Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am not rah rah patriotic. I don't like fireworks. Not much into parades. I prefer America the Beautiful over the Star Spangled Banner. I vote but know it really doesn't mean much when money is buying position and privilege. I am anti war and anti hate. Just the thought of the violence going on in the world makes me cry and sick to my stomach. I fly an earth flag-because we are all sharing this small ship in the universe and we need to figure it out before its too late that killing each other is NOT the answer.

Today many will sit and ponder and reflect on the occurrences of 9-11-2001. It will always be painful and I personally will never think the same about the world around me. Let's all unite in the thinking that kindness and good will outweigh the evils and fears of the world. Unite in working for a peaceful world for our children-of every country. Of every religion. Of every color. Of one earth. Amen.


  1. I fly the earth flag too Jan.
    And share many of the same sentiments.

  2. Beautifuly written! Your card is also beautiful.

  3. Peace sister...super card!


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