the stamped images. The dreaded crappy dollar bin glitter glue on the flowers (my signature crap this season) and I used a glue pen for the image, then sprinkled ultra fine clear glitter on the reindeer and beyond. Acrylic accents was added to the phrase and again, this card stock was kinda cheapo, so it warped a bit. But it is passable. Scrap of ribbon, pop the layers and use those scraps. Again, this is a card map that is open to any season or occasion. Make sure you dig out those corner punches you forgot you had-too many think all they have is the Cuttlebug folders anymore and I am personally sick of them.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Because...............

Just because you made me scrambled eggs.

    Just because I was Jackie Kennedy with a tablecloth for a veil.

    Just because I wanted to stay in my room with my books.

    Just because I liked the cardboard box more than the dress.

    Just because I was so bad at rummy.

    Just because I burned my hand and you yelled at me.

    Just because I loved eating raw onions instead of apples.

    Just because I saved the fuzz.

    Just because I wouldn't eat the chicken.

    Just because I cried at the little boy on the hill song.

    Just because you said I wasn't good enough for him.

    Just because I love lilacs.

    Just because I had the ugliest bangs.

    Just because I like the name Agatha.

    Just because I wanted to dance with Fred Astaire.

    Just because I hated grampa for dying.

    Just because left field is where I want to be.

    Just because I loved waxing the floors.

    Just because Boo and me will be buds forever.

    Just because I got a bike for 5 bucks.

    Just because the house made me sick.

    Just because I never got a little sister.

    Just because I made LaVonne drunk.

    Just because I question god's existence.

    Just because I get high on sweat.

    Just because I didn't want sis to hurt herself.

    Just because I wanted the radio back.

    Just because I didn't deserve the pain.

    Just because you liked Katy and Peg.

    Just because I hate the cold.

    Just because I love rutabagas.

    Just because Clio Road flooded.

    Just because the sunshine makes me tingly.

    Just because Norm and Willie were great.

    Just because I could fill a bag with fantasy.

    Just because I danced by the moonlight.

    Just because of red pop and Vernor's.

    Just because I didn't skip school.

    Just because I didn't steal the money.

    Just because I rode the bus.

    Just because I thought I was bleeding to death.

    Just because we got stuck in the mud.

    Just because in spite of or because of these, I am who I am and wouldn't be if not for you. I thank you and hope you finally have some peace in your eternity. Love is unconditional. Or it would not be love. Rest in peace, mom.


    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Angel Greetings

    I am not sure I believe in angels. I grew up being told there was one on each shoulder-a good angel and a bad angel. It was up to me to decide which one to listen to. While I was not a saint, I was so frightened of the bad angel, I rarely acted on his behalf. I was also afraid of Jack Frost (being so terrified of him, I would not look out windows in the winter) and it wasn't until I was an adult (and on a second floor, so Jack wasn't that tall-and I assumed he could not climb a ladder with his paint brushes to frost) that I finally saw the designs of winter frost up close. It meant we had really bad leaky windows, too.

    I think I had an angel looking out for me yesterday. If I get horribly behind on my Reader, I often dump it at bedtime. For some odd reason, I decided to scroll quickly thru and there in one of my sports blogs was a chance to win tickets to the Pistons game. In a sky box suite no less! All I had to do was Twitter the blog owner for an entry. And 24 hours later, I am on my way to a Pistons game. They picked 5 names (I am the token female-go figure). We will get a tour of the facility, be able to watch warm up and practice, hold the Championship trophy-and maybe, just maybe see them win. Plus this is where the team store is-so I am still looking for a T-shirt for someone on a volcanic island-aloha to you.

    This card didn't start out as this-I actually had the vellum over the top. But me and my inky fingers and it goes under. I did emboss the edges of the stamped piece in copper more to give it a little more glitz as it was flat. The base card is dark dark green and topped with a piece I added dots of glitter glue (not the cheap stuff) so as to create berries. I still think its kinda flat but it was a fast creation. I imagine you could do this up with a cupid for Valentine's too. Just sub out another scrap of DP.

    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Tweeting Noel

    I saw pavement today. Here in Flushing, we usually have pretty decent plowing and salting. But it's been a challenge as nearly every day, we have had anything from a dusting to a gully whomper. There was a day in December when everything heated up to unheard of winter temps, two inches of rain fell and set up major flooding and then the winds came-equivalent to a minimal hurricane. Trees down and many had no power. Then the snow. Day after day after day. And so cold..we set several records. Usually there is a January thaw but the prevailing forecast for the next two weeks says no. So the plow came thru this morning and scraped enough off to spray that new fangled stuff on the bare blacktop-and the sun peeked out. So I saw pavement. In Flushing. Not so lucky the people in other parts of the county, especially Flint, who have some streets that have seen no plows all winter.

    So I know why the caged bird sings for spring. And sunshine. And the damned plow. But how do I always miss the oopsies on cards until I have photographed them and uploaded to the blog? We shall pretend the bird sneezed on this one. I really love those corner punches from Fiskars and EK Success. Anybody got a cool way to store them? I tried a shoe bag thingie over the back of the door, but the punches are so heavy or the slots too small. Anyways, this is an Inkadinkado stamp that I used a Versamark pen after stamping and then dropped glitter on it. You can click and enlarge to see it better. I also used Acrylic Accents on the Noel-which is pop dotted over the same image under it. I know the ribbon color is throwing me off but it has a coolness to it, setting the mood. Like the mood on my toes. Cold and blue.

    Anybody Like OLD CTMH Wooden Sets?

    I have a friend who is selling some older CTMH sets from pre-acrylic days. She is hoping to raise enough money to take her son sledding for his 8th birthday. They live in California and honestly, I would send them free snow (we have way too much here in Michigan) and just have an on-call pile for that cute boy to play in anytime, but mom wants to surprise him with a trip up the mountains. But she needs some cash to make a spill down the mountain with him.

    Take a look HERE and see if there is anything you might like. She also has some Buy It Now Mary Kay goodies, too. There are only a a few days left for these fun sets.

    Happy Birthday Fox. There is a huge snowball flying thru the sky for you--oops, I hit the dog! No major league contract for me. :(

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Update On Memory Lane Bay city

    As posted previously, Memory Lane is closing. There is now a firm date to shut the doors-January 31, 2009. Current "get it while it's there" prices are 60% off store wide. 75% off Quikutz. I have not been to the store in a while, so I can't vouch for the quality or quantity of remaining product. It wasn't the best last time I was there but would be worth a trip if you need card stock and stock up supplies-I suspect they don't have anything too current. An added plus if you make the trek-a neat little diner down the block that makes great omelets (about two blocks down-same side of street).

    There is also a rubber stamp store across the street called Di's Ink-one block down and across the street to the north-see phone number on my side bare and call to make sure THEY are still open.


    I got new shoes! I got new shoes! Yupperdoo. I got new shoes.

    My tootsies will feel so good at the gym tomorrow. I put off buying a pair for so long-usually replacing them after 6 months or so of running, walking, slopping thru crap. I am taking bets on how long before this pair of comfy snugs is trashed. For some reason, women's sports shoes just don't come in dark colors. The woman assisting me at Playmakers actually said--"I like the way they look on you"! Obviously not a person who does anything but pull boxes from the back room. She probably keeps her shoes in the boxes and wrapped in tissue paper, too.

    This card is pretty simple. I did use the nasty dollar bin glitter glue here. I may chip it off since it's so gloppy. Layered paper and card stock. Distress ink. A scrap of ribbon. Nothing special. 5 minute card. The end.

    Friday, January 16, 2009

    I Don't Like To Say It But....

    I told you so....

    Over the life of this blog, I have given my opinion of local scrap and stamp stores. If I love them, I let you know. If I hate them, I let you know. If I think they are dying, I let you know. I have not been wrong predicting on the dying ones yet. I have been surprised by a few that took a lot of people by surprise. I even wonder how a couple of stores are staying open. They are so bad, I stopped visiting.

    So today, I got email from Scrapbook Station in Fenton. Mind you, this store used to send out a newsletter every week. I can't remember when there was last one but it was before Christmas 2007 as there was a program called the 12 days of Christmas that the proprietor used to do each holiday season. She did not do it for the 2008 season that I am aware of. This store got a visit from me when I would take hubby to the airport in Detroit. The last visit was in May 2008.

    I posted my thoughts on the store in this blog. You can read it here. Honestly, I would have at least given some thought to what customers were saying and we do talk. One of the reasons I have a side bar with all the local stores listed, is so people can discover a place outside their comfort zone. I have removed a bunch of stores over the blog life if they no longer have an online presence-that is a least 20 stores within an 90 mile drive from Flushing. What is the point of keeping up the names of closed stores after a time anyways? It makes it too sad.

    I got a comment a few weeks ago here from someone I had no way to contact about her post-it made me wonder if she created a user name just to comment-was or is she a local store owner? Or does she know them? She seemed to think I didn't know what spreading product around a store meant and what not having anything new and exciting means to the store and its customers. Even Wal-Mart has a better selection than some of these stores. It upset me for the reason that I DO know. It breaks my heart to see any business fail (well, Hooters would make me happy to see close). These stores were closing even in good economic conditions and if you don't pay attention to the wants of your customers, you are doomed to fail. Some owners think their ideas and likes are the only way-again, if you like Cadillacs and your customers like Jeeps, how do you expect to keep them coming into your store? Big empty spaces and wide aisles are a clue for some of us.

    I hope the few that are left hang tough. Of the remaining scrap stores in my sidebar, I see one as being able to weather the trials. At least 6 of the stores are for sale-one is already having a going out of business sale with hopes of a buyer coming to the rescue (it won't happen). The chain stores are bad-even Archiver's is dead these days. Before you hop on the Internet wagon, give your local stores a chance.

    Sadly, this won't be the last GOOBS I list here. But I wish it was.

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Vippie Choir Sings For Myron Rolle

    Even on this crappy, snowy, freezing-your-gizzards-off (that one is for my dad) cold day, I found something very "cool" to shout about. As much as I love sports, I do get very upset with those who put it first without thinking of the future and the educational needs that are required to compete in the world after sports playing days are done. My kids were not allowed to play high school sports unless the grades were in place and the obligations to classroom fulfilled. So why is it college sports participants think because they are on the field, they should get special treatment in the classroom? Because no one tells them NO. Not ever ( Chris Webber is a prime example).

    I found a story online today (and it was also buried in the back of the newspaper) that made me want to give a mom and dad a super high five. Check it out here. We have parents doing it right and a child who knew what matters for a change. Another round of accolades going out to teachers in this case. Someone got it right. Sing hallelujah sing!

    By the time I get all these Christmas cards posted, it will be July. I certainly hope the snow is gone by then. Multiple layers were used on this along with a Sizzix die for the frame. Color by Copic. Idea by Laurie (who, by the way had knee replacement surgery before Christmas-and is already up and at 'em knocking peeps out of the way with her walker!). Check out her work at Jane's Craft Studio if you ever find yourself in the Waterford Mi area.

    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Christmas Cardinal

    So the media card does not want to work in the new computer. The larger Smart Media one reads fine but the SD card won't. All my food and recipes are on that card. I decided I would go to the store and buy a new card to rule out the card being the problem and there is a sale at Office Max. Only none of the items I want at the store are stocked. They are in the ad on sale. But I was told there were other items that were the same (and more costly) that would work. Bait and switch?? I will go to Office Depot tomorrow (they have the exact item at the same sale price). So tired of dealing with local retail.

    I wish you could see this card in person because the layers just pop out at you. Sadly, the very dark green almost black base card looks like it's not there. This Inkadinkado stamp (I remembered!! no brain fart this time) is from a Christmasy winter set. I stamped in a medium mossy green and then re-stamped and used the phrase from Cranberry. This is pop-dotted over the original stamping. The holly leaves were punched from velvet paper and I used that nasty glitter glue from the dollar bin at Joann's to highlight berries and the cardinal. Punched the corners, edged in green inks, pop dotted it on dark red. Corner cuts of silvery card stock were positioned on the base card and all the layers came together in perfect harmonyyyyyyyyyyy.
    See you later with more very early Christmas cards (I am being optimistic here).

    Monday, January 12, 2009

    My UGGO Works On Another Blog

    How come my uggo card (self described) using serendipity squares works so well for another blogger? Check out the better way to use them here.

    Sunday, January 11, 2009

    Merry Santa

    I know the season is gone but I am slow to post the holiday cards. Maybe the Halloweenies will go up for Valentine's Day?? Or Fall at Easter?? I take whatever I can get. Including all the peanut butter I can eat. That has nothing to do with anything. I just like saying peanut butter.

    I really like this card because of the vintage look. This is what I imagine a mid-2oth century Santa to look like even if it's generic. This is similar to the Santa whom I saw when I was young in Flint at Smith Bridgeman's Department Store that gave me a lasting image of him. I am so glad my kids don't remember the drunk Santa at Windmill Place. I personally like the more rustic look for Santa from Europe.

    This card is pretty easy using layers of scraps. I am still trying to get used to the Copic markers over the cheapie ones I used at one time. Copics are an investment but will last almost forever as they are refillable. I got a great deal on Ebay just before the prices went up. There are some women out there who are masters with the Copics. I am envious.

    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    Goodness & Light

    I started to stamp tonight and then went bananas when I could not find a particular item on my desk. So the desk took precedent. I still didn't find the item I needed but did manage to shuffle thru a full grocery bag of scraps of junk and what not papers. It will all go to the recyclers tomorrow. I am forever tearing out articles from magazines, recipes, workouts, sports scores and stuff like that. What is wrong with me???

    This is a Vippie stamp. Not nearly as bad as the last one, right? More layers and some real feel to it. Inking all the edges and then distressing them, does give it more of a vintage look. The only thing I wish I had done is used some of that fuzzy stuff in the jar on the sheep. Do they make it in grey or cream? I have red, purple, green and black. And I stuck it in a drawer upstairs and always forgot to make it more accessible.

    Got a question for my visitors/readers. How often do you get a piece of feedback on your blog for a post you made and that you know the writer has made up a blogging ID just to leave the somewhat negative comment/feedback and you can't respond but feel you should-because there is nothing when you click the ID name? I always use my real name or leave no comments at all. I have been very upfront in other posts about this. Click my name in a comment and you end up on my page with an email to contact me. I don't allow anonymous feed backs, so this is what has happened yesterday (and previously). I don't care if someone likes me or not, but I would like to present my feelings about situations as I see them. I am a very observant person and pay attention to details more than most. Let me know what you think.

    Wednesday, January 07, 2009

    Spitting Faux Crabs

    There won't be a card tonight. I am in such a bad mood. To the unknowing, we got a new computer right before Christmas. The Dell piece of junk was dying-and dying fast-after only three years. We had an extended warranty on it but when the machine started giving me problems within a few months of ownership and I contacted "help" and was told to open the machine and look, I knew I was in for a screw job. We also never got our rebates. Parts just kept going over to the dark side. And in very noisy fashion.

    The new HP desktop was nice the first few days even tho I had to get the Vista OS and get frustrated by it. But the baddies are showing up already. The Smart Media slot works (this is my Canon DSLR card) but the SD card slot for the small point and shoot digital is not working. It worked on the Dell. That is the one I used to take the photos of the cards for the blog as well as the photos of food for my other blog. I made this de-lish sweet potato and black bean soup that was so rib warming when I came home from the gym. No one may ever see it tho. There are two other slot s I have no clue for or if they actually work either. Waiting on photos to try and use the Lightscribe Multi drive (for two years or more) so who knows if that is a working component either . The discs for it are insanely expensive, too.

    I put on a brand new legal copy of Microsoft Home Office and I am personally able to use it but hub can't for some reason. I am the administrator on the desktop (don't want hub poking around and deleting stuff he has no clue to) and we each have an account we use for everyday. The administrator account doesn't get accessed unless I need to set up software or other limits. For some reason, I can use Office under my regular account but not as an administrator and hub can't use it at all. It isn't even listed as an option for him under programs and when he gets an email written in Word, it defaults to Works or says he doesn't have what created it. Nor can he edit any saved Excel programs. Oy Vey!

    So I am getting yelled at like it was something I did-somebody won't listen to my 'planation and since I am not work tech support he is/was used to...I bet he never yelled at them when they deleted everything on his hard drive one time. Just trying to get thru to Microsoft help is like penetrating a fortress, so I initiated a help file. I have 90 days from installation to get free help. I wonder what language I will get help in-since we all know it's outsourced (what isn't?). So instead of spitting nails, I am spitting faux crabs. I need my iron.

    Until I get the memory card thing figured out, I will have to verbally thank the peeps who sent me such wonderful cards for my birthday and Christmas. But a special hug to Risa West for the incredible card and the little basket of mints. I came home tonight from the gym and there was Marley looking so guilty. He had the basket in his chair (still wrapped in cellophane) but our opening the door saved him from eating mints and chocolate. He had to have gotten up on the computer desk to take it down. I will post the photos both on this blog and on my RAK blog that is so neglected.

    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    Holiday Elves

    No explanation for this one-just threw it together. I didn't realize it was the blurry photo I put on the blog until I just opened it tonight. I took several photos but deleted what I didn't want. I guess I should check next time.
    I am not keen on these Vippie stamps. While I have a couple more to put up here, I won't go out of my way to use them normally. Using a bunch of stamped images I received a while back (maybe to persuade me to buy some of them?) I just made this 10 minute (pushing it) card. The longest part of the creation was trying to get those candy canes to stick. The rub-on was easy, the ribbon app (using Trio tape) was easy and the coloring with Copics was fun. And I used Stickles this time-hurray.

    Guess what? Tomorrow the 7th is the Greek Orthodox Christmas-another chance to bake and sing and gift all over again. If you survived the first round.

    Monday, January 05, 2009

    Ugly AND Plaid-What A Concept!

    Another attack of the nasty cheap glitter glue from Joann's. Don't buy this stuff. I had good intentions with this card but working in the dark doesn't seem to be working too well. I thought I had used gold stars in the corners to match the gold glitter but now in retrospect, I see I used silver. Oh well.

    Knotting the ribbon was a novelty, don't ya think? I might have checked to see it was actually straight before I photographed it but I was making dinner at the same time and only can do so much with the 2 left thumbs the lord dispensed. I did use some acrylic dimensional on the Happy Holiday word piece but honestly, this cheap cardstock I seem to have so much of just can't handle it without warping, so I am gonna stick to Bazzill or American Crafts (this one bleaches so well!) and maybe just use the cheap junk for layering or base cards for layers.

    Just think, someone will get this priceless piece of uggo sometime in 2009, assuming I live to the end. I saw Kayla roll her eyes when she saw it a few weeks ago. Maybe SHE will get to treasure it.

    Saturday, January 03, 2009

    Let It Snow! Not!

    My area in Michigan just missed setting the December record for total accumulation of snow since records were kept-back to 1867. Had it not rained like it did last week, I think we would have. It can all go away now and stay away. Time for a January thaw maybe?

    I should have used a lighter blue on the snowman to show shadow. It was 2 AM and I just pulled out a pen-since I was stamping only by the stove top night light so not to disturb the Slug. I also used those cheapo glitter glues from Joann's dollar bins on this and just think it's too chunky. I prefer the subtlety of Stickles.

    I was at Joann's today hoping there might be something cool left over in the Christmas crap, but it was mostly boxes of cards and broken candles. I did find a Christmas Goose ornament for 87 cents, which was about 70% off. Target had much better leftovers and at 75% off a better grab, so I got a really neat 4 foot artificial tree I am going to put on my front porch for the spring robins to nest in. I get a porch nest every spring and usually get the bee-jeebers scared out of me when I forget they are there and actually use my front door. My double doored (think Brady bunch house) front stoop is mostly for decoration anymore-unless the hated door ringers can't read my posted signs to go away. One day, I will sic the dogs on them, I sweat.

    Friday, January 02, 2009

    Ida Mae

    A special person left us this past week and I wanted to share the story her family wrote of her. She is the mother of my "adopted" brother David. Sometimes, you go find a family when the one you have, lets you down. Thank you Ida, from the "Cabbage Patch".

    Ida Mae Johnson- Age 67, died December 28, 2008.

    On Sunday morning, Ida Mae, Our Mother, Our Sister, Our Grandmother, Our Friend, God's special child, left us to be with her heavenly Father. Before she left this earth, she left us with her greatest gifts: courage, love and her beautiful smile. Ida made her entrance into the world on May 18, 1941. She was the seventh and youngest child born to Walter and Lillian Wilkins. She was born in Detroit, Michigan and lived in various surrounding cities until she settled down in Flint, Michigan where she met and married Elsworth Jones her husband for 4 years. She later met and married Ernest Johnson her husband of 18 years. Ida graduated from Flat Rock High School in 1959.

    Ida loved life. She loved her family. She loved spending time with friends, playing cards, traveling and she especially loved to dance. Ida's proudest accomplishments were her sons (Isaac, Gary and Dave) and her job at GM Buick in Flint, Michigan. She worked hard to build a good life for her sons, so when she got the job at GM she took enormous pride in going to work every day and being able to provide for her family. She was there for 12 years before retiring. Ida loved everyone. There wasn't a person she met that she didn't love and she had a way of making each person feel special.

    She was so very generous with her time, her possessions and her heart. She unselfishly shared her gifts (gifts from God - her sons, her smile, her love and her concern towards others). Ida touched everyone who happened to have been so blessed to be part of her life. As the song says "in all things we must count them as joy", and that is exactly what Ida did everyday of her life. Throughout her many trials and tribulations, she didn't complain about the pain, she didn't complain about her physical disability, she didn't complain! Her life, love, joy, sorrows, and pain is truly a testament of courage and humility.

    Ida was diagnosed with MS while she was in the prime of her life. She lived with the disease for over 20 years, but she never gave up. Ida accepted Christ early in life and because of her unwavering belief and faith she persevered lovingly, persistently, with courage and with a smile. God knows all his children and God entrusted Ida to minister courage, strength and love despite her challenges with MS, because He knew that she could; He knew that she would; He knew Ida Mae. She proved to be an obedient servant. She fulfilled God's purpose for her life. It's like Ida sprinkled magical gold dust on all those she came in contact with, except it's not magical gold dust, they are miracles from God that Ida hand delivered and sprinkled on all of us. So, whenever you need courage remember Ida.

    Whenever someone you know needs a helping hand, remember Ida. Whenever a stranger comes into your life, remember Ida. Whenever you remember Ida, remember her beautiful smile and the gifts she shared.

    Ida leaves to celebrate her life and cherish her memory: sons, Isaac Lockhart (wife Delphine), Gary Pennyman and David Jones; stepchildren, Veronica Johnson and Ernest Johnson Jr.; siblings, Walter Wilkins Jr., Bernice Washington, Elora Hill, Leon Wilkins, Beatrice Phillips (who preceded her in death) and Jay White (who preceded her in death); grandchildren, Isaac Lockhart, Deandre, Shmeia, Asiah and Ashley Pennyman; daughter in Heart, Marlene (Lynn) Hicks; godmother, Grace Abernathy (who preceded her in death); and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends including special friends, Caroline Davis, Brenda Johnson, Cynthia Simpson, Preston Urshery Jr., Viola Asbury and The Court St. Villiage Family; Gwen Marks, the Helping Hands staff, A-Z Home Healthcare; Doctors A. Raffee, G. Forstall and T. Reznick.