Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sigh-Destination Marysville Is Also Closing.

I have never been to this store. It has been open less than two years and will be closing May 28, 2011. Another piece of the Michigan economy gone to hell. Click the link for address etc. Honestly, I don't think I even know where Marysville is. But a Google map will help you if you want to hit the final sale days. Sigh.

Scrapbook Zone Closing.

This is one store I didn't think I would ever have to list under closing or closed. I have always loved this store in Farmington Hills. I preferred the older location because it was easier for me to get to off the multiple freeways I had to take to get there. Plus added benefit was a Panera across the street!

The Scrapbook Zone had more cardstock colors than any store I had ever been to. I have visited  many a store that had the basics or professed to have the most cardstock but the Zone had every color imaginable and if you couldn't find something to match, the color didn't exist. There was always a cool stamp at 40% off each month and the most incredible examples up for viewing of art that employees and customers had made. I still remember someone "borrowing" an heirloom scrapbook someone made and I never did find out if it was returned. 

But the oddest shopping night in the store, they were shop lifted. This very well dressed woman kept trolling the aisles and I thought she was weird but so are many people  Then the cops show up. Yeah, that was a fun trip, and the last one I actually took on my own before hubby retired. I am going to miss this store and now have absolutely no reason to visit the area. I am at the point where I say "why bother to leave the house"?  All my former haunts are going away.