Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chick-a-Boom Chili

My chili recipe as promised is on my other blog. You can access it here . I love to play with the items in my pantry and freezer, so if you have any ideas, let me know. Only non-animal recipes please.

Dumb Boy

Hubby could have gone to the Piston/Laker game tonight free and turned it down. Because there was only one ticket. Does he really want me to believe it was because there was not a ticket for me to accompany him? I can't imagine him tearing his workaholic self away from his desk to enjoy a night of fun with co-w0rkers.

I hope he never thinks I would turn that chance down. Had it been Phoenix/Pistons I would have grabbed it for myself and made him wait in the parking lot!

BTW-Blogger seems to be screwed up this week. Now spell check isn't working and I have to refresh pages to navigate to edit posts.

Unfinished Asters and Other Stuff

My car is not finished yet. I am stuck here and there is a storm coming tomorrow night and I have no food-human or dog. I know the dogs will eat anything (which is why I have a half eaten bench on the deck and a gnawed on rail on the steps for starters). I guess we will survive as I made 10 dozen cookies and sent only half to work with hubby. Like his 8 months pregnant belly needs them anyways. Sad as I hate to drive but some days just need it for my sanity.

So the car-well it's NOT covered by warranty. Seems I have a squatter in my garage.

Michigan Q. Mouse took up residence (so they are saying) on my spark plug wires sometime in the last week. I had not driven my car since last Wednesday, so he must have laid claim in that period when the weather went crazy. But..and a big but at that...I find no evidence of a mouse in my garage. NADA. No droppings, no rubber pieces and no residual dining on the bird/squirrel food laying in a bag right next to my car! Nothing. I looked all over. The dog and cat food bins are right there too and no trace of any visitors. A 3 week old bag of garbage was intact and I know there had to be food somewhere. Even the recycle bin was clean and some cans were foody.

So I wanna see what they think is chewing. This car has been acting up for a while in other ways and has been looked at a half dozen times...earliest I can get a ride to pick it up is Saturday as hubby doesn't get home until after dealership closes and they won't work with me on this to maybe leave it at my gym down the road after I pay and exonerate them of anything.

Here is my card-my unfinished Asters. I love the concept but don't know what to put as a title or how to. Do I print on the white area of the back frame or do I layer something in? I actually thought of putting clouds and a sun up there and having no phrase at all until you open it up. So anybody got an ideas? I love how badly I layered too. Always shows a lot worse AFTER you glue and photograph!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blog Candy Has To Grow Up

ETA-Please read the directions! I need your email AND your blog and/or screen name and your home address. I have received several with only home addresses or nothing more than "count me in". They are not going to count if you don't send what I asked for. I am doing this to make sure there are no cheaters. Resend or not-your choice!

A lot of the recent candy contests on blogs have left me with the feeling that it's a popularity contest. When the blog authors ask that we poke around their past postings and find our 5 favorite cards, it's just to pump up the hits for top 50 sites or to roll up that hit counter. I am not doing that anymore.

I like the contests that ask a silly question like "what is the stupidest song you ever heard?" or "What did you have for dinner last night that was gross-and who cooked it?" I always enter these as it makes for fun and maybe a bit of thinking too. I just don't get the ones who enter by saying "Count me in" and never address the questions. Or don't follow the rules of the candy gift such as one per person and on this post only.

I have come up with a fun idea for a while. I am not gonna have a blog candy post of the week with a stupid poke around or odd question. All you have to do is go under my profile and EMAIL me your name, home address, blog name (or user name that is what you would use for posting comments) and email address. (I just need to be able to contact you to tell you watch for an envelope and no other reason). If you typically post to blogs as anonymous, that will not work. Go get a free gmail account. It needs to be fair for all entrants. Anonymous to me means you either don't want us to know who you are (and maybe are cheating for multiple entries in contests) or you don't have a Google Blog. So go get an account just for posting to blogs-if nothing else. I don't care if you have a blog or not,

I will be taking names for the next two weeks. At that time, I will just draw out a few names and send you a prepackaged envelope of goodies. In fact, they are already stuffed and ready for stamps and names. I have a huge Rubbermaid box of things I need to pass on. I have no idea what is in the envelopes anymore , but you will have fun. This way, I also will not have to go to the PO to get them weighed and postaged. They are all under the 13 ounces for drop in the box send offs.

So get me your info. We will try this for 3 months and see how it works. I may throw in a question contest if I come up with a good enough one. But let's get this idea off the ground and see how it progresses. You can only win one envelope in any 90 day period and if it seems to gel, we will start over with all the names back in. Do NOT post the info here on the ramble. NEVER post your email or address on any public site unless you want spam or odd contacts in the mail.

ETA-Please put Blog Candy Sign UP in the SUBJECT line of your email. I have had a lot of legit mail going to spam folders for some reason, so I can see that yours is a wanted email.

ETA too-Anybody can enter this! If out of the US, you may have to wait a bit longer for me to get my lazy butt to the PO and the snow melts (as I will have to walk at the rate they are working on my car)

So let's get it started now!

Wind Chill Alert

Actual temp has dropped from 49F to 34F in less than an hour. Supposed to get to 15F within another hour and 60 MPH gusts. Scary. Glad I am not on the road in my little 1500 lb. riding lawn mower of a car, Aveo. I would be in a tree off I75 nesting with the birds.

You Make Me Smile

Well, something better make me smile as I had a bad day and have a dysfunctional family full of liars and freaks. My car went phooey. I have has so many problems since my accident a year ago that the insurance should have just totaled it. But no, they chose to fix it for thousands of dollars and since then I have had it in the shop over and over for problems relating to the problems. I had to drive it to the dealership 17 miles away (thankfully my gym is about a mile down the road (in friggin' scary Flint) so I could walk there and wait for hubby to drive from Detroit and pick me up-worked out my car anger on the weights and treadmill mostly. So I have no clue to what is going on other than the engine is acting up, the heat is cold and hot over and over, the clock is going crazy and the lights are all blinking funny. I am not a car person, I prefer to walk. I got an oil change in early May and they said come back for the next one in early August at 3,000 miles. Well, I haven't used up that 3,000 miles yet! Almost 9 months later!

I took this photo last June. It's summery and I can smell the lilacs-Korean lilacs. Nothing special about this card other than I printed on acetate. Used some scraps and made a matching envelope. Maybe with no car and the wind tomorrow, I can get some new stuff photographed assuming the sun peeks out. I like natural light if I can have it. Winds are 50 MPH and it was 48F an hour ago. The front is coming thru and my whole house shakes (kinda like my car was doing). Stay warm.It will be single digits on the other side of this clipper.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I love mutts. Mutt kitties, mutt doggies, mutt humans. Purebreds are a snore. But Mutts the comic is a must read every day and I have it emailed to me every morning for a wake me up smile. Do you like Mutts? If so, they have an online store they are closing for t shirts, toys, books, jammies and pet items. A portion of the proceeds go to animal charities and other human helps to make the world a better place. Take a look. I have t shirts and the book ends myself.

Cleaning Up The Blog and a Pretty

I am finally taking some things off my blog . I took off the Top 50 Stamp thingie at the bottom. It's totally irrelevant for anyone not in the top 10 anyways. I also took down the Guest book. I had it at the bottom and I think it was lost down there. I tried to re-size it for the top left area but it just didn't look right. Maybe I will get something better after I poke around a bit. Thank you to everyone who signed it. I appreciate it. It may be back.

I added links for my Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers Group 4. I may change this later to do a page that opens out with links but one thing at a time. Then I took off all advertising other than the links to local mid and eastern Michigan area stamp and scrap stores. A couple will be deleted from it as I get more info. A big rumor has been flying about a Brighton store possibly moving. Only time will tell.

Here is a card I have had in my queu. I honestly don't remember how I made this almost 18 months ago. I think it was with Versa Mark and some powders. I know it was done with a Stacey Stamp but the rest of the card--who knows? Its just pretty and different.

I made a envelope to match with another Stacey Stamp image. She offers a lot of these wedge or flap type stamps. Check out her site for more ideas. She even has mini ones.

Now I am off to bed-been coughing all week and the mold is bad with all this snow. And stupidly, we went to brunch at a place that was a smoke hotel. Yuck! My lungs need a break as this cold/flu/hack is getting old.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Problem With Blog Link for Anonymous Crabby Blog?

I posted the new info I received (my inbox was clogged solid with inquires). Look here for updated info.

I just got home from Winter Stamp Camp. Can you hear my Visa having an asthma attack?? Hubby will not see that receipt for sure! I was up at 6AM, got myself all glittery and inky and now am home to throw away the biscuits I forgot I put out to rise LAST NIGHT!!! to have for lunch. They smell yucky and are all fermented and gluish. I just was too excited to have a creative day and forgot about them. Good thing flour is cheap!

They should have looked like this. I did not take a photo of how they actually turned out. But my white vegetarian chili is deeee-lish. I will post a recipe on my other blog later with a photo.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wanna Say Something Anonymously? Updated!!

Check out this Bitchin' Blog I found. This might be the best blog on the Internet come voting time!

There were some technical difficulties and that is why you are having problems finding the blog. The blog was moved to a new URL-we think that there may have been some problem with a word or who could access.

I AM NOT the blog owner so I am not in charge of who can or can't post!

If you left a comment, I think it was lost in the translation to the new site, so feel free to comment away. Remember if you want to add a comment, you can do that anonymously. If you want to JOIN and be able to start a topic, you will need to make a new GMAIL account and have it not link to your normal blog or account The whole idea is that you can freely post and not have repurcussions. Just be honest with the readers and yourself. So send yourself an invite to an old Yahoo account and set it up with a fake name or something.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Inkadinkado To You

Aren't these just the cutest stamps? Now I gotta find a place to buy them. Check this site for more stamps especially mini acrylics.
ETA -these are the new 2008 images so most chain stores won't get them until way late in the year. My best chances are either in an indy stamp store (which I prefer anyway) or online store.

Miss You

I went to Target tonight-I have no clue why. Trolled up and down the aisles looking at the clearance items. I did see a set of sheets and a quilt I liked but even at 30% off, the quilt was still $70 and the sheets $65. Since I have two problems-a chewing dog who likes my bed and me falling asleep with markers in my hands-I can't justify it until at least 50% off. I try to buy either white sheets so I can bleach them or so dark that my inky pens won't show. I do like flannel in the summertime too but most of the sale ones were prints. I like plain sheets.

I came home and cleaned out some boxess of junk and somehow lost the envy with my Clancy dog's paw print and fur clippings-I made these after he died. I wanted to put it away with the sympathy cards I got, and set it aside but now can't find it. I feel so addle-brained lately. Hubby has worked late every day this week-late as in gets home at 11Pm and goes to bed to get up at 4AM. You see why I consider myself a widow with a living husband? As much as he drives me bonkers when he is here, I do need to talk to a human sometimes. I just don't want it to be Herb the Geezer Lothario at the gym.
This card is an apricot base with a printed plaid layer. I inked all the edges with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Spiced Marmalade. I made several layers of serendipity squares in various sizes and all of them are inked in the same color. Then I placed pop dots between the apricot layer and the bluish metallic ones when layering. The top is plain white with a sticker on top of three of them. I stamped in the space where the fourth square would have been and just lifted the finished layered square up a bit.

Since I can't tie bows worth a crap, I used a Trio tape runner to attach a piece of ribbon near the top leaving an untaped spot in the middle. I then cut a smaller piece of ribbon and glued the ends together after running it under the spot in the middle. It looks like a knot but I faked it. Better than cussing at not getting a knot to lay flat.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog Candy Update

The remaining blog candy that had to be weighed and posted has been delivered to the Post Office. That will put me up to date. I apologize for the delay but Flu Bug kept me home and many errands went undone. Please let me know when you receive them.

The Full Moon Sadly Rises

Driving thru town I looked up and saw the full moon emerging from darkened clouds and I shivered. Not from cold but from a incredible sadness that swept over me. Something so beautiful will no longer be seen by those who's time came much too soon. Mothers are burying their children and children no longer have the lifting wings of a parent.

A 4 year old child could not be kept healthy even with all the knowledge and advances medicine has brought upon the world in recent years. A soldier doing his routine was taken by greed and hate. A mother pushes her child from the fire but is overcome and succumbs as she forces her baby to the safer air. An artist, whose face graces the silver screen, does not awaken from what should have been a healing sleep while ill.

Mothers moan with the loss. Babies moan with the absence of familiar faces. Fans are left befuddled as to what could have happened. The same occurs all over the world each day. Some losses will get big press releases and others pass unnoticed but for a John Doe notice in the back pages of car ads. Still a mother will sob in grief. No mother should have to bury her child and no child should have to lose a parent before they know them.

The full moon crests the skylines of many cities the world over tonight...and it moans in sadness at the losses that will come again.

NFL Fans?

Anyone who uses NFL doo dads produced for scrap booking-the NFL has terminated the licensing agreements and the products will no longer be made (I can't imagine they sold much of the Detroit Lions anyway). So if you see some and think you may want to use it in the near future, better buy it now. I have seen a lot in clearance bins. Get 'em while you can.

Now the other side of the story may be that the NFL is getting new vendors. Only time will tell. I think one of the bigger contracts was with EK.Success. I have not heard anything about the NBA or MLB lines.

BTW-This is not an endorsement of the above teams. I hate football! I want my TV to blow up when the games are on. And fix itself for the NBA (3 games tonight). (I have never seen the Pistons stickers in person)

Where Do I Go From Here?

I am not happy in "blog world" right now. What I started out to do and where I have ended up aren't even close to my head visions. I originally had one blog and thought that would be all I needed. It was and is private. Then I thought maybe I would have something to say publicly-hence the Eyeballs one. It was passable for awhile altho some visitors took umbrage with what I had to say, so I made all comments having to be pre-approved first. I also took down anything that might be used to contact me in a bad way, so I had nothing that would identify me except my name. I also added a contact email that was fairly anonymous-but would be directed to my mail box when appropriate. I also posted some things to my private blog ONLY for my benefit.

When I started this crafty blog, I was enamoured of other paper/stamp blogs and thought maybe I could make a photo journey of what I liked and my progression as a stamper/paper crafter. It was easy to get all caught up in the frenzies that came about blog-wise about a year and a half ago. Everyone was doing it. I added a feed for every blog I visited. I tried to leave a comment on all of them at least once a week. I tried blog candy. I switched all my feeds to Reader. But for several months now I have felt at odds with "blog world".

I feel stifled because the more I add of me to the blog, the less people think to visit.(Honestly why it bothers me I don't know-validation maybe?) Some have vaguely mentioned on other blogs that they are only "here" for the photos (not just my blog but on other blogs too). I started another blog of the RAK's I have received with only artwork and the sender's name. Maybe that could appease the visual people. I cannot and won't do that on my main blog.

Hence I find myself posting less and just being ambivalent about the whole process. I wonder if it's the typical winter depression I always go thru because I so thrive on sunshine and there isn't much here in Michigan. Being sick isn't helping either. I have a huge stack of cards and a box full of items I have made-but I don't want to drag out the paraphernalia to photograph them. At least I am being creative-nothing like ink in your hand to make you play.

I am a thinking and expressive person and have opinions and feelings on so many things that I want to write about but am not sure where to put them. I guess I need a hybrid blog-one with all my life expressed in its bits and pieces instead of spreading it all over several of them. I am thinking of purchasing a web presence and doing just that. It will be all the pieces of me (no Jen, I am not stealing your title!). First I have to learn html, xhtml and Css. That is the only way I will have control over what I add and not be limited by Blogger, Type pad etc. I hate having ads tacked on to freebies. If I pay for my space, I can do what I want.

Most of you will not get this far-you are not looking for blabbering-you are looking for cards, scrapped pages or tutorials. If so, try the Top 50 sites or some specific searches in "blog world". I will be deleting any advertising on my blog that I feel is useless/or that is not what I use or want. I have already taken down the link for the stamp company I was a design team member on last spring. The Top 50 Stamping site is totally useless. I never get a visit from that site, so why should I advertise for them? I remember when my numbers went down and how cool it was to get 500 visits in a week. But some of the blogs listed on the Top 50 have nothing to do with stamping, so how legit is it? I can see where my visitors come from and where they exit to via the Live Feed widget (well at least the last 100 visits). I will be doing blog candy but a different way-details later this week.

I also want to add music but many people are freaked out by that. Since I always keep my computer speakers off until I need them, I am often surprised-and happily so when I find a player on blogs. What a fun way to discover new music and styles that "blog world" is hosting. Being a music junkie, I probably am keeping some smaller labels in business these days!

Well, its 1AM on MLK Day. A toast to a special man who's favorite word was Free. Can you imagine the blog he would have had? And he would not have wondered why he was blogging but would have reveled in the joy that he could!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Colors of Autumn

I got lost on the way to spring-summer. I had to do fall and then winter. And now we have added a fifth season called deep freeze. To warm up my tummy and my senses, I am simmering a huge pot of sweet potato/onion/peanut butter stew. I was going to add some red beans but had none (really was too lazy to cook them from scratch) so I added garbanzos and tomatoes for the protein and color. Amazingly this pot of goodness has 11 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber and is pretty low in sodium and fat if you use low salt veggie broth and home made peanut butter and a tad less olive oil. It smells wonderful with the cumin, garlic and cinnamon wafting thru the kitchen. I hope the peppers I added aren't too spicy. In the morning I will make some pecan bars and spinach salad.
So this is a large posting and I already know a lot of people will not get past the first paragraph above. Oh well, it's my blog. It's better I be "windy" than hubby or the dog. Above is the cover of my little portfolio booklet.The entire package used Basic Grey Obscure which I thought was too ugly to buy the full collection but I kinda fell for it cut up into pieces.
This book does not use chipboard for the covers. It is paper laid back to back. I used library pockets for the inside pages which were covered and when dried had the consistency of chipboard. All the glued items were constructed using Scrappy Glue (available at Joann's). I had a bottle of this glue for several years and didn't use it until this project. It's a fast drying glue so make sure you put your pieces where you want them and don't need to reposition. I later tried it on another project with covered chipboard and didn't like it on that item. But experiment and you can use it as dimensional too. My punched circles for the rings are real washers! So raid the tool box. I used them on the both sides of the covers .But you can do outsides only if your rings are not large enough. It's more to reinforce anyways.
I used covered chipboard for my leaves on several pages. Make sure you ink the edges or rough them up a bit. I need to add more ribbon and fibers but want to wait until I add photos so I know what colors to use.The copper wire is rolled around a pencil and glued behind the tags.
This is a stamp the local stamp store made up and was a stamp of the month. I edged the ovals in metallic pen (keep some air moving for these pens-I get dizzy from them).Below is another stamp but rub ons or even your own handwriting will work as will printing something on a laser printer.
Sizzix die cuts covered with paper and distress inked form a cluster on one page.And always distress with ink and sand some items too.This is the inside back cover.
On the back of one of the covers , I made a slide pocket almost like a CD case. You can put tags or photos in this. Or even a CD of photos or music to go with the theme. I guess I would choose When October Goes by Barry Manilow for my CD.
An interesting thing before I glued the first two library pockets together with a punched piece of folded paper (my binder for the rings) is that I put a paper clip right at the top of the pocket opening. Then adhere the two pockets. When dry, these are your page turners if you space them right. Don't put them in the same place for each page. You can click any photo to see how I then added different ribbons and fibers to each clip.
The back cover is not decorated on the outside.. I could see adding beads and other 3D items to this. It's open for a lot of alterations and was so cheap to make. Scraps would work and if you don't have ready made library pockets like I used, there are templates to be had all over the Internet free for the taking to make your own from scraps. I recommend not using heavy card stock-use quality papers instead. Otherwise when you fold over the edges on the covers, your paper might not lay flat. Remember to click the photos if you want a close up lookie.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


The scrapbooking indoctrination video they tried to suppress.
ETA-If you click the CZ above, it will take you to the site of the lady in the video.

Karen Day Wants To Say.............

"Purple Monkey Dishwasher"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Crackly Good Luck

Can you see my smudge under the shamrock? I had the card all done and it looked flat, so I decided to paint the clover with that new paint from Tim Holtz and when it didn't look crackly enough, I added another layer of paint. And made a mini mess. And it still didn't crackle enough for my tastes.

Layer a piece of printed paper over a plain card. Add a plain chunk of card stock to the middle.Ink all the edges of all your layers too.Make a word or words with your Quikutz, Sizzix or other die cut letters (maybe stickers would look good too). Die cut the shamrock and ink before putting on card (I do a lot backasswards in general.) This was an easy way to use up scraps.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Costco Alert!! Going Fast!!

Bundle packaged for an incredible price! Normally the large one retails for 29.99 and the small one for 11.99-get them both for ONLY 14.99!! They only had pink left at the one I was at but too cute and versatile to pass up. Also the Cropidile packages are back in stock as are the bulk handmade papers. And anyone needing rolling carts with multiple pockets-they are only 29.99 and beat those stupid ones Fiskars had for a while (I gave mine to hubby for his boy scout crap).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pirates, Dogs and Cheese

For all you pirate fans, Joann's has stickers, papers, card stock and that sort in their dollar section near the checkout. Alas, no stamps to match. But in one of the gossip rags on the other side-Johnny Depp (as butcher not pirate-beggars can't be choosy tho)

Dog is on my last nerve. Last night while trying to finish a project, apparently he didn't like my admonishment to get out from under my feet, so he lifted his leg-on my scrap supplies! Luckily, most of what he sprayed (he is neutered) was metallic or plastic, so I am able to clean it. I spent most of the day doing that. But based on evidence, this is not the first time he has honored me in such a way. Some of the metal things were corroded. He did spray once in the kitchen about a month ago when I didn't fill his bowl fast enough.

Cheese-never found it. I keep smelling something weird but can't trace it. I have to assume at this point dog ate it-wax paper and all. I did come into the kitchen one day and he was on the stove snooping around. I rarely keep any food out for temptation but I did have a pound of butter softening for cookies for hubby. I don't have the butter anymore, either.

Instant Gratification?

I just don't get it. Several days ago, HSN or one of those crack-like shopping networks sent out emails for the newest "have to have" paper crafting tool. It was the steroid supplemented offspring to the Cropidile. This new tool will let you punch in the middle of 12 x 12 pages etc.I can't even find a photo of it as it's so new. ETA-found a photo here The deal was you buy this past weekend or have to wait to buy it locally until March or so. So all these women are posting in blogs and Yahoo groups they ordered it right away and most have already received it.

I just don't get it. Why would anyone buy a tool without testing it first. Why would anyone pay full price plus shipping for a tool they have no clue about. Why can't someone wait a few weeks, and get it locally and support the soon-to-be extinct scrap store or use a coupon at a local big box store? At least helping the local economy. I never pay full price-always waiting for a sale (10% is better than nothing) and when you are plunking down $40 bucks, I would certainly want to test it out (I tested an original Cropidile before purchasing and used my full point cards at the LSS for it). I was still one of the first people to get one and I have probably talked a lot more into one since. But just to get something first and have bragging rights? I just don't get it.

Far too many people are wasting money they don't have; just for a quick high-and that is what a lot of shopping is. We are a consumer driven society with few consequences (bankruptcy hurts more than just the person who files). We are seeing the results of buying without thought in the housing sectors. Too many buy houses they can't afford. The banks are just as guilty for giving the loans-after all, doesn't a sane person know if they make $50 grand a year, they cannot afford a $300 grand house?

Infomercials are the same way-and QVC and HSN are that. Just a little more subtle about it-with their rolling sales numbers of an item-get one now or they are gone forever! Think about your purchases-and maybe walk away from it entirely. I know $40 isn't much in the grand scale-but $40 could be the break point before your lights are off or your kids don't eat tonight. I see it all the time. Buying just for showing off (a house full of electronic crap) or fitting in (new clothes every week instead of washing the ones you have) but living almost on the dole.And I just don't get it.

ETA-now if someone can come up with a way to put an LED light in my Cropidile, so the spot I am punching is lit up better ( I have fluorescent energy savers so the lighting isn't great at times) that might be something I would trade up to.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hello Tag Card

My ears popped! I can hear again. I still have congestion and some tummy issues but I can hear! I was even able to watch the new episode of Brothers and Sisters from the kitchen and understand the dialogue, which let me make cards (I am making valentines which is beyond weird-I normally would be making backwards so it would be Christmasy ones-well, I did make one of those)

I so like this card. I wasn't sure what I wanted when I started but other than having no blue brads to mimic the paper background flowers, this came out so cute. I traced around a large tag I had after folding my paper in half.
I used scraps for the two layers on the front-one plain and one print. Ink all those edges in distress brown. Punch some flowers and some larger ones to layer in matching colors to the paper tag. Use brads to hold them together. Add your layers to the front, using pop dots on the top layer. Add the completed flowers with pop dots.Cut a small tag and stamp with a greeting and add a brad and attach to the middle. Punch a hole thru both layers on the tag "top" and tie with a scrap of ribbon.

For anyone wondering-I still have not found the cheese.And the dog isn't farting.Curiouser and curiouser.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flint Smells

I grew up in Flint, MI and with all the factories; yeah, it stunk. It also stunk because you felt kinda stuck here. That's a different stink. So when I was at a LSS recently and came across this Flint Earth Elements Texture from Art Glitter Institute, I had to wonder what it would smell like. It's kinda clayish-moist yet crumbly in texture. Not devastatingly gross but a smell that lingers.I honestly thought it would smell like an armpit. Go check out the other aromas to be had. I bought 6-most of which make me hungry.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love Movies? See This Video.

Who Moved My Cheese?????

Hubby got home late last night-nothing unusual about that. I am a widow with a living husband. He wanted to go out to eat at 9:30 PM. Um, no. The friggin' games were on (one win and one loss) and my hair is in one huge knot as why comb it if I am too sick to go out (I have very long hair too). So I said I would make some eggs, and hash browns. Not that HE would ever offer to cook (he was initially a cook in the Army during the Vietnam War). So I decided to use some sauteed spinach, sun dried tomatoes and rosemary over the eggs which were on top of half a bagel and Gouda cheese. The cheese has a little mold on it, so I cut it off on top of a towel for later.

I can't find the damned cheese! I have the knife, the towel, the aluminum to wrap it with but no one pound block of smoky Gouda. I don't think the dog got it because the Gouda was sliced with wax paper in between slices. NO remnants of that. Not in the fridge or the drawers or cupboard or garbage. I even checked the laundry as I was washing as I cooked. Who moved my cheese? I need to find it before it turns nasty fuzzy and really reeks. And if the dog did get it?? He will fart on my all night (not much diff than a hubby but more sulfuric-and he will really be constipated too). don't want to go thru the rock deal again with him.
Another scrap laden card. Use a textured base and lightly ink the edges. Find three patterned pieces that look good together and cut into stripes and ink those up too (I did these in grape) Layer across the card with the fold at the top. Punch out some serendipity squares and ink those then layer on the left side with pop dots. Punch a circle, stamp a phrase and pop dot that. Thread some embroidery floss thru a couple of buttons of non matching sizes (I has another but it rolled under the fridge). Pop dot at the bottom right. 5 minute card-change the theme and colors and anything is possible.

BTW-hubby came home early today and said he got his work up to date (liar liar liar) He is sick now. And I am NOT taking care of him. He cant even figure out to go into the kitchen and get some multi symptom cold meds without asking me what to take for this and that and I am sorry, but they don't have pills for men who are too dumb to live. I am not his mom. I take care of myself because no one is here to otherwise. He should treat the situation the same. Or go back to work and let them take care of him as they always do. Sick of it already!

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Little Hello

I tried. I am trying to get better. Once my fever broke the other night, I figured it was all a piece of cake. I finally ate some smashed taters this morning (and the dog stole the whole thing of butter) but I have been regressing all day. Now I barely have a voice and the constant cough is back. My daughter said to go to Florida-fine. Will she watch my dogs? Nope. Will she drive in and cook for her dad? Nope. Will he cook? Nope, the miracle block of fast food is calling his name.(The healthiest place in town closed). Besides, I gave away all my year end cash. I didn't plan on getting sick. The county health department has issued a flu warning AND a Norovirus alert (please, no !)I will have to make an emergency trip to Costco for toidy paper-they sell by the 100 roll packages. I will get two. My only choice is to stay home and secluded. I just have no fresh food in the house.
Here is a card I made a long time ago.I thought I had already put it up but there it was-floating in my review file. I think this stamp is an oldie from Great Impressions . You can order any they have even if its years ago. I am running a list for the day when I am so needing instant gratifications. I stamped it on a plain scrap for the inside making sure the piece was a bit larger than the aperture. All I did for embellishment is use a glitter pen on the edges of the bottles.
Fold a golden card. Punch your hole. Take a lighter piece and punch out a hole a tad bigger. Stamp with a background stamp in a golden or beige ink. Attach to the front. Add a greeting. Place the stamped image behind making sure to line it up nicely.
Use the same background stamp on a matching envie with the same ink.Stamp another jar stamp on the lower corner and if you want, highlight with some glitter here and there. Sometimes simple is better than too much. So no ribbons or metallic add ons.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blog Candy Has Left My House

To anyone I owed goodies to, anything I could stamp at home with multitudes of individual postal stamps (don't laugh when you get the envies, okay?) and just drop off went out yesterday. This meant all under 9 ounce goodies. I have two that are a couple pounds that I need to take directly and add delivery confirmation to, so as soon as I am better (had a set back tonight as all the internals horrors are now external-or as my dad always said "The meanness is coming out of me"! Thanks dad-for big feet no brains and blind in one eye and cant see out of the other. They all fit.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Celebrate This Day

I had to post a new card-just because I could get off the couch and move a bit today. My fever appears to have broken after peaking at 104F. I have taken 4 showers so far today. And wish I had a diaper. All this coughing and 3 kids? Mother Nature is so evil sometimes!!

My ribs feel like I went 11 rounds with Mike Tyson but at least I still have my earlobes! I went from Saturday night to this morning with not one speck of sleep-I think the NyQuil has a weird effect on me, especially with my normal everyday insomnia. I did sleep a bit today-maybe 2 hours. I haven't eaten either-but have a craving for grits or mashed garbanzo beans. Comfort type foods guess.

A green textured card was used as a base on this one. I added a piece of pink print on the top left and some striped paper on the right. Covering the the seam and part of the card to dissect across after distressing the edges, I placed a printed greeting. It is this kind of greeting that I wish more stamp companies made-as I like longer messages for the insides of cards. Because this was laser printed, I would not be able to emboss unless I tried it on glossy paper. Maybe when I have more time. A Prima flower was added to the left of the greeting with a button threaded with floss. I then added some small strips of leftover ribbon for a flair behind the flower. It was too plain without it but I didn't want a bow.

Another shower and the sofa is calling soon-and the 60F are going, going soon gone and back to reality. I feel so cheated. This odd thaw and all I can do is watch the squirrels dive bomb the dogs. They love it!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Win A Mixer-Cook Up Some Goodies!

A Cowboy’s Wife is having a contest on her food blog! You can win a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer and she’ll ship anywhere so everyone is eligible!

The Prize:
The winner will receive a brand new Hamilton Beach 4.5-qt. Eclectrics Stand Mixer, Pineapple Yellow!!

Thank You Daisies

Since I am too sick to do much of anything but moan and groan, I had to look in my archived cards for this. I love stickers and am always looking for ways to use them up.I could have used real ribbon here but decided that using another piece of scrap was better and I didn't have to go up the stairs to get anything.I probably would have just laid down on the bottom step and said "Fugeddaboudit ". I still have to go up there and get the laundry as all my jammies are in the wash-I wonder if hubby has some sweats I can borrow. I am sure doing a lot of that the last two days-just not good sweat.

This is a blue dotted textured piece that is distressed in blue denim from Ranger. I die cut a circle (ink the edge) and added the Thank You sticker and pop dotted it near the center top. I then cut a white piece (inking the edge) and topped it with an orange strip on the bottom-saving a couple of pieces for my faux ribbon on the large circle. Using some metal edged tags from Office Max, I place a circle flower sticker inside each and pop dotted those on top of the strip of orange. You could add a little glitter to the centers of the daisies if you wanted to. I just can't lift the Stickles right now. Slinking off to die.

Stupidist Paper Item I Ever Purchased!

I am right handed-the plug for this is on the wrong side! Every time I try to use it, the cord is in the way. I even tried threading the cord over the back of my table area and using it backwards with the point towards me. Any one who owns an iron knows you point away from you. Total waste of money! If you are a leftie, you will maybe like this. The plug should have been in the top with a swivel or in the back end. No wonder they are in the clearance bins.

ETA-this is a baby iron used for ribbon, flattening papers and heat setting inks etc. Like I said, totally stupid.
ETA-these are available at LSS or on the Internet up to $13.00. A deal on it at Amazon

Sunday, January 06, 2008

DCWV Cardstock Stacks

Joann's had some new paper packs in the store tonight. I cant find them on the Internet, nor at so I cant post a photo for you. I bought two of the stacks-The Pet Stack (with gloss and glitter-heavyweight card stock not paper) and the other was the Travel Stack (textured textured and printed with white core). Both of these are 12 x 12.

There are also two new pads to go in the Nana's line-boy and girl. These are glittery and actually suitable for more than just babies. And of course, the papers are available in mat stacks, 8 x 8 pads and 12 x 12. All four have chipboard to match in a nice box for 9.99. I did not see any rub ons, but they usually have some, and this was obviously just put out. I am betting it's all gone by tomorrow-at least the first wave. No plain card stock to match that I could see. No ribbon either. It was 40% off so get thee some. And receive a 50% off coupon for the next two weekends at the checkout!

Thank You On Acetate

This was a total screw up-I had an extra T from the last time I used Sizzix and could not think of a good way to use it. This was the result-sucky. I used a piece of textured paper from Chatterbox for the face of the card layered on cheapie white card stock. Distress the edged with green and some spotty red.
I cut a scrap of acetate overlay and stamped thank you, then layered it on white that I also distressed with the green. I then tucked the T under it and layered on a red scrap. Punching out some photo corners, I placed them on the front corners and glued the whole thing to the card front. This is not standard size but more a thank you note size. This is another I photographed before the bad weather hit. It may be 50F by Monday but it's just a tease-so I am slugging NyQuil and off to bed and maybe some sleep.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Doggie Food-For Your Wallet

No, my dog isn't hungry. He has eaten everything in site. Even a rock! He did throw that back up thankfully-I might post a photo later. I have some terrific coupons to give you if you can use them. Iams-one of two foods brands I actually buy-sent me some coupons for puppy food (no puppies here), weight control dog food (the weight problem is when he jumps on me), and small/toy breed. Can anyone out there use them? If so, email me (under my profile) and which ones you want -with your address and I will stick them in an envie for you. If you can use them all, that is fine if you can share them. These are $6-8 dollars off per bag. I am keeping the $10 ones as I buy food by the 40lb bag. Anytime you can keep some green in your pocket these days is good!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Do I Have A One-Track Mindset?

I took these photos before the snow flew-or the leaves turned. Seems they happened the same week. So I am posting this for today as I am sick and getting sicker. I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Maybe it's the dog.
I don't know if this gnome survived Jackson's rampages. I noticed today he was dragging around my bedding edging. So enjoy this little guy and his presentation.
Basically it's cut textured paper squares laid over a larger print scrap ( I inked the edges on all cut pieces) on a textured card. Punch out some flowers and pop dot them with small circles in the middle. Add a phrase at the bottom-stamped or rub on. This is an old Amuse stamp phrase-I think. Back to bed-and my NyQuil and hot water bottle. See you when it hits 50F.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Post It Note Pads-With A Twist

These acrylic frames were on sale for 99 cents at Joann's. I got a bunch in this size and some in panoramic and some even smaller that were only 67 cents. They are like easels on the bottoms. Dollar store stuff for the most part. But I made them useful!I turned it upside down so the easel part was on the top and then it was like a tilted little desk. When this is next to your phone or on your desk, its just perfect for jotting the notes or messages you need in a hurry.
I cut a piece of card stock to match that insert it came with-added some strips I found in the scrap bin and then found a chipboard message to place on the right side. After inking the edges, place this inside the frame. Then using strong tape, add a small pad of post it notes to the left side. Instant gift!Here is another I made using different paper and another chip piece message. If you buy a huge pack of post its from Costco, and use the chips you find in a clearance bin like I did, you can make these for about $1.50. I have also made a few using the panoramic frame and a larger post it pad. Or add a photo instead of chip message. And the whole thing stays clean because its protected. When the paper is gone, just tape another.

I was so excited to make these and then got a wake up call that nothing is really our own idea. I got a flyer from Adorn It! the day before Christmas and their designers had made the same thing. Like minds? Or aliens?