Saturday, July 21, 2007

B As In Boy

This was a card from May, when the lilacs were in bloom. They didn't last as long this year as I am used to. The weather got too hot for them and browned them up. So I had to trade one wonderful aroma for my heat. Not a great trade off-I want them both.

This card is made using a bottle cap that was unused-but if you pry off one that is used and not bend it up-it will work too. I smashed this face side down on a padded piece of wood with a rubber mallet until the edges curled under. It's really easy to do. I then punched a circle of brown cardstock that matches the base card and popped it inside the cap with a giant pop dut underneath, punched a smaller circle in white, added a die cut B and layered them inside the cap. I just added acrylic accents and let it dry Check it out-my thumbprint is in the stuff-as usual. I am so impatient sometimes. Happens with every card I think. I leave my DNA behind.

A tan colored card base topped with some light weight scrap papers and a few layers later, a card is born. I scuffed up the edges of the patterned paper a bit with a light sanding block and attached the bottle cap when dry with double sided tape. Make sure if you mail such a card, you use a padded envy, and extra postage. Play around with this and change the letter to anything for your correct theme. Fast card and scrap easy.


  1. Super the DP!

  2. Super cute. I'm still clinging on to all my old bottle caps. I'm determined that I WILL use them. Thanks for your deployment comments too. It's so comforting to hear from people like you. We've got to stick together!

  3. I don't know your email address, but I wanted you to know I've added you to my Blogger Roll.

  4. This card is cute- love the bottle cap! Great job. Also- I can't find anywhere to email you about getting your mailing addy for my envelope of goodies so email me at zephan3.17 at or pm me at scs at tamijo with your mailing addy.

  5. This is a wonderful card, great job! I love it!


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