Friday, May 28, 2010

Car Dreamin'

I grew up in a culture of cars. Never got sucked in and just don't get it at all. But I can't bite the hand that fed me too much. There was ONE car I loved even if I didn't know the brand/make. On my grandparents farm in mid Michigan, out in a field back behind the chicken coops, was an old, rusty, seen-better-days car. I assume it was from the 1940's based on the movies I have seen. My little brother Boo would always make a bee line to that car whenever we went to Maple Grove. My grandparents had lived on that farm since just after the turn of the century. It's still there (the farm) but in very bad condition and full of car parts and other junk.

Whenever it was time for dinner, we knew where Boo would be. He got to this car and imagined himself into another time, another country, maybe even into a life where he could walk and run just like the rest of us. I often became his partner in dreams as we wiled away the summer days and froze our rears off in the Michigan winters. Dinner could wait as it was usually something sorta gross from the pressure cooker. If we really got hungry, I would go back inside and make us sugar sammiches on Wonder Bread.

I ofter wonder if the car is buried behind the long abandoned coops, deep in mud like we were deep in dreams. I usually thought of the car as a space ship to some far away galaxy, while Boo tooled himself down dirt roads looking for a place to watch minnows in shallow rivers that were the lifelines for huge spreads of corn and sunflowers.

I miss my Boo, who left me behind as a newlywed, only a month after I eloped. He never got to know his new brother in law. I think they would have been great friends. Every time I see a car show at some diner or parking lot, I look for that one special old green car with the torn tan seats. I hope someone else found their daydreams of summer in an old rusty car and that they share its special ride to the places we all have tucked away in our hearts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hold My Heart

I raid the Iris cart whenever I can. One rule is never cut up a new sheet of designer paper unless you can take two from the cart. The striped middle piece was new but everything else is from the cart that no matter how much I use it, it never gets much emptier.

There is no stamping on this card. I used a rub on for the phrase on the heart and sticker letters (Thickers, I think) for the Love word. The punch is from Ek Success. Chipboard is from a drawer full of shapes that I long ago took the outer packaging from. I just can't stand all that extra stuff they put to make things look pretty on the shelf and I usually take it apart when I get home. The small red heart is a sticker I think from about 6 years ago. I don't usually like acrylic stickers as they get hard and then fall off or crack. I am hoping this one won't as it's backed with something substantial.

Here is a close up of the heart that I covered with some paper scrap then used a nail file to smooth the edges. I am pretty sure all the papers were Basic Grey but don't hold me to it. The ribbon scrap-can you believe it's a Christmas color? When did pink become Christmasy??? I got the roll for 10 cents in January. Love those clearance sales! Use up your scraps, people. Ya never know what might happen.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hedgie 2

This is similar to the previous post from a few days ago. I used the same stamp, same papers and just switched it all around. Guess I am getting stale.

I have a few more items in my folders that I may put up. I want to redo my blog so eventually, many items will be gone, or sent to my other blogs. So if you come this way and find nothing, or something of nothing, PANIC!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

ABC Easy as Blog Candy.

Goodies are to be had if you make the right choices. Visit ABC Toys And Crafts for a chance at this wonderful punch set.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I forgot about this little cutie. This was a card from about 2 years ago. As I am cleaning out my cupboards, fridge and pantries, I might as well clean out my folders, too.

This is Penny Black, right? I don't remember other than I was on a hedge hog kick for a while.

A close up of the little guy. In case you can't tell the dp has fuzzies on it.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Candi from Heaven

ETA (May 17) -this blog candi is now decided and I won! I get the goodie Candi #3. Thank you Jen.

My friend Jen over in paradise (otherwise known as Hawaii) is celebrating 250,000 hits on her blog. She does incredible paper crafting and if you haven't been to her BLOG , why not? Jen is giving away 5 different goodie bags of Candi but you have to work for them. Each photo below will be my entry. Wanna play? Go to THIS post and then you will find the others . Don't delay, as the contest is over tomorrow.

ENTRY 1 Something pink in my desk area. This one is tough because I hate pink anything. My first house was pink and it was the house from Hades. But that is a story for another day. This pink (actually it's more fuchsia, right?) book is something I have had for about 20 years. Inside it are pages and pages of restaurants I have been to along with a wish list of the ones I still want to go to. If the place is closed, I cross it off. Other wise, it lists the address, times of operation, type of food and my rating of the experience.

Entry 2 Something Round is the dogs' water dish on the deck. We basically had a monsoon today (and it was a cold one at that-the heat is on in the house) so the dish is filled with bugs and propeller thingies off the maple tree. The dogs refused to go out so it wasn't as gross as you think. They will get fresh in the morning.

Number 3 is something I ate. Sofa boy was out with his scouters at a pot luck, and I decided to make a pot of soup. I wanted veggie soup but threw in stuff from the freezer as I came across it. After I took this photo, I added some wild rice. My kitchen is trashed, but I have tons of stuff frozen for when I am too lazy to cook. Nothing died in the making of this soup unless the garlic kicks the heartburn in later.

Number 4 is a plant. This plant is special to me because it was made from a cutting off the spray that covered my dad's casket 15 years ago. Every few years I make more cuttings and give them away. I need to re-pot this soon as it's a bit droopy and probably root-bound a bit. I keep this hanging over my kitchen sink but we are getting new cabinets soon so I need to rethink where it will get its sun and moisture. I did stick some pinwheels in the pot a few weeks ago to perk up my mood a bit. Dollar stores rock!

Number 5 is dirty socks. Sorry, I didn't put shoes on today, I had no socks either. I wasn't gonna leave the house so I didn't even bother to brush my hair! Who would notice? The dogs??? Anyways, I give you hubby's socks but he wears dark ones, so the dirt won't show. Stink is another story, ha!

So get thee to Jen's blog before noon Hawaii time. I don't know what that time is, but I think it's like Mexican time. Right, Gloria? I know Shanghai time tho, for what it's worth. I never undid my clocks from when hubby was there. Maybe he should take his dirty socks back to China??

Cupcake For Jennifer Love

Somebody keeps whining over on Twitter that she wants cake. She whines even tho she knows she can't have cake until after Baby Love is born. So I decided to give her a "fix". She can't spike her sugar this way, and maybe oh maybe we can have an hour of rest already.

I know this is cheesy- hey Jennifer, can you eat cheese?? Or is that another thing you don't like? I already ate your potatoes today, but I am not big on cheese. But I only had a couple of minutes and wanted to shut her up for the night. So here's to Jennifer Love of Benicia, California (and that poor poor hubby of hers who suffers so much-Hi Doug) who just entered her 2nd trimester and is due on November 15. Maybe Baby Love and Baby Scholl will hook up someday...if mommy doesn't drive us all sugar nuts before that.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog Candy From Across The Pond

Passion For Crafts is giving away some incredible items to celebrate her birthday. Have some cyber cake and leave her a happy day message.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Flying Thoughts

Stamp from Inkadinkado. Punch EK Success. Paper from Scraps. Corners by Chomper/We R Memory Keepers. Rub On from the Iris cart misc. drawer. Twine-i dunno.