Monday, September 22, 2008

Doing A Little Blog Housekeeping (AKA-Editing)

Tonight I removed two blogs I had recently written from my other site "Eyeballs". I had included links to a quite interesting blog that for some reason, wants me to remain anonymous whenever I leave comments on his/her blog. I said no. I have a rule when commenting on blogs. I always use my real name. You can click my name if I leave a comment on your blog and it will take you back to either Eyeballs or Papertango-depending on the connection to your blog content. There is also a link to either/or on my sidebar. I removed the clickable link for the site in mention from my sidebar on PaperTango. I had not talked of this site in any way here on PaperTango to date.

I do not leave nasty, troll-like postings on any blog. I know there are lots out there who do and it makes me spit! If I have something to say and don't want anyone to know who I am, there are anonymous blogs out there that allow you to do that. If you go to the sidebar, there is a "bitch" logo. Click that and email the proprietor (it's not me) and ask to be added or just leave a complaint/response/drunken diatribe on any post listed. That is just one of many such blogs out there that allow this.

Again, if I visit your blog and have a comment, a snort, or even a giggle-I will always use my real name with a link to one of my blogs. If I don't feel comfortable having that link, I won't post anything and just close the page. I hope you will offer me the same consideration.

ETA:I am posting this blog to both Eyeballs and Papertango.

ETA 2 Look what I found! A Bill To Ban All Anonymous Blogging!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pet Food Recall-Making Humans Sick Too!

Several brands of pet food-both cats and dogs-have been recalled in the US. They were produced in a factory in Pennsylvania and the plant was voluntarily shut down after two reported cases of Salmonella in HUMANS! The caregivers for the pets were possibly infected from dispensing the food to the pets.

Please go read the list of brands involved HERE. Be sure to pass the link on to all pet owners both cats and dogs.Lets all be safe.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lusting---For Rubber!

I have a new blog featuring the stamps I have wanted and either can't afford or plain can't find anymore. Go take a look and give an answer to my poll. I have to play with the colors a bit but this gets all those bits of paper and saved files into one place where I can indulge the fantasy of someday owning them.