Monday, September 17, 2007

Allison is Crazy!

A while back Allison had a blog contest. The winner apparently didn't claim it. Well, that person is a big fat loser!!!! I got the runner up prize and I am still digging thru the box.

First I had to get past the box. Allison packed this in a Splenda box which wasn't in English and I was trying to figure out the recipe on it. I am a Splenda freak. I bake with it, I make candy with it and it makes excellent peanut brittle. I carry it in my pocket, my purse , my car. Last year there was a shortage here in the States and I stocked up. I was not going without my Splenda. The only thing I made that wasn't good was banana bread for hubby-it was kinda dry and if he wont eat it, he is either sick or it's yucky. I think the bananas were not ripe enough.

So finally get all the tape off the box and I cant believe the contents. Stamps-acrylic and wooden- and even some UM (who makes those so I can mark them?). Then ribbons-the coolest widest grosgrain ribbons in bright colors. Chipboard with glitter. Stickers and rub ons. Metal frames (these are so cool). Embossing plates and metal charms (Asian coins too) and a giant clothespin which will come in handy when I have to get vegges in the garden and the skunk has visited :).

Now the value of ttis box was over the top but it also cost her almost 13.00 to send it from Canada. Amazingly, Canadian post got it here in less time than me sending a letter one hour up the road. What does that tell you about the USPS?

Laying on top of this treasure trove was a card -of a chickie in the bathtub relaxing. I haven't had a bath is no long as I never take the time anymore. In and out of the shower as its way too cold up there most of the year.

Allison, you are crazy. The card would have been enough. I will have to hide some of this from my niece as she always wants to look and play when she is here. And whoever was supposed to get the prize and didn't check back-what is wrong with YOU? Sign up for the feeds or use Google Reader when you enter contest. You snooze-you lose.


  1. Sounds like you won a great prize. Lucky for you the original winner didn't claim it.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  2. It's great that it got there and in a somewhat timely fashion! I have been accumulating quite a stash for a while with the thought of giving it away so it is great that you won! The unmounted stamps are from Aud Design.


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