Saturday, September 08, 2007

Penny Black Blossom

Earlier today I got a feed from one of my favorite blogs and her post today reminded me of a sticker card I did a few months ago. I took a Penny Black Altered Sticker class at Stacey's . It was fun and I purchased other stickers that day to do more later.

But something bothered me about all the cards. They were all on white or cream colored backgrounds and that just isn't me. So I took them all apart. Unfortunately, I did not take a before photo of any of them.

The "before" of this card was on white and the only thing I kept was the sticker and the odd linen piece. I peeled off the sticker and stuck it to blue, then white then that greenish brown which to me brought out the colors in the background of the sticker. Then I used the linen piece, and gave that some depth with a leftover piece of the whitish card I cut off. I also inked and distressed the edge of it. The sticker layer is also pop dotted.

I then added the three brads top and bottom (and no matter how I try, I cannot line them up straight) and then layered that to the medium blue textured card-which again brought out many of the colors of the sticker. The winter blossom is "colored" with a clear glitter pen.

I just felt this card needed more than what we did in class and I hope Stacey isn't insulted by my re-imagining all her ideas. I do that with everything, so its just me being quirky. I also left off a phrase stamp for later, so its always available for the write occasion. And that little bow was an afterthought. But I had a small piece of ribbon making eyeballs at me, and it worked.

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