Saturday, September 26, 2009

Up Up and Away!

If tonight is any indication, it will be strange weather the rest of the weekend. Very foggy tonight. A high wind advisory has been issued for tomorrow then severe storms at night. The leaves are dripping from the trees tonight and there won't be much color in the lower peninsula with those winds stripping the covering way too soon.

I used my beloved Prismacolor pencils with Gamsol to color this kitty. Then those tiny poinky scissors came out and somehow I managed to cut around the image including the whiskers without slicing my fingers to bits. Pop dots and an extra layer of balloons with added glitter give this a 3d effect.

Here is a bit closer look. The humidity managed to curl the vellum a bit on the corners but that can be tacked down. Kitty has escaped. How many balloons do I need to do the same?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Did The Ducks Cross The Road?

I hate this. I thought it would be cool to use those pens that are kinda like puffy paint only smoother, on this card. They glob, they smell funky and they are ugly. These will go in the junk bin-glad I used a half off coupon. Thumbs or webbed feet down. I do have a few more cards using these in my queue, but this was the best one, in my opinion.

But I do love the paper I used on this card , however. I used it on another card almost two and a half years ago-check it out here . While cleaning out my paper scrap bin a few weeks back, I came across bits and pieces of paper, ribbon and other junky pieces that most others would have trashed but I can't bear to toss. I use them as backing on phrases or as serendipity squares. I still have more of this flowery paper but could not in a million years tell you who made it. It is double sided, more bang for the buck.

Jen Love, I do have something to honk about. Wings are up 2-zip and the Sharks ain't. Nyah. Let the games and honking begin.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nebbie Crosses the Bridge.

Sometimes, all I need is the air that YOU breathe.

The dumpster kitty had to leave today. She had a quick onset illness relating to her liver. I was going to bring her home for one more night of cuddling and having a talky talk with her, but I didn't want her to be in any kind of discomfort. She had a bit of salmon yums last night and sat on my computer chair and we chatted early this morning about the engravings she has left on my wood work upstairs by the bedroom door.

Nebbie was always a bit of a pig food wise, and she would eat whatever was leftover after the others had their twice weekly treats of canned num nums.

It will be a lot quieter now with one less chatterbox at 2 AM. This is my second cat loss in three months and now only Spencer, age 12 remains. Nebbie was the baby by several years. I just put her bed and sleepy cave off to the side until I can deal with it. My cat cemetery under the pines is getting full and my heart feels so empty. Goodbye, my little girl.


I wanted to let you know of a horrible seller on Ebay. She goes by the name POBOX161z. I have been in contact with several others she has wronged-one was weeks late and another never received her items. I contact her every other day and she refuses to answer my questions. I then contacted Ebay/Paypal and complained and they told me they would contact her. Still nothing. I just now tried to contact Ebay with another compliant and they say they are working on it and it's been a week. In the meantime, another person has left neutral feedback and I sit here out almost $50 bucks. I just emailed the seller again and informed her I would be posting to my blog, Facebook and Twitter not to buy from her. She has now made all the craft auctions private and you can't see what others are getting-but she still is listing auctions. I initially bid on some punches and lost. SHE sent me a second chance at my lower bid. I now believe she NEVER had the items. She is just listing the same auction over and over. I wonder if her name is Kelly.

I hate to do this but I am not going to let her get away with fraud. I hope she is banned.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

For those not on Facebook-I posted these photos early this morning.

Courtney and Chris were married on September 12 in Saginaw Michigan at the Art Museum . The reception was held at The Historic Temple Theatre in Downtown Saginaw.

Everyone needs to see their name in lights!

The garden where the wedding was held.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock Star Birthday

No stamping. Just fun scraps and of course, glitter. I used a glue pen to run around the edges and then added superfine glitter. The dog was all sparkly, too as he seems to be stuck to my side. That means he gets the good and the bad. Nasty soy sausage and glitter. Depends on your view point which is which.

I know a little boy who is going to be three this weekend. I hope he dances the night away! So long as one is saved for me, okay Isaac?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Economy Takes Another Bite On Papercrafters

My daughter sent me an email flyer about another scrap store closing. Scrapbook'n and More in Milford is closing after about 5 years of serving extreme western Oakland county. I personally have never been to this establishment, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Several trips to the Detroit airport brought me in a round-a-bout way (don't ask) thru Milford on my way home from drop off. Trouble was-this place wasn't open either time. I tried.

The sale starts September 10th for those who previously were customers. The "official" going out of business sale begins September 17th. I believe a professional liquidator has been hired for this sale, so don't expect great deals at first. Maybe 20% at best. But the best selections will be at the beginning of the sale.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


The kiddies go back to school and it suddenly gets warmer? Talk about cruel and inhumane. I say revolt and stay at the beach a few more days. I will get one more dog bath in to show these mutts who's boss and then let the fleas off the hook until spring.

This is a digi stamp I messed with. I do like the font but anyone could make up a phrase and box it in. Someday I hope to digitize the drawings I made in high school of sports figures. It was the only way the guys were remotely interested in me. I could draw them in their finest muscular presentations and I could keep a box score. And I could pinch bunt. I was just one of the guys.

Good day Sunshine!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

On The Beach

One of my favorite movies ever is On The Beach When this flick was initially released, I had just turned 6. I actually didn't see it until it was shown on late night TV in 1963. The themes in this movie were probably too much for a 10 year old to truly grasp, but I sat in front of a 12 inch black and white tube truly stunned. I have always credited this film and The Day The Earth Stood Still with initiating my love of movies with a "message". It's satisfying for me to know I passed that appreciation on to my daughter, who was often my movie seat companion growing up from an early age. Someday I hope she does the same to the next generation, but I do wonder if the theatre concept will be replaced. The most profound films in recent years that I have seen are in a wide screen movie theatre presentation, and often I am the only person watching.

Would it be asking too much to have a secluded, clean and warm sandy beach to sit upon and muse about this week? Every year at the Crim 10 Mile Road Race the last Saturday in August, if the temps are high, humidity is high and they red or black flag the event, we have a decent September. As if we were prized with an extra month of summer. This summer was nothing like that. It was cold in spring, so gardens went in late. It was cold and wet in most of July, and I can count on my hand the truly hot days of August. Crim morning, 51F. Last night, it was the third night in a row I have covered the tomatoes from frost. It's September friggin' first, people. I want my money back on this summer season.

Let's pretend this little girl is looking out from Mackinaw Island toward the mainland. It's Labor Day weekend and school starts on Tuesday after. She wants to stay and eat more fudge. The bike trails are sadly turning to golds and reds as fall creeps in. One more day of sunshine, one more day of daydreaming, one more day of reverie in the past, until next summer.