Sunday, November 09, 2008

Uggos for Allison-AFSS43

Allison is having a "slam yourself" contest of sorts this week. To play the game, you have to post one or more of the ugliest cards you have ever made. Now I personally have a box full of them and don't usually photograph them either. I am just saving the uggos ones to use a parts of new uggos-an odd way to recycle, I guess but sometimes it works.

Or I give them to unsuspecting children (Hi Kayla!)

Anyways, these four actually made it to my blog sometime in the past two years. So here ya go, Allison. I am sending ya a barf bag by cyberspace if you need it. Like a pregnant woman needs an excuse to upchuck?

Just using the bits and pieces in a bin of paper. Could have been good.Could have.But wasn't.

My heart was in the right place-this was for Toby. He is now 4!

Using alcohol inks for the first time-it needs glitter or some gilding (which wasn't available at the time)

My first experience with Staz-On Ink. The stuff still makes me swoony and head achy. This is probably the worst ever. It was a demo we did at my first stamp convention.

Now I go back to trying to find the bottom of my desk and decide if I am game enough to get up Thanksgiving morning to do a Turkey Trot.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Life of Blog Candy

I didn't want to say anything. It's not like me to publicly complain to strangers and have it go all over the blogiverse. I usually just crab to a select few until they physically or cyberly slap me. But I need to say this before I explode.

Earlier this year I took dozens of names in an attempt to send out fun filled packages of goodies. I had previously held a random selection of a name or names based on some silly question, trying to make things fun. I also at that time would post a photo. The new way was no photo, no random draw. I just took them in the order I got them and sent a few a week.

This was not cheap. Along with the items, which were new or leftovers from my stash, the postage ran anywhere from 6 to 12 bucks, depending on which country it went to. I made smaller envelopes for the most expensive destination because, honestly, I was running short of cash but wanted to make sure all who signed up got at least a small package.

I asked for an email confirmation that the giftees got them, and many of you did, so thank you so much. But a lot didn't either. I could not afford the extra for delivery confirmation unless I printed it at home for free, but I never could get the software from the post office to work right.

So where am I going with this??? On Wednesday, I got a slip in my mail box saying I had a package from a Scholl with postage due. Since only two possible people in my family might have sent something, I contacted them both and neither had sent anything to me. So I made the trek to see what was up, all the time starting to suspect that one of the packages I sent out 6 months ago came back from overseas. But it wasn't from another country gone awry. It was one I had sent to Missouri--I won't name names--who then moved to Tennessee--and said they would accept all forwarded items. Which was false. All these months later, the large stuffed envelope made its way back to me-with postage due.

I refused it. I don't want a gift back that I had sent to someone else to enjoy. Was the envelope worth what I had paid for inside and the postage worth it? To the other end, sure. But coming back to me-no. I might have broke even. But I didn't want it, and that was the reason I had carefully packaged it up to send to a blog reader. There might have been stamps, ink pads, pens, paper, ribbon, charms, Prima's, who knows? Each envelope was unique. I know those who got them, loved them. One person even got an extra set of Nestibilities I had dumbly order a duplicate of.

Since this person has visited my blog before and after the envelope and my name was clearly on it, I only wish I had been contacted about it . It is now in the dead letter department, where it will be auctioned off along with all the other individual packages no one claims.

I won't be doing blog candy again. I can no longer afford it. Sofa Slug retired today-October 31. I rarely enter other blog giveaways either. I don't have to be coerced into visiting blogs to enjoy them. I have 700+ in my Reader and love scrolling thru them and saving my favorites in special folders-like Card Lust and Cream of the Crop. When anything you post blog wise makes my special folders, you know I will be back to visit.

Maybe someday I will have art to post, but currently my head and heart are not in it. It's been a tough 6 months in so many ways, and I need to refocus my spirit and energy in proper order of what matters and what doesn't right now. Don't forget to vote Tuesday. And give your fur children an ear rub from me and your kidlets a smile from Michigan. Be good. Life goes on......