Friday, September 07, 2007


Boy, do I feel dumb-I was just poking around my drafts in my blog and found I forgot to post the last card I made for RSF. Here it is....I am losing my mind!

I present for your consideration the last sample I have made for Rubber Stamping Fun. This is my favorite and was actually the first one I made in the series of 8 cards. I left this one for last because you will need a die cut of a fruit slice and maybe that isn't in your stash. You could also cut these by hand-not at all hard to do.

I did a regular folded card-A2 size-and lopped off the width of a watermelon slice on the bottom. Make your die cuts and trim off the edge of the red so the rind will show.. Using a fine point black pen, draw in your seeds randomly. You could leave it without but the extra just seems to set the stage for looking authentic this way.

Cut two different mats to agree with whatever paper you decide to use, making them a tad smaller each time for layering. Ink and distress the edges if you want. Putt the eyelets thru the top layers only-so the inside of the card is neater. Mine only go thru the top two-so the printed and green one. Tie some thin jute thru in a knot. Make a tag and use the same two colors you used for mats and stamp your word on the top one.. Add an eyelet near the top and run both ends of the jute thru and then tie your knot. Layer it together and done. A wonderful end of summer card.

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