Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'll Be Back

If you haven't noticed, I don't have much up here lately. I am taking a long break while I weave some other items in my head. I have cards almost finished, as I color them when I have some time. Photographing them is the problem. I just like the way they look outside in natural light. It's still sort of cold and damp and often windy here, so I am still in partial hibernation.

But something neat came my way. No ink is involved altho sometimes paper is. I have begun writing restaurant reviews for the local newspaper's web site.  I work on them when I can, often editing into the wee hours. Then they have to pass muster with a real editor.  That is the part I personally don't like. Reasons starting with I think, they get dumbed down, as if readers can't decipher a word over 4 letters. But it's  a byline. I pay for the food, I don't get paid for the review. I will use this experience for the better. Plus my photos look better than the food actually tastes at times. You can read some of the reviews HERE or my intact reviews here with photos. I did notice this evening that at least one of my published reviews on the paper's site is missing.  Maybe the eatery kicked up a fuss? I never trash a place but will say it like it is.

Come back here in a few weeks and maybe I will have some new inky stuff up. And who knows, the otherness might just be published on my blog. At least I am the only censor there.