Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have A Glorious Day!

If it warms up today, I will be happy. If I get to eat brunch with no one smoking around me, I will be happy. If Michigan State makes into the Final Four, I will be happy. If all three happen on the same day, I will be gloriously happy.

Pay no attention to the wayward bling in the lower right corner. I have no idea what happened there but the actual card does not look like that. This card is easy to figure out. Punches, scraps and my well used Prisma pencils are the mainstays. I didn't even bother with the ribbon as I had just the right amount of flowers to accent.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Always Be My Baby!

So the day after Valentine's Day, I decided to make my cards. Some would say save them for next year. I never do anything in the correct season, and these just go into the bin I have going in the bedroom (the cat tipped it over one night last week-10 bazillion cards in cellophane envies all over the floor). Anyway, this card is not in my usual 10 minutes and done mode. I had to think what I wanted to do and decided to do shabby chic and use some elements I hadn't before. You will notice there is no stamping on this card. Not ever any real stamping ink. But there is ink!
The image was printed on thick vellum in a sepia almost black color. If you click the photo you will see where my fingers gripped the lower right corner and some of the ink came off. I think this gives it a more antique look anyway, so it works for me. I measured a piece of pink paper that has some texture to it and punched the sides making sure to leave enough room for the image. Once I placed the printed vellum on top of the pink, it really popped! I tried it with green and yellow but the pink worked best and gave the body a flesh tone.

I also took a Nestibility die and used the opposite side of the flower background paper, then cut the frame in half for the top and bottom. These were all layered on top of a chocolate card base, using pop dots where appropriate. I added tiny pearls at the corners but it still needed something else and while diving in my Iris cart bin looking for perhaps some old ribbon, I found those fabric flowers make of some gauzy substance (it was actually pieces of flower, so I was able to snot dot them in place to make full flowers). I finished with another pearl in the center.

Can you believe I took this photo in the downstairs bathroom using just the over head light,and a piece of black Styrofoam as the background? I won't do this a lot, but I was in a pinch to photograph some items this week and gave it a try. Someday, I may actually set up a photo box that is permanent. I think this is one of the most unusual cards I have ever made, mostly because there is no stamping. The bottom phrase is a rub on, my new go to when I am in a hurry.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Floating By

I thought it was spring but heard some flakes are heading my way. If only I were shoeless, running thru a sprinkler on a hot July day. Soon enough, I hope.

This card is made using a couple of Great Impression Stamps . I have not found a good online source for them, but you may find a local store listed on the site. Some months are great and other months not my style. Ribbon was from the dollar bin, and the crystals were cell phone decor. Corners are rounded using the Corner Chomper. There are four styles to choose from and many online vendors-and it chomps thru chipboard, acrylic, tin etc. The only local vendor for me was Hobby Lobby. Lucky for me, this is one tool I can't mess up enough to need a trip to the ER-or get bloody-or both. Yup, I am a klutz.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feel Better

The moment I saw this stamp in the store, I thought of a little girl named Evelyn-about 2 at the time. She was at my daughter's wedding last September and sat at my table and just talked and talked. Then she put her jammies on and danced with all the other kids, until she pooped out. Soon Evelyn will have a new baby brother or sister. I hope it's another red head-we need to populate the world with REAL redheads.

I could not find the directions for my sewing machine but did find a packet of faux stitching rub ons in my stash. It worked in a a pinch. Lucky me to find some to actually match the colors, too.

I used Prismacolors and Gamsol for the coloring, and a Spica glitter pen for the flower centers. Now I have to go catch my runny nose. Yes, I got infected---could it have been Arturo at the Friday night egg fest? I will bill him for the Nyquil.

ETA-for the hair on many of my images, I usually use several pencil colors. I am the mom of a natural redhead and if you look, there are so many variations of hair strand colors on their heads. Some have a copper color, some have a bronzy gold, some are very red, almost strawberry color, some are brown golden or neutral. So play with your pencils. If you click the photo, you can see some of the bleed of the colors I used.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ann Arbor Losing Scrap Store

I have to inform you I have never visited this store and only found out about its closing on Facebook. I had planned on visiting it during the Ann Arbor Art Fair last summer but the weather was bad, so I didn't go. I wish I could tell you more about the store in general but again, no visit no opinion. The economy still sucks in Michigan. We will be far behind the rest of the country with any sort of recovery.
I saw my first skeeter last night, so maybe that is a harbinger-good for warm weather and a forward into better times. Just keep the little thing away from me-I am allergic.

Princess Avery

This card is for a special little girl who is one big bright star in a sometimes depressing world. If I need a smile, I visit her blog. First click HERE to find out about her latest challenge (mom's site) then click the blog link below the card for All Avery! I will be posting this as soon as I can get my lazy butt to the PO.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stamp and Scrap Closing In Livonia

I feel like a broken record. I bring the news of another stamp/scrap store closing. There could be a whole rant here about this store but why rub salt in the wound? Here is the statement sent out today from the proprietor.

""Yes, it is true, after 13 years of business we will be closing our doors. It has been a fun and wonderful ride. You have been our extended family for so many years. I have seen the kids grow, get married, have babies, and much more. I will dearly miss that. I can only thank all of you for all of your kind words, continued support, and well wishes during this very difficult decision. So what will I do?I am going to become a Stampin' Up Representative after the shop is closed and teach out of my home. If you are interested in getting class information and being added to my email list, please email me at and I will add you to the list. I am also looking into hosting weekend retreats with classes, croppin', and projects.

I think this will be the hardest email to push the send button on. Again, thank you for all of your support and I hope to say that final goodbye to you soon.

With Love,
Barb ""

Click link for details. I will update the sidebar as needed.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Sometimes, just as with family being hard to define, so it is with a card that you can't finish until the right time with the right item. I made a trip thru the craft store, looking for just the right "thing" to set this card apart. I found it in the clearance aisle in a basket of loose jewelry items.

Most of this card is made with scraps from my Iris cart of jumble. If I had a dad or grampa, I guess this card would fit an occasion. I just have a sofa slug. And he is hogging the heating pad.