Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stamping Top 50

I don't get this site at all. I thought it was supposed to keep track of unique visitors. In the past week I have had over 800 hits-which I know some get in one day. But the more hits I got, the farther down the list I go. I was at 183 and now it says 201.

I have it set up that it does not count my visits-because it would really screw things up. I make so many mistakes I have to correct and every new page load would screw up the count. So I don't count me.

Have you noticed a few non stamp sites are being listed too? Oh well, when I redo my blog (I am gonna upgrade my template so I can edit better) a lot of the odd junk is going anyways. That blinking banner was cool until I couldn't remove the advertising. I want to try and make one of my own someday.

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  1. I am frustrated b/c mine numbers have gone up so much I may just get rid of it, its depressing. lol! :-)


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