Monday, September 10, 2007

Wired Spidey

This is the only Halloween card I have made so far-altho I have purchased a ton of new papers for fall. Maybe when I get my head out of my arm pit, I can make something but right now, I am just frazzled about some stuff and not in the mood I guess.

A basic black card was layered with two papers that didn't clash and a strip of plain black was cut to seam it. Before taping it down, I used a piece of orange printed twill and stapled it to the black piece then taped it to cover the seams of the two papers. I also ran a little grape distress ink around the edges.

Spidey boy was easy. Punch a scallop oval and cut 3 long pieces of black wire and tape to the back. Bend the wire to look leg like. Add some googly eyes, and then tape a long piece of wire straight up. This piece will be inserted under the black strip and spidey was backed with a pop dot for a little more depth. Less than ten minutes.

This would also be cute in other colors for gardening or kids fairy tales if you find the right paper. Just don't squish this guy-or it will rain for days.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE spiders! Yay for spiders!

    Cute card Jan, I like the contrast of bright PP with the darkness of the spider.


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