Friday, November 30, 2007

Having Blog Photo Issues, Are We? NUTS!

Whenever I visit a blog and try to make a photo bigger, a dialog box opened and asked if I want to save, open or cancel the photo image. This was only happening for the last few days with some blogs, then it started with mine this afternoon. So I went looking for help and found this listed under current issues. Hopefully, they fix it soon. It is driving me batty.

Clicking on image uploaded through the post editor will show a file download box instead of showing the full-size image in the browser. We are currently working to fix this issue. In the meantime, a workaround is to make two changes to the first URL in the image tag:

1. Replace "-R" with "-h".
2. Replace the image location folder (preceding something like "s1600-R") with the folder in the second URL.

For a detailed example, go to this web page
ETA-Google Reader is messed up too but not seeing why on the lists.

Aiding and Abetting at Costco

Just Because....Redux

Remember this card? I made it on pale yellow back here and just redid in on much yellower card stock here. I like this one better.

Rubber Stamper Magazine Update

For anyone who has a subscription, you will be getting switched over to Crafts n' Things for the rest of your remaining issues. I hope you will be pleased with it but I already knew the contents of this craft rag and demanded my money be returned. I received a check today-altho I am not sure if it was enough at $40. For anyone who is clueless to what I am talking about, read this post.

Here is what Crafts n' Things posted and what the future would be for the magazine. When I originally heard about the sale of Rubber Stamper, I contacted the company and was assured there would be tons of stamping samples (there were already some and I can't imagine more being added). Very few were qualified card related. The focus of the projects in Crafts 'n Things will be home decorating and gift giving. Below is an exact quote from Nicki Ingle Customer Service Representative at Amos Publishing who now owns the former Rubber Stamper subscriptions.

The Crafts 'n Things team has spent a great deal of time working with the staff at The Rubber Stamper to get to know the readers and understand your likes and dislikes. And, we've already received all of the Rubber Stamper content for the next issue (and future issues) and plan to include a lot of the content in the January/February 2008 issue of Crafts 'n Things. In addition to those projects, Crafts 'n Things already includes 50+ card and paper craft projects in every issue, many of which include stamping..

Anyone a subscriber to Paper Made Easy ? They too have been absorbed into the Crafts n' Things cauldron. I had a sub to that one last year but did not renew as every other day I got an offer to renew from them, and I figured I would pay and out of business they would go.

Just want to let you know what you are in for as far as any outstanding issues left for your subscriptions. You can request a refund. It is quite obvious that Amos Publishing has no clue as to what rubber stampers want and need, so you are forewarned.
ETA-Wait to you get a look see at the "new" Creating Keepsakes. Ewwww!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I tried to burn my kitchen down tonight. I was yelling at the dogs to leave me the heck alone to cook and flipped the pot holder into the candle. I was trying to make homemade ravioli with artichokes and low fat mozzie. I used pot sticker wrappers from the Asian food aisle. Not bad. Topped with broccoli, garlic and olive oil with a splash of lime hot sauce. Hubby had more cheese, I refrained. But I burned up my potholder with the little drunken man on it. I now have potato soup simmering in my new slow cooker.

This was Joan's idea and is so simple and pretty. Use a plain card. Stamp a white piece with the flutterfly (which I think is a Magenta stamp-so good luck finding it anywhere) and make your own patterned paper. Layer this on the bottom of the card. Cut a piece of gingham and layer it with a strip of solid and place this on the seam of the card and stamped piece.
Take some scraps of pastels (sorta like serendipity squares but oblongs instead and layer them on a plain white scrap. Edge with same ink used to stamp images. Then stamp the same image on top of it. Pop dot it off center. 5 minutes tops. Use for just about any occasion depending on the colors you use. This would be good for a sympathy, birthday or Mother's Day.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wingin' It.

This isn't about birds. This isn't about doing something with no preparation. This is about an unexpected close encounter.

Last week at Costco in Bloomfield Hills, I was wandering about-which is what everyone does at Costco, right? Looking for free food samples (not a whole lot of vegetarian stuff anyways), getting weary from not finding oatmeal and freaking out because stuff keeps falling out of my basket (I had 6 cases of juices and tea's piled up along with a turntable and a mini camcorder). How I crammed the food in the basket is really a trip.

So I stopped to look at the books-my absolute fav place to veg in Costco-and I turned to check out the kids stuff (even if I don't have any small kids, I am always buying cool books and stuff for all the fringe kids I know-bad habit?). I pick up a box of puzzles and am talking to myself-another bad habit-and someone answers me back! I chat without looking at first, thinking its just some dad getting my opinion for Christmas gifts. But he certainly has an interesting accent.

Then i did look up. OMG-this guy has on a short sleeve t-shirt and muscles! I kept up the usual babble about kids, toys, books and their educational value-but my eyes didn't want to leave the arms. I personally could care less what his face looked like, but he had arms to die for. I started to walk away but had to get one last glance down the aisle as his kid came up to see what dad might buy. I stopped at the end of the aisle and just looked back with a sigh. His butt was danged cute too!

It wasn't until I was halfway home that I realized who I stood next to and exchanged kid notes with. None other than Tomas Holmstrom of the Detroit Red Wings! I exchanged book airs with one very hunky pro athlete and I didn't have a clue. All I saw was the arms!


And we won tonight too!

Spica Flowers

I am trying to play around taking photos inside as the weather is so crappy outside. I just can't seem to find a good place with no animals to bug me and lighting that is naturally good. I used just kitchen lights and this is what I got tonight. Now watch me never be able to reproduce this again.
This card is a Stacey idea. When we do cards with her or her mom, she always finds ways to showcase new or unheralded products in her store. Here we used old ribbon, new ribbon, an established punch and paper company, Cat's eye type inks and the new Spica pens from Copic. I have had contact with all of these items EXCEPT the Spica Glitter pens.

I stamped what I remember to be a Hero Arts stamp and then cut tiny flower off a strand of them to fit over the top of some of the stamped flower images. I also colored in some of them with the Spica pens. A dark layer was placed under the stamped image. I punched the corners to hold a patterned piece that had the edges inked. Trim was used to dissect the piece and taped underneath and then the stamped piece was centered on this. A very elegant card that is prettier when the sunshine captures the glittery Spica flowers.

ETA-SpazzGirl asked if the Spica pens were worth it. I bought 10! They contain crushed glass-so use them for your more specialist cards and projects-don't let the kids use them!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Quilt Artist

I am in the process of making a quilt from all my running t-shirts-I probably have enough to make two or three king size ones. But it's a long process and I only cut the squares after I have worn the shirt for a while or just hate them (someone needs to have a class on making cool t-shirt logos, as I usually end up with a bunch of the uglies).

On Thanksgiving, I did a Turkey Trot 5K in Lansing and in the gathering after the race, where all the frozen, damp runners hung out was a woman who has written a book about turning t-shirts into quilts with several of her creations. You can visit her website here and be sure to check out the story of Chad .

I am sewing my quilt squares by hand where she is doing the actual quilting by machine (I prefer hand sewing in general which is how I learned to hem, quilt and embellish etc). The book is available from both her website and Amazon if you are so inclined. Everyone has t-shirts-I was just weeding out my stash again this week, to make room for more. I also have running sweatshirts that would make a very warm cozy.

Bazzill Cardstock For The Military

Did you know that Bazzill makes Military cardstock specific to services? Click here to see it and its on sale today only! And check this out below for more sale. I love this company and its one of the few in Michigan actually making money! A Cherry On Top

PROMO CODE: THANKS This Promo Code is good for all Thanksgiving promotions listed below. The following offers are good thru 11/25/07 (midnite, EST).

1. Complimentary Gift Bag & Tissue!

2. FREE Holiday ribbon mini spools (3) on orders of $25* or more. (ribbon may differ from image)

3. Bonus 200 ACOT points on orders of $50* or more.

4. FREE $10 off Promo code on orders of $75* or more (promo code will be prined on your receipt, may be redeemed Nov 26-Dec 24)

5. Save on Shipping! $5 Shipping on orders of $100* or more $10 Shipping on orders of $100* or more and select UPS TWO DAY Shipping $15 Shipping on orders of $100* or more and select UPS ONE DAY Shipping

Save on the following products: 25% off all Bazzill Cardstock 25% off all Albums 25% off all Flower Embellishments 25% off all Imagination Project 25% off all Around the Block 25% off all Karen Foster 25% off all MSE Stamps 25% off all Junkitz 25% off all Chatterbox 25% off all Crate Paper 25% off all Die Cuts with a View Chipboard Sticker Stacks 25% off all Doodling Templates from Crafter's Workshop

Torn Pumpkin

I wanted a generic Thanksgiving card for hubby to give his guests this weeks. Only thing is, he forgot it. I had lots of scraps for this and actually made four versions but this was the first-I just switched the pieces around on each.

Start with a green textured card, and layer it with a stripe about a half inch or so down but leave space for two pieces of plain textured strips that you butt up under it. Ink the edges of the pieces if you want. Then cut a piece of printed satin ribbon (or stamp with the words you want and apply to the lighter strip.
Cut a layer of light card stock like used for the strip and ink that edge. Cut a piece of the darker a tad bigger and ink then razor the edge. Pop dot this where you want it. I took scraps of orange and tore a pumpkin shape. Then for more dimension, I tore a middle oval for the pumpkin. I inked the edges of these two pieces with orange and straw Distress Ink and laid them on the squares. Then I tore a topper for the vine edge and applied that behind the pumpkin top.

To finish, I tied a piece of plaid ribbon into a bow at the top. I played with several styles and just like the look of this one the best. I am pooped from doing nothing tonight. I could not even stomach the stores so have been surfing for acrylic frames online but the shipping kills any savings I found. Wait to you see the cute things I made with some later this week.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pergamano Anyone?

Anyone know any good places online to get Pergamano supplies at decent prices and hopefully free shipping? I am not finding enough selection locally and they all say they will special order it for me, but there is a minimum. So chime in if you know a place for tools etc. I would buy from the UK but after the credit card adds their conversion fees and postage, it's not worth it. Even eBay sucks for selections.


Well, I made one. One Halloween card. Unfortunately, it photographs funny. The black part at the top has bats stamped on it. I can barely see them on this card and it seems like the ink just sucked into the paper (rather than sucking your neck?)
So a plain black card was layered with a stripe piece halfway up. I then layered a piece of grosgrain ribbon that was edged in black across the seam. Well, the seam showed and I just hated it. So I dug in my stash and found this batty satin piece and laid it across the seam of the seam (got that?). Much better. A template was layered with a stamped greeting and attached with two bitty brads. I like this but am dismayed at to what happened to my stamped bats on the black. I may try and re-stamp them with another ink later.

Friday, November 23, 2007

HB Tag

I just got home from the Turkey Trot. It does not mean you are getting a turkey card. It means you get the next card in the queue. This was made with corrugated card stock that is distressed with inks and scrap pieces are also distressed and added leaving a bit of bare area between the pieces.
I cut a tag, inked up the edges, tied a scrap of ribbon and stamped and punched a circle for the front. This was pop dotted for depth. Done, and off to my heating pad. Did I ever mention I hate cold and snow and winter like stuff? Okay, well I reiterate it for anyone not paying attention.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crow's Foot

Remember this crow figurine? I used it back when reviewing the stamp set I received from Rubber Stamp Fun in September. It didn't do much for the photo, so I tucked it into a plant I had outside, thinking when I got my fall cards up, I might use it again.Well, I can't.

This is all that is left of it!
The "dog" ate it, along with some large saucers from my pots, the stakes in the pepper pots, and a couple of plastic bins I had used for waste in the yard. He also knocked over the retaining wall I have under the tree that housed my Hosta's (which kinda tells you the fate of those, right?). And he tried to dig up my lilac bush.At least he didnt get into the compost bin-can you imagine the smell??? That is what I have found so far. Poor little crow. He bit the big one.

We bought an obedience collar today. I have used plain bark collars before but said I would not do it again-well, for my sanity and to really get across who the Pack Leader is , I just spent 150 bucks. It is working so far, and on the lowest level too. Can I use this on hubby?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Local Scrap Store Is Closing.

I received this yesterday via email. They had closed their other store earlier this year-the writing is on the wall for several others locally within an hours drive. Sad-but Michigan is falling into an economic pit it may not crawl out of for a long long time. At least 6 stores I visit have closed this year, two are for sale and one is nearing bankruptcy.

Many of you may have heard the news by now. This past weekend we made the announcement that we will be closing our Sterling Heights "Simple Pleasures Scrapbook Treasures" storefront. We plan to endeavor some new ventures in the scrapbooking industry! In addition, you will see us around at local school, church and charity crops, the Great Lakes Mega Meet and possibly Gibraltar Trade Center, etc. Keep us in mind if you are in need of a store set-up at your next crop event of 50 participants or more! We would love to set up our store for you!

We thank you all very much for shopping with us and supporting our business for the past near 8 years we've been in business. We will let you know our closing date as soon as we know. In the meantime, we hope you will continue to shop at "S.P.S.T." for all of your scrapbook needs!

Sharon, Tammy, Denise & Staff Simple Pleasures Scrapbook Treasures 44645 Mound Road Sterling Heights, MI 48314 (586) 323-6300

ETA-news that an addtional store is closing. The Stamping Grounds in Royal Oak is soon to close. The Stamping Grounds/ Silver-mania will close its doors 5 pm on Saturday, December 15th. Watch for emails about increasing markdowns and specials beginning November 23.

Starry Tags

I have a zippie bag full of these pre-printed cut outs. I have no idea who gave them to me and was going to give them to my niece. I thought I could play a bit first. So here are two that I edged in ink and distressed a bit before adhering to textured and distressed card stock and then added ric rac and punchie stars. I even used my scissors to zig zag the bottom of one. These are nice gift tags or gift card holders-which you can use a sticky dot to hold inside.

I went to a stamp store and a scrap store today PLUS Costco! I got a turntable that hooks up to my computer via USB, so now I can take all my bazillion LP's and turn them into MP3's. Many are not on Cd's, so this is something I have been wanting a long time. I have some very rare soundtracks that I can listen to in pure bliss again! Goosebumps!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Luck Grad!

Another grad card-this one is lame-o.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Drawing Again-Last Time!

One of the winners did not get back to me, so I did the random thing again and it came up Littlekel90. If I do not hear back from this one, I am not redrawing and will roll it into the blogiversary package. You have until Thursday night this week. I want to mail on Friday. My email is under my profile.

Got Ink?

Check out these deals for Cat's Eye Inks and Stickles at Scrapbook Pal . Free shipping over 25.00 too!

Class of......

Just an idea when half year grads are coming up in December. Other than the cap stamped and embossed in black, the rest is scraps inked with Colorbox colors. Tailor this to your school colors or whatever looks best. 10 minutes tops.
My back is killing me and the Pistons lost. At least the Wings cut off the bleed. I have the sofa slug home for 2 more days before he goes to Iowa. Just me and the woofus babes then. And a semi predicted snow storm.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

OMG! Tim Holtz Art Studio-

I am addicted to Tim Holtz inks and paints but I would be terrified if all my stuff looked this neat. I love Tim's products but never in my life will all my bottles and pads be in anything but a jumbled bin of whatever I am using that day. My stamps are in photo boxes and picture frame trays. Some are in CD cases too. Paper is either in files or cases unless they come in bound books, then they are piled under my table by seasons-sometimes. My inks have been in a box unless they fit in a turntable I got off EBay. I did buy another at a stamp show, but haven't taken it out of the box yet. I work out of bins and boxes and large zip lock bags for now. I just like messy.

Tim's Studio

More of the studio

The Final Tour

In case you didn't notice, I put up none of my photo's of my room-because it scares me.

Share Something Big!

Visit my other blog and add a link or send me a photo to publish!

Saw My First Indoor Xmas Tree Up

On a country road in the middle of nowhere-huge tree, all ablaze. I bet they had it up for weeks. And I am already sick of the blow up "things" in front yards with a spotlight on them.

We have this local place called Krupps .I pass by it every time I visit my daughter or go to a stamp class. It's supposed to be world renowned for its collection of stuff. If you have seen it in a yard, they sell it and multiples of it. A huge camel, a lighthouse with blinking beacon, every ugly gazebo around. For gosh sakes, they have artificial rocks! Why would anyone need an artificial one if free real ones are out there? Well, some people seem to have purchased every thing Krupp's sells and have put them in their front yards each holiday season-and then leave them up until Easter where it's replaced by the Bunny. Please, make it go away!

Washboard HI

One of the contests I entered this past year had this flower stamp as the image you had to use. I made a ton of cards using it and also had some stray images left over. This one was colored using H2O's with Stickles in the center. This card has a very spring feel to it and even might work for Mom's Day or a birthday card by changing the message.

All of the papers I used were scraps left over from DCWV Spring Paper Pack. The one thing I don't like about their card stock is that it had a white core. I prefer card stock with true color thru it. The vellum envy is stamped with the same stamp using a dye ink in a pinkish tone.

I then inserted a tag I got from an office supply company that was tied up with ribbons from Micheal's. I always buy this ribbon when they have it 4/1.oo but there have been no new colors added in years, so maybe my collection is complete. You could add another message stamped on this tag if you wanted to. I used a paper piercer for the corners and then just layered and popped everything. The washboard piece was the end of a larger piece I had done recently and I had just enough left to add some eye dimension to this.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Last Call For Doggone Winners.

Mary Puskar (primitiveseasons) and Dee (Dasimonds). If I don't hear from you by Sunday,I will draw more names. This is related to the dog naming contest. I need your info. Email is listed by clicking my profile.

Is The Internet On Crack?

I got emails today dated May 2007. Yesterday my Reader was filled with posts from 2005 and 2006-967 of them. When I checked the actual blog, none of these were being posted to currently. I don't have a virus (other than what is in my nose right now) and there is no spy ware on the 'puter (is Cheney in there?). Anyone else getting weird stuff in the last week?

This is what I envision to be the "mindset" of my computer on drugs.

Elfing My Family



The Sofa Slug

H As In Holidays

This is a money holder/gift card/photo insert card. I really liked making this one. It used the same paper from this and this called Tsumugi-and it's no longer available locally. BUT I found some really cool ripple like paper at Paula's and she said it was from the trade show this summer. It is 1.25 a sheet but so many card fronts from a 12 x 12 sheet! It does not have a company name on it but it's like a handmade paper.

The base card is the red and I cut a layer of green which I then stamped Circles from Hero Arts with a Colorbox Cat's Eye White Chalk from Clearsnap. I love these small sizes. Most retail for 1.99 or so. Then attach to the front from the top because you are going to fold the bottom up inside to make a pocket. Measure evenly from both sides to place punched holes on both sides inside and punch thru both layers. You can add eyelets if you want. Thread a ribbon thru from the back for the front bow. Thread a ribbon thru from the inside for the back bow. Tie neatly.
I then stamped a chipboard H for the outside using a word stamp that also will stamp a greeting for the upper right. This was layered and then pop dotted. Pop dot the H too.
For the inside, use a tree stamp and overlay with an acetate message tree (these stamps were all from Hero Arts and have been retired). Cut two pieces of textured paper like the front and layer on a white scrap cut to fit inside the ribbon pocket. Stamp Happy Holidays below it and slip in a pocket on either side. Then add your cash, check, gift card or photo on the other side and close. This card is about 4 inches square but is adaptable for any size or design. This would be fun for kids to make for teachers with a Starbucks GC or something fun for down time for the educators.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Get Well Soon

I have this really weird runny nose today. It's like an itch on the part near my lip and when I rub it (with my t-shirt sleeve-like a little kid) it starts to burn and run. And my lips are like they have been sandpapered a couple of times. It's not far enough into the season for this dryness yet. I just took some Benedyl because the sneezing has started. So in half an hour, I will be zombified.

So I made another sticker card. Maybe I will send it to myself? This one is easy as I used store bought tags and placed the flower stickers inside. Take a plain white card and add a layer of paper to cover the front. Punch out a circle just a tad larger than the sticker you want to place in your focal point. adhere with pop dots and then tuck a piece of ric rac under the edge. Layer a long piece of colored card stock onto another contrast color (white here) and then staple a long hank of ric rac on top before attaching with the Trio tape runner. Pop dot your circle tag flowers.

This idea will work with so many themes and maybe you will go grab some 40% off stickers at Joann's (don't forget their 10% off coupon this week too--link here

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Insanity on Ebay

I have had recent problems with sellers and other options on eBay, but I always like to poke and see what is up for sale. I am not sure if I will deal much with buying there anymore, but like window shopping, as it's a innocent waste of time and I can move on pretty much unscathed.

But sometimes the pricing of items amazes me. I know a lady who was looking for this SU set a while back, so I put it in my watch list and had eBay notify me whenever one showed up for auction.

The auction link may not work for long-90 days I think. But here it is--go let your jaw drop. Tractor Time. The sad thing is that this set will never see ink!


For all you readers who don't give a rat's ass about anything but cards-here ya go!

Ooooh-another sticker card. I can get about 5-6 cards from a 1.99 sticker sheet. Pretty cheap, I think. This is so simple. The stickers on this sheet when layered on a scrap make tabs. How cool is that? I placed two tabs just behind a white scrap and ran a piece of ric rac using a trio runner and then stapled the ends.

There were a bunch of fake washer stickers and on each I placed a threaded button. The phrase is from Hero Arts. This whole she-bang was added to a textured green card. And I am done for the night. I can't wait to get the photos up of what I made at class tonight-I just need to tie some more ribbon.

If you live in mid-Michigan, you need to go here . Paula is closing her store as her lease is up but is looking to reopen in a more foot traffic area. She is also going to have classes at a local church or hotel venue until she finds the perfect spot. Go see her!

Doggone Winners!

I was surprised at the unusual mix of names that were suggested. It is rare that I give a fur child a non-human name. Many moons have past since I did that, about 15 years or so. I guess I see human qualities in many of my adoptees. I think I knew what this guy would be called before any of the names were posted and one person actually came very close to the name I chose.

Now first I have to say there were a couple of names automatically disqualified-Ralph (my grampa's name); Mike (my brother's name); and Ben (my son's name). I wonder if anyone caught the fact that Nebbie is my son's name backwards? He named her, and he was called Nebbie at work. Two names I especially liked were Hendrix and Baldwin-both of which I am saving for cat names later-one can never have too many cats. I also had to be careful not to use a name my kids want for their children. My son likes Zack and Shelby.I can never ever use those! Sam is out too.
I shot over 250 photos this afternoon and most of them sucked. It was getting dark, the dogs wanted to play catch and were running circles around me. I ended up with a broken blood vessel in my finger and many bruises trying to get a few presentable shots for you. I have a couple that are just blurs of fur which I am saving for a layout called Kinetic Energy.
Marley actually got pooped out and sat down. But you can see the motion in his brother. They are getting along much better yesterday and today. I still don't trust them inside alone. The pillow incident was warning enough. I did buy a rubber barbell and a medium tire with a rope along with some pull type ropes. I think for 55 pounds, this guy is as strong as Clancy was at 95!

So you need to know his name, right? Not so fast! I did a random draw for a small goodie bag from all participants. I drew #10 Mary Puskar(primitiveseasons). And because someone came SO close to the name I actually chose-I am sending a small gift to #23 Dee from Dasimonds who suggested the name Jack! Because this big bruiser is now going by the moniker Jackson! So ladies, click my profile and email me as soon as possible-I will be passing by a mail box later this week. Thanks everyone for participating. Check back soon as its my one year blogiversary, 10,000 hits and 350 posts celebration coming up. I will have a very fun question for prizes!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Doggie Name Winner Later Tonight.

I will be announcing the winner of the Doggie Name Contest. One of you came very close. I will also have a random draw for participating. And hopefully some new photos. I am off to art class. Ciao.

Nebbie wants to get into the act. She used to belong to my son until he moved to Iowa. Nebbie was a dumpster rescue cat. Quite a talker and an instigator. This is one of the few times she has ever been still enough to photograph.

(ETA-Nebbie is Siamese and Burmese-I also have a part Siamese and part Himalayan named Spencer)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Who Wants To Be A Winner?

Here are a couple of contests and giveaways I came across today while searching for the sunshine.

Joy To The World

Yeah, this one is lame. So sue me. I am in such a pissy mood today. This dog is driving me batty. He and the cats got into it, poor Marley doesn't know if he is coming or going and just sleeps with me all night. New dog ate hubby's pillow, so we went pillow shopping. Call me naive, but I thought a pillow was a pillow and usually buy them by the case from Costco. When they get nasty, after several washings and are lumpy or drooled too much on, I swap them out. New pillows now come in how you sleep, so if you sleep on your back, you need one kind and if you sleep on your side, another. And what room you use them in too-bedroom, family room, etc. They did not have a pillow for those of us who don't sleep normal. I usually get nudged out of the bed by all the creatures who are slowly taking over my bed and the rest of this place.Last night or morning, I was still tossing at 7AM and up at 10-not good.

So this is what you get. A generic card made with some crappy sticker and leftover ribbon.White card base and a piece of paper from some long ago paper stack (maybe DCWV) . A huge circle punched out to leave a rim around the sticker-I wasn't very good about centering it either. Tie a nifty little knot in the ribbon and use a mini snot dot and then add it to the front. I think a three year old could do this one.

I have better ones but just need to photograph them-if the sun ever comes out again. I have other sticker ones that I really like, so maybe tomorrow. I have a class Tuesday in Vernon, MI. I only found this place last Friday-and it's probably gonna go out of business on Thanksgiving weekend. The economy sucks in Michiganand the map programs suck worse. They tried to tell me this wonderful little place was either in Flushing or Durand. I wish I could send photos of Vernon-it's alive and still in the 19th century.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Holiday Cheer

All these stickers have to be used up and the quicker, the better. I love stickers but have discovered rub ons with glitter this year, so I can't use them until I use up some of these. BTW-the rub ons were on sale at Micheal's this week for 74 cents. I did buy some. And the Halloween ones were on clearance at 50 cents!
White card, red layer, shimmer paper piece on top. Cut a cube of green and a smaller cube of white and then place your square stickers neatly (or haphazardly if you want) centered in the middle of square. Take two pieces of 1/4 inch ribbon and criss cross them over the seams of the stickers and tape in the back. Pop dot it on the left side.

Use one of those store tags (or a punched circle) that you probably have and center a round sticker from the sheet inside and use your Cropidile to put a tiny hole near the top. Use a contrasting ribbon bit, thread it thru the hole and tie in a tidy knot, clipping the ends at an angle. Snot dot this one on the right.Ta da! 5 minutes or so and done. Go make lots. Have the kids make them too.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Useful Website of The Week

Have you ever lost or damaged a piece of gramma's inherited china or has the dishwasher eaten your favorite wine glasses? Ever lost a spoon down the disposal? Did you think you would just have to dis-invite a dinner partner because you wanted a perfect table set up? Maybe not!!

This website called Replacements Ltd. might be your only hope. They have 11 million items in inventory in over 266,000 patterns. They were even able to replace a dinner plate dated from a 1790 pattern from Copenhagen. You also can get current items such as Pottery Barn if you need more than the local stores can supply, so if you want a certain dish for a wedding reception, check them out.

As a bonus, they are listed at one of the top 25 tourist attractions in the US with no visitors fees and employees are able to bring their pets to work. How cool is that? And dear to me, they recycle over 300 tons of cardboard and 30 tons of paper each year. So put this small but intriguing company in your saved list-ya never know when you might drop gramma's gravy boat and need a replacement.


Friday, November 09, 2007


I have a nuts dog. I don't know how much time I will get to craft in the next week or so, but this one may be it for a while. NO stamping either. Just some die cuts from a sheet I found on clearance. I used a plain white card covered in a scrap of checked paper and topped with the dies on pop dots.
Ouch is right! I Have a bruise from wrestling with the dog the size of a choco chip cookie. He is a very raw dog. SO wish me luck!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jolly Spirit

Tag cards are really run and easy. I used only stickers and paper from my stash. Rather than have this card fold up, I had it fold sideways and then glued it. But it works either way. If you are good at it, you can get two cards from one 12 x 12 piece of paper. So play around with scraps.

I used another piece of white that I edged with red for the front of the actual tag-Here you could write your message or add a photo. Use up your scraps of ribbons to make ties. And don't pay scrap store prices for your round price tags. Go to the office supply and get a few packages-if you are going to use a lot of them, buy a whole box and maybe split with a few friends. They are so much fun to use and kids have fun with them too.

Safety pins again are something to buy in other places than the scrap store. I usually get mine free as the races I do give you a handful to put your number on your shirt. I have even dyed them to match with alcohol inks.

Doggie is doing good-sleeping for now. He went to the vet, and had a joint car ride with Marley and it was okay. I guess I will have two big furries and three small furries again in the bed-with no room for me! I don't trust him in the house alone if I am not present yet. I hope to keep my sofa cushions intact. Hey-check out my other blog soon. I am gonna put up a recipe that was de-lish later tonight. It's an Ethiopian Stew-with my own twist.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Free MP3 Christmas Song!

That’s right!

The bonus track, “It Came Upon The Midnight Clear (Adapted by Barry Manilow),” from Barry Manilow's new holiday album, IN THE SWING OF CHRISTMAS, is available to you…NOW! The free bonus track can be obtained at Barry!

Remember…you can get the new album now at your local Hallmark store! You can find the store in your area by simply searching here or calling 1-800-HALLMARK.

Just follow the directions and pay attention to the options of downloads. Later, you can unsub from the newsletter. But I love Barry, so I will keep it, I think.

Christmas Triple Tag

It's snowing. Big flakes. I hate snow. Bet ya didn't know that. I hate cold too. And ice. And wind. Now I get how many more months of this? New doggie finally fell asleep. He does not answer to Oreo so why he has that name is beyond me. He does know sit. And he fetches. But no name yet.

Anyways, this card is made with some chipboard tags and other pieces covered with textured paper. Its nice to use some odd leftovers and luckily I have a Sizzix tag die. I used a plain white card covered in two layers. One was red and edged in green and the print check was edged in green and roughed up a bit. After assembly, I also edged the tags and slipped a gold brad in each before attaching and pop dotted the covered items on each tag. Finally, I used a rub on for the phrase-because I was too lazy to go upstairs and get a stamp.

It's A Boy!!! He Needs A Name!!! Photos Added

ETA-There will be a random draw goodie for participating!

A new big furry boy! I will pick up the newest edition to my zoo tomorrow afternoon. "Oreo" had been waiting for adoption for over 2 months and is a border collie mix. I have no idea what the mix is yet and will have to see what my vet says. He is a pretty big boy already so I am thinking maybe some lab.

Anyways, he is about a year old, already neutered and potty trained. He and my Marley met today for the first time and seemed to get along okay. "Oreo" likes to chew. Clancy liked to chew too because he was bored and lonely and he ate my sofa way back when (I needed a new one anyways) , so hopefully my sofa will stay intact this time and "Oreo" and Marley will bond quickly. I will try and post a photo when I bring him home tomorrow.

So "Oreo" needs a better name. Let's have a contest with suggestions for him. He is at least 70 pounds I think(ETA-he is only 56 pounds but man, when he jumps on you-well I wish I could photograph the huge bruise on my upper arm from him-he was a very good boy today at the vet tho), so no Tinkerbell stuff. He is dark greys and blueish black with spots-mottled spots. Very lively and full of fun. Leave your suggestions here and I will see if any fit. I just can't live with "Oreo". What is wrong with people and the names they give anyways? Somehow a Great Dane named Snookums is so wrong too! I like people names for animals, so think along that line. I have one name in mind but want to see what others think too.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Spring Squares

It's snowing and icing and sleety. So this has to be appropriate. I made this last spring and then winter came back in May, so I never got to use it.
The paper is DCWV scraps and the stamp is a Hero Arts retired image.The flowers are from my stash (you would not want to see my flower stash-its obscene) and I have two huge jars of buttons to rummage thru. A small snippet of ribbon-hey a good tie too!
A closeup-just to remind me that I hate winter-a lot!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Autism-Laugh While You Help!

Have you seen this clip before? Think it's funny? Want more funny? Well, you can own the DVD by clicking here Mockutv and every video sold will mean 1.00 toward Autism Support Daily. Far too many kids are being diagnosed with Autism and we need to find out why,how to treat and hopefully cure it and how to let them flourish while that process is ongoing. I just bought a copy of the video and can't wait to see it. I know how crazy us crafters are (I am anyways). I hope you will feel the same and encourage your fellow paper crafters to take a look. Zach (and Erika ) will be honored if you do! What a great stocking stuffer this would be too!


I did not get anything photographed today that is really recent but I thought maybe this was a nice one from my archive for you. This card was made using a brass stencil and a spray color wash called Memories Mist. It was the first time I ever used the Mist and I really like it but---I wish they made smaller bottles of it. I will never use it up and sometimes have forgotten I have some as its in a different bin. Now I hear another company has some mists with metallic or mica in it. And they come n two sizes too.
I sprayed the front of my base card with one color and then lightly misted it with another. Then cutting a smaller card, I place a brass stencil of leaves taped down on the sided and lightly sprayed the front of it using two colors again. You can see where I managed to get a little too much spray and it ran under the stencil. Be careful removing the stencil so no extra over spray gets on your piece. Wash the stencil immediately too.

I ran a metallic mesh ribbon piece across the top and tape underneath. Then I cut a small square to pop a fabric or die cut pumpkin on and then a bit larger square for a layer. Put the pieces together and center on the mesh ribbon. A quick idea and versatile with all the stencil designs out there these days.

Supposed to snow here maybe tomorrow-and I still have a riding mower strewn all over the garage floor in pieces-and jumper cables crossing the floor-clipped to a battery terminal. Leaves piling up in the backyard and lawn furniture still out (like maybe it will hit 80F soon?) Why is that?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Where Do I Buy Some of This??

I could think of a hundred people I want to spray right now!

Mulberry BWR

I saved my favorite for last. Everything just came together perfectly for this one. It was not how I originally conceived it but sometimes a change after the sketch works better.

This is a plain white texture card topped with a piece of black and white printed card stock edged in black ink. My flower images are stamped in red and a brad was inserted into the center of each bloom using a Cropidile tool. I also stamped and cut out two vases in black, edged them in black and pop dotted them on the front. They were then covered with Acrylic Accents. I edged this piece with black ink, layered a blackish/pewter shiny piece under and taped some red ribbon on the corners.

A piece of mulberry paper was dampened on the edges and torn. After using a Trio tape runner to apply this to the base card, I then pop dotted the stamped image layers centered in the middle. So there was my red/white/black fun and now I have to get cracking on the Halloween items I didn't make. I really do work out of sequence a lot. So expect Christmas maybe in March?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blog Ads-Are You Watching?

How many of you pay any attention to what is being advertised on your blog? I know there have been tons of articles lately in local newspapers and on the Internet that says you will make money by hosting ads. Is it worth it?

Tonight I was visiting a blog about quilting. The blogger is about my age and from Canada and has been published in a well received ATC hardcover book this past year. Does she know one of the ads on her blog is for "adult" magazine subscriptions?

Pay attention to what is being hawked when you agree to host ads. I see some of hers are about quilting but another is one to earn money online working from home. Come on! This is a rip off and we are being duped into thinking we will get rich. I would rather pay 25 bucks a year and have control over my blog than letting some computer decide what to sell thru it.

Beaded Felt BWR

I really liked the concept of this card but after putting it together, I realized I should have made it a side opening card instead of a top folding card. When the beads were strung and places on the side of the stamped image, there was too much plain space. So I went digging for ribbon and nothing looked right. Then I came across this felt sticker piece from Queen and Company. It still seems bland to me.

I stamped and colored the vase and flower images using Spica glitter pens from Copic. When I was scrounging for ribbon for the side I found one little piece of the black with white accents ribbon and just tucked it under the pop dotted vase and tied. This stamped piece is bordered by a silvery/black glossy card piece. It made my photos strobe until I situated the card away from any sunlight. All layers of card stock are edged in black inks. Kitty hairs are from Loki.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Paper N' Fire

I have set up another blog where I will post the RAKs, swaps and other paper gifts I have received in the last few years. I treasure each one and hope you will love looking too.

Please visit Paper 'N Fire.

Redraw for Prize--Again.

No one seems to want my small tokens. So this is it. If no one claims, I will roll this envelope into my biggie giveaway later this month when I celebrate my first year of Paper Tango and 10,000 page visits and 300 posts-so stay tuned. I will be maybe having three prizes-one for each milestone.

The number this time is #2 Flossie's Follies. Contact me thru my profile and the email listed there. I want to mail all the prizes from my last two drawings tomorrow.

I need food-----being a rabbit can sometimes be hard. I want carbs!

Crafty Opportunity-Macomb County, Michigan

Attention Little Scrapbox Customers!

Little Scrapbox is now hiring for our night shift only.
We are currently seeking reliable,friendly, outgoing, motivated individules for our fast paced, high energy scrapbook store. You must work well with others, work well with the public and you must know the scrapbook industry.

The following are a list of the hours we are looking for. We are only seeking people that can commit to all of the nights listed below.
Wednesday 4:30pm-Close
Thursday 4:30pm-Close
Friday 5:00pm-Close
Saturday 5:00pm-Close

We will be excepting applications from now until November 12th. When you drop off your application please set up an appointment for an interview. Interviews will be given November 16th.

Thank you
Little Scrapbox
14933 Commercial Drive Shelby Township MI 48315

Happy Days BWR

Not my favorite of 5 ones I made. I should have done the side narrower where I threaded the ribbon. I think there is too much white and I don't like white. I did like how the red piece under the stamped vase turned out tho-especially the distressed edges.

I started with a black textured card stock and added the Magic Mesh on the right side. I love Magic Mesh and don't use it enough. I think I have one roll of every color made. I stamped my images on plain white paper and cut out the vase one. The flower stamp-which I popped a small brad thru the middle was also touched up with Acrylic Accents on the petals.

I did my distressing and layering on the side-and the tiny dots on the vase were colored with the new Spica pens from Copic Markers. Then the vase was pop dotted. On the left side, the stamped image of the phrase had dots-and I used my Cropidile to punch the dots out and then wove the ribbon thru and taped it on the back side. Then I used the Trio runner to add it on the front of the card. I do wish I had left the words off and moved the mesh layers more toward the center with the woven ribbon down the side. Maybe next time.