Friday, August 31, 2007

Just 4 U

I love gnomes. Whenever I see statuary for sale, I try to buy one or two a year. I like this style better than the sullen earthy gnomes because they just don't seem happy. But I rarely see a happy girl gnome and I can't understand why. Some of my little guys are so old that I have cemented pieces back on when hubby runs over them with the mower (the mower is dead, so run amok Gnome Boys!) They will probably outlive him anyways-'cause this mower drama is driving me insane and that is a good excuse in court.

Another in the cache of cards I have made using Rubber Stamping Fun stamp images. I have no idea what the company thinks of my cards because I have had no communication from them since they sent me the stamp set in early July. A bit odd but I know others who have ordered from them in the ensuing time period, so they are alive. And so is my gnome.

This card was so quick and easy. A plain black textured card was layered with the pink strip half way up (this card folds from the top) . Then using the Trio tape runner, I applied the ric rac across the met edges. I used some pink conches (clearance aisle as they have been discontinued)-from Scrap Works -and placed them evenly across the top of the card. I used a foam piece of stuff-yeah stuff-that came with brads from Karen Foster to help apply these underneath the card stock. Just gently press down where you want to put them-then use a nail file to fold over the pokie thingies-okay prong thingies. I then applied a Jolee flower inside each conch.

Stamp the phrase on plain white, layer to a pink piece and then to a black textured piece and just like that-ta do-done and ready to send. Just 4 u-a super easy card.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Want a Chance to Win a Mini Printer from HP?

Check out this site and leave a comment. If you link from your site or blog, you will be entered into the contest.

I could really use this as I am waiting on Jpegs from my son's wedding. I have a first generation HP printer and this is so much nicer

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy B'Day

A day late but as promised, this is another card using Rubber Stamping Fun stamps. I used a similar card stock to the one here -just more masculine colors. Again, I started with a plain white folded card and layered the paper to have one third plain and the rest striped.

I used a piece of the plain area for one layer under the phrase and a piece of the opposite side which is a darker blue for another. I also cut a few strips for horizontal mini layers from the same blue. This card just pop dots together in a snap and then I punched some stars from scrap Bazzill paper that matches closely and done. This card is easily color switched for girls, or using a different phrase makes it another occasion all together.

Make sure you check out the Rubber Stamping Fun website above or thru the link on the sidebar. And if you were chosen to make cards for them too, let me know and I can link to you. I don't get paid for this-but I did sleep at a Super 8 once.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bugz and Kissez

A local stamp store-Jane's -has a stamping contest every other month. The last two times I entered but I have no idea how I did because the final voting was not posted or announced, only the winner. First prize was 100.00 of product and only 20 participating kits were sold. Here and here were the first two times I entered. On both those contests, I made up several using scraps to try and get the look I wanted before finishing the actual submission and in both cases, I liked the ones I made that I could not submit better. So I tried a different strategy this time.

I only made one card. This way I had to be extra careful not to screw up as I was only working with the items in the baggie and had no room to spare. The bull frog stamp is from All Night Media . We were given the reddish brown card stock to be the background and that was the only paper restriction from the kit-every one's card will be a base brown.

There were also multiple papers included in the kit- a dark green stripe, a light green stripe, a plain dark green, a medium blue textured piece and a spotted piece-along with a quarter sheet of white to stamp out images on (which left enough to practice stamping and painting). Included were two leaves punched from Bazzill Bling, a sun punched from the same, 3 large shiny gold square brads, 2 odd buttons and some jute in two different colors. We could use as much as we wanted but could not add anything except ink, coloring of the image and Stickles if we wanted. We could choose to add a one stamp phrase if it was wanted. I chose a phrase but put it inside-it was Bugz and Kissez spelled with funky individual letters I placed on an acrylic block and stamped on blue and framed with green stripes.

I punched the original aperture for my froggie to pop thru from the blue piece. I then took the punch and used it to make a slightly larger hole in the base card by making the edge bigger on both corners-I could not find a slightly larger rectangle punch and this worked fine as I was careful. Just turn the punch over and align on the sides and edges evenly for the extra width. I did the same with the dark green piece (after I had finished the technique I had planned) so it looks layered and framed around the frog.

My idea was to make a swamp. I took the two leaves and used them as a template/mask. The first time I used dye inks in various colors of green and sponged them on the green but they soaked in and I didn't get the effect I wanted, so scrounging in my ink bucket, I came across some Cat's Eye pigments in greens and browns-one of them being a chalk ink. I again took the leaves and held them as I sponged the inks around the shapes using three colors. Then I poured clear detail embossing powder over the entire sheet and heat embossed it. If you zoom in on the card, you will see the variations in the colors. By now those leaves were also covered in inks (and soaking wet) so I set them aside to dry, not sure what I would do with them yet. I then applied all my layers using Trio tape runner.

Stamping two images of the frog and coloring with Prismacolor and Gamsol, I cut one out and then cut only the hands of the other image. Froggie was placed behind the aperture but glued to the inside front as I wanted him to look like he was leaping out at you. I then used tiny pop dots cut in half to place the extra layer of fingers over the lip on the outside front. Here is a close up for a better idea.

I did not like the brads as they were too large and shiny and the buttons in the kit did nothing for me. I did love the sun (even if hubby insists there is no sun in the swamps) and knew right away I had to use it-just on the non-shimmer side. And the texture of the jute twine was a jungle winner! I wound it around the front and taped it on the back of the embossed card stock. That is where the leaves came into play. I tried laying them here and there until they looked right-and pop dotted them down. I used the non-shiny side of the bling and actually added a little more color at the end for more variegated leaves.

The finishing touches were the piece of paper inside to look like watery fun and a touch of Souffle black pen on the irises for his eyes to pop! I spent a lot of time on this card-but found that making only one was better than playing. I did make a sketch and stayed with it 100%. It just played out right in my head I guess. I had only tiny scraps left over plus the brads and buttons. And I did not use the light green striped paper. Into my stash it went.

The contest is limited to 15 possible contestants instead of 20 and the prize is no longer 100.00 in fun stuff-we now get to take a free class. But with Laurie as a teacher, well worth it! The voting ends September 30 and it can only be voted in person, so wish me luck! Or stop in the store for some fun shopping too.

Think'n of You

I wasn't sure which way to go with this stamp from Rubber Stamping Fun . It spells like I do sometimes and I thought of rhyming it with Lincoln for some reason. I recently ordered a huge shipment from Memories Forever of Prima flowers and the box was just staring at me to either put it away or use it. I didn't want to go upstairs again ( which meant more work to look at I won't get done anytime soon), so I decided to use some of them.

The main card is white and I layered a portion of striped paper that had a plain end. So far I have the rule of thirds down. When I stamped the phrase on plain white, I thought of using another piece of the plain end of the layered paper and leaving an exposed end on the left about an inch or two and putting several Prima's there both large and small and actually did that. But it didn't look that great, so I still layered the phrase in that same color but also cut off the end that stuck out. I saved the end for later.

The back of the striped paper was a lighter pink (this may have been SEI) and I layered the white and darker pink with lighter pink and then roughened the edges with my handy dandy Heidi Swapp 99 cent distresser . I also tried to roll the edges a bit but this card stock isn't great for that. So the Prima flowers-using a canister of pinks and one of yellows, I selected and played with layers and was going to use small brads for the centers, until I discovered these shimmery center jewels from K and Company on sale for 87 cents. I used those on the smaller flowers and medium eyelets set with a Cropidile on the two larger flowers and attached with mini pop dots.

Simple and sweet and used up more scraps. I will have another card tomorrow using the blue style of this card stock-and now I wish I had more of it as I really liked using it . Rule #27--If you really like card stock or a patterned paper, buy two or more sheets, not just one. You will never see it again in the stores. And you will want more when its gone.

Make sure you visit Rubber Stamping Fun and the previous card for other ideas and be back soon for more fast and easy cards using RSF stamps.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Just 4 U

I was selected by Rubber Stamping Fun to receive a set of stamps and asked to create some cards with them. I was flabbergasted to begin with as I don't think my creations are worthy compared with most of the others I see and I can't even win a local stamping contest, so I was certainly surprised I was one of the chosen. I was allowed to select my set from about a dozen sets, which are rubber and wood mounted with foam cushioning.

I had a severe case of brain lock with this set of stamps. I think it's because I usually put the phrases INSIDE my cards-but if I did that with these stamps, how could I promote them? I wanted to do something off the wall compared to others choosing their image sets, but thought maybe I had made a mistake as I tried to come up with ideas. I tried a few typical things, such as using image stamps from various companies (which we had no restrictions on) but I felt that the stamps from Rubber Stamping Fun needed to be the main focus, so I started over and used a minimalist effect for the most part.

The phrases are very contemporary and by using papers, card stocks, punch outs, ribbons and the typical add ons we all have and going for a quick and non-fussy look, I came up with this card for my first try. I used a salad plate to form my half circle and just cut the circle in half and will use the other half later. A few layers under the stamped phrase and some ink distressing made the card go fast and I rummaged thru my stash for some twill ribbon bits and a button. This card would do well for young or old and either sex.

In the coming days, I will post another 7-8 cards made with this set of stamps (which had no name yet) and I will also have a photos of the stamp set front and back for you to check out. Please visit the stamp site either thru the above link or the link in my sidebar and see if they have anything to interest you. The sets that are being tested are NOT on the site yet, so be patient. There are also some gallery cards up for you to peruse.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blowing in the Wind

This might have been funny had there not been such a wind event yesterday. The photos are coming out today of the damage in Fenton and its much worse than thought-video is at the
highlighted link. 90% are without power and it's been declared a state of emergency, hence no one in or out without a resident ID. They are still waiting on disaster declarations for FEMA funds. I have not heard from my friend Mike who has a house there and his street is the north edge of the storm damage. It would take quite a bit for him not to show up for the Crim this morning and he was not listed among the finishers. We know he is physically okay as no deaths or major injuries were reported but he does not answer his cell or voice mails. His wife has health problems and was probably home alone when the storms hit. I know how I felt just knowing the storm was coming-cant imagine what went thru a head with the storm on top of you.

ETA-heard from Mike in Fenton-he is fine as is his house and family! Nice news to wake up to with the sun finally!

This was a card from stamp camp. I stamped my image on glossy paper using Stazon ink and colored it with Sakura pens. This was layered on dark blue card stock . Stamping a row of snowmen across the bottom of a patterned shimmery block of paper,the images were also colored in using the above pens. The glossy snowman was layered on this sheet and onto a plain white folded card. The finishing touch was two mitten buttons that were applied over the stamped bottom images of the snowman after removing the back shanks.

After another downpour today, we are expected to dry out and then I will have some current ideas. I also need to make a trip to a scrap store in Saginaw for fall papers-my daughter got some really cool Heidi Grace fall shimmer paper today at Archiver's grand opening and I NEED some now! Oranges and browns with shimmery stripes and fuzzy stuff. I know I said I was sick of her stuff-but I hadn't seen this particular line before. And she had some monster paper that I thought was Cloud 9 but cant find online yet.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Get Well Fenton

It was a strange day today. I was just getting ready to go outside about 4 PM to take some photos of my cards and my garden, when my phone went off. No one calls me that early. It was my daughter who was an hour away asking me if I was home and could I check the weather for her. She was on her way towards me to pick up my niece for a weekend of girly fun and she thought she heard tornado sirens. Sure enough! The radar was all red and looking like hell wind-and that meant it was barreling toward me too.

sideways rain
Soon it was so dark-and ominously still-that I could not see my hand in front of my face. I got out my flashlights and weather radio (which kept giving me another county update)-and saw the warnings coming across the Internet and TV (and that got hit by lightening and lost video feed)-but no local sirens in Flushing-they actually never went off but I could hear the next city's over blaring away. Hubby called and I said to stay away until I knew what was gonna happen storm-wise. He ended up going back to work in Warren which is an hour plus away on a good day. The interstate was at a standstill filled with churly water backups.

Unfortunately, Fenton a beautiful little burg south of me, was hit pretty hard. Two confirmed tornadoes tore thru the historical district. Hundred year old trees are gone. Beautiful Victorian homes no longer have roofs. But other than a few scraps and bruises, no one died! It was rush hour when this hit and the season's first football game was getting under way. But we all live to have more freaky weather again. It has been a horrific week in the Midwest-flooding and tornadoes daily. I will never understand why people die when they have warnings from floods-but tornadoes are usually on the ground before the sirens go off. The stalled out front is finally moving on to the east and soon will be over the ocean, waiting until another day to terrorize again. But we are okay-nerves a little frayed, doggie poop on my feet (Marley needs Valium more than me) and dinner late but tasty.

This card was made from a punch out sheet band aid I bought about 3 years ago. All the other items are from my scrap bin and easily layered. The corner brads were added for a little more dimension.

Fentonians will survive this storm and be back to business soon-and if you are ever in the area, make sure you hit up the French Laundry for lunch or brunch. There are also 2 scrapbooking shops and a lot of antiquing venues for added fun. A beautiful tree-lined city hidden in the armpit of Michigan. Well worth the drive.

This weekend in the Flint area is a big deal-it's the Crim Festival of Races topped off by the Special Olympics run thru downtown. Power is out, streets are flooded, but we will all still show up to run-or float-our buns off. Wish me luck-a 10 miler is coming up in a few hours. Hydrating is good but not thru my shoes!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Merriest To You

It was the high 80's today and humid-the way I like it. But a visit to Micheal's brought me back to earth. All the Christmas crafts are on the shelves. I got a bunch of 1.00 rub ons. I had raided the Halloween area last week. So I thought with everyone looking towards Christmas, I had to post a wintry card again. And enjoy the heat while I can.

Both the image and the phrase of this card are Penny Black. I absolutely love her designs and would buy them all if I could afford to. I just was on EBay looking at the Halloween ones from years ago that are going for top dollar. Maybe I can get one this time.

I started this card with a red base card stock that has sparkles in it. I used a similar card stock back here. I got a lot of the card stock when an online store went out of business a few years ago. It works with just about any image or idea-just enough shimmer to catch the light and show it off. I then used another card stock for some of the layers in the Malachite color which also has some shimmer. This card stock is a bit thicker too. It punches so nice for the corners. As you can see, I used two different colors to layer and also punched the darker color with leaves. I punched the red dots for the holly in the same color as the base card. The white I stamped my images on also has this sparkle to it too.

I colored the images using Prismacolor pencils with Gamsol. After I did all the layering and positioning, I added some Stickles to the gifts and the center of the holly for some extra shimmer. Because in the dead of winter, we can use all the shimmers and sparkles we can come up with.

Oops! I Done Did It Wrong.

Last week I set up a Gmail account solely for my blog. A lot of people would try to contact me and leave comments which is fine. But it's obviously easier to have a dedicated email for this blog and I didn't want to leave it open to spamming.

But I forgot to forward that mail to my regular POP account. I wondered why I didn't get any messages about the Labels for Education I had listed. Well I did get a bunch! I just forgot to look in my other inbox. I have already sent them out because I thought I only got one request. I will save the names etc. of those who requested the labels and hopefully, I will have more soon. I don't use Campbell's products (too salty) , so it's mostly paper items I get them on and granola bars.

I wanted to let you know I wasn't ignoring you. I was just being a total flake!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

14 Peeves and a Ramble

  • Any cat or dog allowed to run loose, breeding wantonly. And then the owners get mad because I can't take in their "carelessness" and they dump the animals to fend for themselves. It's not the animals fault, people!

  • Raising taxes on a yearly basis when it's clear the property values have gone down. I and most others cannot sell our property for what the taxing authorities say it is worth. Not even close. But you are allowed that 5% because of Prop A and absentee owners.

  • People who automatically say "Oh I would never do that because I am a god-fearing Christian" but will molest, steal and stab if you aren't looking and then deny or say it can't be them as it's not in their demeanor (I can show you a state prison full of these liars)

  • Portion sizes in casual restaurants-I am not an army. If I can only eat 1/4th of what you put on my plate and ask for a doggie bag as soon as the food is presented to me, isn't that a clue? Offer half portions or let me eat off the kiddie menu.

  • People who take more than one newspaper from the box but only pay for one (or just as bad, reach over my shoulder as I put my coin in and take one, sometimes the last one-and laugh about it)-access doesn't mean a free-for-all to the contents.

  • Seeing the same 5 sets of stamps and same paper company used on every one's blog for art. If that is all anyone is using, what is that saying about what the companies are selling? Either there is a shortage of quality or too much to begin with and it's time to cut back in the catalogs or online stores. It's all looking the same to me. Because it is!

  • Police chases from Florida or California every day on CNN, MS-NBC, Headline News or Fox (I am just assuming on Fox, but probably true). What makes the news programmers think because someone has a helicopter and can follow these morons in a car, that the entire nation needs to see the cops slow speed follow up the freeway, and then wrestle some idiot out of the car everyday? Are we all waiting for a self destruct, gun-to-the-head-end exploding in Technicolor on our plasma TVs for a thrill? Is this the result of colossal ratings from OJ years ago? Or are we all hoping for the worst possible end just to say we saw it? Sadly, several people died recently trying to bring us this crap. It's NOT news!! It is happening everyday. So make a channel called real time police chases and make it a pay channel.

  • EBay sellers who charge for Priority mail and some extra, then send it parcel post or first class and pocket a lot-and that free box from the PO turned inside out didn't cost a dime (they say it's for packaging) or having wrapped it in a priority bag but it's inside and no one knows until its opened. And charging for delivery confirmation but using online postage and DC is free if it's printed there.

  • The pop bottle return machines at Kroger-the machines are always full or broken after I put in a few but have taken all the bottles out of the bag I brought them it. Meijer's machines reject my bottles as if they are foreign. VG's are wonderful, so go there!

  • Weight machine hogs at the gym-your name is not imprinted on it and signs are posted. You are not entitled to a half hour on the bicep machine. And wall vibrating grunting doesn't mean you are actually doing anything positive. You are just calling attention to your pot bellied self. Get off and give us a turn.

  • The History Channel-there is more to the past than wars. I personally see enough war in real time TV-I don't need to watch hubby snore in front of this anymore. How about the history of education in the US, or the history of brain surgery or the history of organic gardening. Or change your name to the War Channel.

  • Grab bags-that are all little kid scrapping things. I wish the assemblers would write on the box or bags something to identify age or sex. I got a grab box today as I have from this same woman every year and its all baby/little kid stuff. I have neither and cannot use anything in the box except a pen. I will have to give most of it away and am out 50.00. Not on my list anymore for her boxes, which in the past have been glorious. But her attitude has changed a lot too-my inquiry was answered back with surliness.

  • Lottery tickets-if I spend a dollar (and I only do when it's over 100 million), I want at a least one number-that doesn't get me anything but nice to at least have something match. Time after time after time, I have nothing. Is it a conspiracy to me or is it like that for everybody?

  • Socks-I always buy white socks but not the same brand or style. But hubby thinks they are. So either I have one sock tall and one sock short matched up or he gives up and throws them in the bin for me to do later. Or the best one, he matches up socks that have an obvious defect like a huge hole in the toe. The sock fairy is not gonna fix that, I guarantee.

  • Being brain dead for ideas. I have a project due the 30th and cannot do anything with it. I have tried over and over, getting out the paper, ink, stamps etc. I can't come up with one viable idea for it. I am limited to one color card stock and several other patterned pieces, but they are not matching in my head.

  • Okay. I have an extra one I just figured out. Blogger's spell check sucks! It does not recognize contractions as needing to be fixed. Outlook and Word fix them fine but not Blogger. So if you see some weird words like wont-its because Blogger did not recognize them as misspelled. And I didn't see them in time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Coast Guard

Anyone reading this a member of the Coast Guard or have a family member who is? Let me know with a comment and I will get back to you. I have a question.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Midnight Snow

I fell asleep on the sofa yesterday when hubby had some football on. It has been gloomy and rainy and just ugly the last 4 days. I usually have Sci Fi dreams but this time I had a real nightmare. I dreamt it snowed in August. I woke up and went to look at the deck to see how much there was as in my dream, it was about 3-4 inches. I was shaking and really upset. It has only been low 60's here in Michigan and I am freezing.

This card was made a while back and was in my queue for the appropriate time. Basically, it's a dark blue card with the bottom edge cut a bit off on the front and a torn piece of white added to look like snow. Then the image which I think is a Northwoods stamp is inked and embossed in snow white powder. I like snow on Christmas eve only and this reminded me of that-looking out at my very tall pine trees sparkling and heavily laden with snow.

Then Santa comes, the reindeer eat their snacks and leave and take the snow with them. Ta da-winter is over and.....oh yeah, that was a dream too. Dang.

Share Your Quirkiness

I found this a while back and thought I might come up with some stuff-but honestly I am all quirks.

Eating toast-I tear it from the inside out in bits and then eat crusts.

I only drink bottled water-Volvic from Whole Foods.

I hate the phone-will meet up with someone or email them.

I am totally anal about balancing my checkbook and have been known to be hysterical if I am one cent off.

I always take my scrap/stamp supplies out of their plastic/cardboard stuff and recycle what I can't use. I find the supplies take up a whole less room that way. I even take apart the paper from the label to recycle it too.

Speaking of recycling, don't invite me to your house if you have garbage laying out-I will go thru it and take out the items I know can be re-used or recycled. I have no shame!

I only wear white undies-all cotton at that. Same with socks.

I save the warranties/instructions for every item I buy until it dies, is given away or blows up. I keep them in a large accordion file in the hall closet. I have some for over 25 years now.

I save all my movie, concert, arena sports and other entertainment tickets. I have hundreds if not thousands of them now. I started saving them at 12. I have no idea why-I just can't toss them.

I only wear running shoes. I recently had to buy some dress shoes for my son's wedding. I wore them that day and they are back in the box probably for forever.

I sleep with a heating pad and a hot water bottle even if it's 90F. And a handmade quilt and flannel jammies finishes up the sleeping photo.

I hate electric toothbrushes-it's because my mouth is so ticklish.

When I grocery shop and use a coupon, I tally up the amounts of the coupons and put that amount in a jar-once a year I take it to the bank along with any rebates I have amassed and buy a certificate of deposit. I have used this found cash for 5 computers, a digital SLR , season tickets to the Pistons and other high end items. The stuff I could live without but want.

I have to have something to read with me at all times-my daughter is the same way. It drove her old boy friend nutty when we were with them. I would even in desperation pick up local free non-English newspapers just to have something/anything to look at. This dates back to reading the cereal boxes as a kid I think.

If dining at an Asian restaurant, I have to use chopsticks. I don't understand why anyone would want to use Western implements while eating Sushi. I think it makes you eat slower and savor the flavors more anyway.But some places don't even offer them to you and are surprised if you ask for them.

I can't light the gas grill. I am terrified it will blow up on me.

I always give up eBay for lent.

I save the fronts of all my t shirts for quilt squares-most of them are running shirts but a few historical ones like Hands Across America, Comic Relief and the World Championship ones of the Pistons, Tigers, Shock and Red Wings are also included.

I leave love notes for the garbage collectors. Just in case they think about not taking something.

If I am out for a late night run and see dogs or cats-I stop and talk to them. Just because I can.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

You Had Me at Hello?

That is one of the most cheesy lines in a movie I ever heard. It makes me gag when someone says it. Might have something to do with Tom Cruise but the only way I will know is if Johnny Depp says it too-and if it still makes me gag, well I won't turn Johnny down! I will give him the chance to say another corny line and see what happens.

This card is the remnant of several mistakes. The top of the base card had words across the bottom edge that smeared, so I cut them off the white base card and then layered another color over the top and didn't like that. So that is when I decided to use the scissor treatment. I put the orange on the inside of the white card and then trimmed the bottom of the top. I snipped the same design on a piece of blue and redid the bottom of the white too, to make a matching front.

Adding a strip of pattered paper across the front helped but I was originally going to use some Prima flowers on this. I had a die cut slide holder and it matched up pretty well, so I stamped a word on some vellum and popped it on the back of the slide.

It is an awkward card because you can't stand it up and have to lean it against something but I can't throw perfectly good pieces of paper or card stock away. I wouldn't go out of my way to make this design again but ya never know. I just need another cheesy phrase to come up with another idea at midnight, I guess.

Vicki Enkoff of Creative Chaos

Vicki died on Friday. Please go to her website and read the posting from her daughter Melanie Sage here.

Some of the very first UM stamps I ever purchased were from Vicki on EBay. She passed on her love of stamping and art to so many and will be very much missed.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Birthday Girl

I can always tell when I am fretting about something. I bake. I have made choco chips cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, choco choco cookies (I live with the Cookie Monster or Teddy as Josh calls him), banana hazelnut bread and banana mint bread so far tonight. I am also slow cooking an eggplant macaroni soup (this is my soothing reward) made with textured soy protein in place of the greasy hamburger the recipe called for. I didn't have fresh nutmeg and substituted Garam Marsala and garlic-very aromatic. Hopefully, the soup will not be too spicy for hubby. He actually orders no spice when we go somewhere. And I am the one with ulcers! Spice me up-the Prevacid costs enough as it is-might as well get my money's worth!

My granddaughter turned 18 this week and she also just graduated. She says she wants to get married. I got married at 18 and if I had to do it over, I would wait. A long time wait. She was born when her mom was 17 just as I was so young. I want her to stay as young as she can for a while because there is already too much responsibilities in life today-more so than I had back in the early 70's in high school. Once I got married, I had a mortgage, two car payments, college, a job, a husband for god's sake at 18! All this in the first year of my marriage and adult life. How insane is that? Can I legally drug her and wake her up in 10 years?

For all you card makers, this card used Great Impression Stamps Feb 2007. I colored with Prismacolors and Gamsol. Inked distressing by Tim Holtz using Marmalade. Lots of scraps and layers and a piece of ribbon then add a few brads. Simple card really-just play for the look. Use up those scraps.

Chelsea, happy birthday. I miss you. What can I bake now----I need to trash the kitchen some more.

Tagged-as a Thinking Blogger.

What was Allison thinking? Me a thinker? I am a dreamer, a brooder, a reactor. But I am not sure about a thinker. I hope I am not too deep a thinker because my head might implode. I do think out loud a lot. I spend most of my time alone (and actually prefer it that way) so I talk to myself, the clouds, flowers, the fly on the wall-and sometimes I am luck enough to get an answer from them. And now I am rambling too. Hey, its 3 AM and thundering. The dog is freaking too (he does that instead of thinking).

Go to this blog for an explanation of this award.

The participation rules are simple: If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think, link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

Now I have to come up with 5 others to award this to. My first is easy.

Johanna at Jo and I "met" on the Internet in 2003 after getting scammed by Kelly on EBay. There were originally over 80 of us who lost cash but Jo and I are the only ones who really stayed in touch. She needs to start an art blog soon. Wait till you see her creations.

Malieta at This pretty lady lives just north of me here in Michigan and maybe one day I will actually see her in person as we have both shopped at the Peddler on occasion. Plus she lets me bad mouth GM management-I am a shop rat's daughter for sure (just don't let hubby who is management read this)

Mary-Beth at who did what I want to do-start a silliness blog. I send the links to everyone but never post my own. Plus I like hyphenated names! And she likes the Barenaked Ladies (my daughter says they have drunken concerts and won't go with me to one)

Maria at Whenever her emailed updates pop into my inbox-I get goosebumps! She must raid the recessed places in her head for her art-and I aspire to be as creative as she is. She does more with color than anyone I have seen and that takes thinking on the other lobe.

Dana at This crazy leftie/veggie is a "new" mom with much courage. I sometimes can't tolerate my kids (nor they me) but to take in complete strangers and make them your own is incredible. It just proves you are not a mom just because you give birth-you have to earn the title.

Each of you can now post the above icon on your blog and thank you, Allison for nominating me. It just took me a long time to get caught up as my brain has been so tired from all this extra work it's doing lately thinking about thinking.

Oh and Allison, hockey season might be closing in again but baseball, WNBA, Tiger Woods, NBA and pretty much anything not involving a piece of metal and 4 wheels or a bunch of sweaty freaks in boxing arenas keeps me jumping for the summer. My TV is permanently set to ESPN (except for the hurricane updates with Jim Cantore). Yummy.

Labels for Education

ETA-the labels are spoken for and on their way to Florida. Thanks.

Anyone visiting here have a school participating in this program? I have an envelope full and can mail them to you. I have asked all over and never get an answer back locally and my home schooled relatives in Iowa graduated and no longer want them. First one to email me with an address to send to gets the labels.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Going Postal!

For anyone who knows me and my trials and tribulations with the PO, I want to say this card was made way long before I started having problems. I use the services of the PO so rarely because of past craziness and still have enough stamps left over that I will probably die before using them up. I have not heard whether my last blog goodie winner ever got her package. I contacted her several times and she said no. Is it truly lost or did the clerk decide to eat if for lunch after he pissed me off so bad? I almost didn't want to offer fun stuff for a while. But I will never send parcel post ever again. If its large enough, it will go Fed Ex.
This is a larger card-not the standard A2 I like so much. I made this at a Friday Make and Take with Joann and Pat a long time ago before the store moved. If I remember right, we used some spray color wash on a white layer and then stamped in a dye orange ink the Hero Arts stamp. I don't remember the brand of ink but it may have been the very intense Vivid. Are these still being made today? I have about 5 or 6 larger pads but never see them anymore in the stores.

Then taking black ink, I stamped a few postal/passport type stamps. Interesting to note-those are not real canceled stamps. We used a sheet of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper with reproductions of stamps and cut out some that fit the stamped images. Then with the postal decorative edge scissors, cut them to size. Glued them in place and added a cancellation mark on the corner stamp and near the bottom. I know they still make this paper as I have seen it at Joann's and Micheal's-I am thinking it's Pizazz paper.

Layer this piece on a black layer to the base cream card.

I have to go to the PO tomorrow to mail out my latest goodies to the two winners. I will have another contest in a few weeks, so sign up for the email or reader updates so you will be aware of it. Allison could break her fingers and not be able to list all the goodies out there. What would we all do then??

A Poser at 2 AM..

I am cleaning out my inbox and finally getting thru the digests and other bigger files of the week. I have noticed several bloggers complaining about not having any comments on their recent posts. They think their work is slipping or that no one cares or that everyone has gone to the moon.

I sometimes wonder what makes others comment on a card or creation. There is no way I could comment on every emailed blog I get otherwise I would be a pack of bones dead at the keyboard. I try to comment on every 5 or so (I get the feeds of over 350 as of tonight) and if something completely blows me away. Personally, the items I have posted here that are my favorites absolutely no one made a comment about and the ones that I was usually unhappy with, get the most comments.

So other than blog candy or crumbs or all the other giveaways-what makes YOU leave a comment on any blog? Should anyone need a comment or expect one and if so, are we blogging for the wrong reasons? I love writing my blog and am glad when others stop by but if I always expect a nice comment, then maybe I am doing this wrong-I can always take it private as some of my other blogs are and not have a problem at all. I am doing this for a diary effect-to show me where I am and how I feel and what propels me to create what I have.

I get an odd sense when I read that art bloggers are expecting comments when I believe we are making art to please our souls and bring something from our depths that blossoms for us. If no one ever leaves comments again, I am okay with that. I just hope you enjoyed your time here and that you feel good about surfing the artiness of the Internet.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Language of The Heart

I love to camp. Stamp camp that is. The card enclosed is from spring stamp camp. I might like to regular camp if I had a tent to myself and the skeeters stayed away. I do like the outdoors and love solitary time, too. But the closest I am gonna get to any camping for now is at Stacey's or Jane's. Actually, It's probably cheaper too.

I think the stamp I used on this card has been discontinued. It's from My Sentiments Exactly. I see they are going to acrylics, which is okay. But there is something special about rubber on a wooden block. I know I like highly detailed images on rubber only tho. This particular stamp did not have the "O" in love so you can fill it in with anything from a button, flower, photo etc. I did find another one locally from MSE that is on the same track but it isn't at their website so may be older. For anyone searching the item numbers are MSE SS107. That one only has the word LOVE on a square block with the "O" also missing.

This card is pretty easy to do. Use a plain white folded card. Stamp with silver embossing ink and silver DETAIL powder the phrase on a pink sheet cut to size. Make sure when stamping you leave enough room on one side for the ribbon and enough on the other end to tear it a bit.

Punch out a heart from glitter paper-there are at least a 5 or 6 companies making this in both 8 x 11 and 12 x 12 sizes and some are sticker paper for convenience too. About 2.99 for the larger size and you will get a lot of punch outs too. Place the heart in the space left blank for the "O".

On the left side, run a piece of silvery ribbon up the side and tape on the back. Then add two heart brads for a little extra eye candy. Make sure you tear the right side about a 1/4 inch off and then layer to your base card. Pretty simple. I know there are other companies that make similar stamps or you could find a word stamp you like and mask off the area for the heart.

Hubby is coming home from work early tonite-is he sick? It's still daylight! Maybe I will get to go to a movie and be home by 10PM.

Diana's Dress

I am not a girly girl but always loved the way Princess Diana dressed. Just once to play Barbie doll with all her clothes would have been fun. What a wonderful thing she did auctioning off her dresses shortly before she died and the receipts going to her favorite charities.

One of the dresses is now being auctioned anew by the current owner Women's Entertainment (WE TV) and the proceeds will again aid a charity that loves kids. Diana's dress auction will be fun to WATCH because most of us don't really have this kind of cash. This was not my favorite dress of hers-I am not a pastel person-but it sure looked wow on Diana

When the original auction was held in 1997, I wanted the dress below so bad! I even threatened to cash in my retirement fund to get it. And it was the cheapest one that actually was auctioned off that day. 12,500.00. I still have my auction book from Christie's and the books themselves are going for hundreds of dollars on auction today. I won't part with it ever-it will be passed to my daughter and maybe someday to hers.

I would still like to play Barbie with this dress once. I would even wear the odd set of gloves!

Snowflake Juggling

Interesting as I am finding all these snowy cards and I hate winter! It wasn't 90F today and I had long pants on. Anyone out there want to trade places with me? I will trade some stamps for permanent heat but then you get the sofa slug with it-so choose wisely.

Here we have another beauty from winter Stamp Camp at Stacey's. I honestly wasn't sure I like this at first but the more it shimmers in the sun the nicer it gets. Starting with a winter blue card folded on top to make a sandwich card, I stamped a snowflake image over and over in VersaMark ink. This will give you just a hint of color on the background card as anything else would have been overwhelming.

Take a matching blue ink (Stazon Azure works nicely) and stamp a snowman on white shimmer paper that is punched using a large square punch from Marvy. Set aside.Use pieces of light and medium blue card stocks, preferably with a little texture and cut oblong pieces to fit the front of the card. This will depend on how big a snowman stamp you use too-so size them up accordingly.

Tear the bottom of each and the lighter one is a bigger tear than the bottom. Tack after layering with a glue runner at the top only! Then dip the ends in a heatable glue tack or other similar product such as Palette
and when tacky dip in the finest glitter you can get. This is what makes it look like new fallen snow to me.

Add the snowman piece and then tack the layers to the card when dry at the top only. Run a pretty crystal ribbon under the snowman and tie in a bow to lie flat and then tack the bottom to the card too. I always have a hard time tying bows so found if I anchor part of what I am working on to another piece, I get it to lie better. The final touch is to add some Stickles around snowman and let dry.

I imagine a Christmas tree or a sleigh or even a small stamped scene would render this card quite well to winter. I know that Thomas Kincaid has some images available from here that would be wonderful for glittery cards.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is That All There Is???

I went to the Grand Opening of Archiver's in Sterling Heights today. So not impressed!! I was so hyped about this store after hearing about it for months and had bugged my son when he was in Minneapolis last year to walk up and down the aisles to take phone photos or tell me what was there and to actually see the store-a lame one at that-was highly annoying. I would not go out of my way again to go back here-and it was really out of my way as it's about an hour and a half drive for me in horrible traffic. This was not their first day either. Luckily, there is a wonderful scrap/stamp store about 8 miles north that I did get some goodies at and will always go back to.

First of all, the workers at this store are dumb! One customer who had never stamped was being coerced into taking a class without even knowing what this lady was wanting to do. The customer asked about ink pads which were described by a teenybopper as using thick and thin color pads. I "had" to listen to this!! She told her that Colorbox inks were for thick lines and Tim Holtz Distress was for thin lines. The customer asked what do I use for the heating stuff and the girl said-whatever, it doesn't matter! And that Stazon was only for glass! I stepped in right there! How can any store hire someone like this?

I sat down with the lady as I was waiting on hubby to finish work and it was nice to meet a hopefully fellow stamper. I asked her what she was hoping to do and she wants to make graduation announcements for her son like the ones they had on display in the store. So I went looking for these papers/stamps etc. and then we asked the store personnel, and they said it was out of season for that!! OMG!

I gave the customer the website for Split Coast Stampers for ideas and told her NOT to take a class at this store. I gave her a couple of options locally as there are a lot more stores in her area including the Scrapbook Tree just up the road a bit in Shelby Township. I should have given her my email as she says she would love to go to the conventions but none of her friends want to as it's too expensive even as she offered to share stamps with them. No one I know would do that! I do hope I run into her again and I will remember her face for sure. She did say she would visit the Tree later in the week.

I thought Archiver's would have some of their own brands for one. Too many binders/albums on display for my taste. Too themed. Not enough adult scrapping items and the samples were too corporate-didn't anyone local make any for the store or is the idea that every Archiver's class for say, Christmas cards, make them the same all across the country? That would suck!

I did buy a few things-I had a coupon :). There was already a clearance bin in the back so I got some Crate Paper packs. A few new stamps for Halloween and some of that wonderful flocking stuff everyone is raving about. But nothing that I haven't really seen before or have access to. If I see any more Heidi Grace stuff that isn't new I will puke. One whole wall of this-and I know a store that was, I swear, turning into a Heidi store for a while. Even Joann's has it now. Too much!

One shocking thing-you know those wonderful 99 cent stamps we all see at Joann's and Micheal's? A buck ninety nine at Archiver's. Their special priced items in the back are double what anyone else sells them for.

So I just went thru my stash-and found mistakes. The paper packs were supposed to be half off and rang up for 25% off, but the two packages of brads-not on the receipt. One stamp was over rung by a buck and the another pad of paper not showing either. I have yet to figure out if I came out ahead, in the red or broke even!

I did have a good thing happen tho-I stopped for din din at a place called Buca as it was almost 9:30 and hubby finally got out of work and I was not driving home and cooking. If you want giant portions, go here. I have enough left over for 2 more meals and the garlic bread is soooooo yummy!

My grade for Archiver's C-. My grade for dinner B+. The ink girl F.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shaker-Not Stirred

This was a first for me-a shaker box card!! How cool is it (no pun intended)? I have wanted to try them before but always worried about mailing them. I am not mailing this one as it's MINE!

Here above is a view from the front. This was part of Stamp Camp Winter at Stacey's place. I also did her spring one but either there was no summer camp or I just got smoggy brain and missed it. Stacey and her mom have the coolest ideas and always utilize items on projects that you might not know about or pass over. I spend too much there but I deserve it!

We first punch the corners of the front of a plain white folded card. After running a metallic piece thru a corrugater, the paper is slipped behind the corner punched slits to hold. I usually add a dab of some glue in case it slips out.

Then taking a die cut piece of chipboard (this one being from Hero Arts) I stamp snowflakes (Hero Arts) around the piece in two different colors and shapes. I also edge the chipboard with the blue ink. Then turn it over and tape a piece of acetate to fit over the aperture and put some foam tape around all the sides close to the inside shape so no small spaces will let your shaker ingredients fall out. I took regular foam tape and cut it in half lengthwise to conserve tape. Then I added about a good tablespoon full of Vintage Crushed glass which was from Art Glitter Institute and then the entire back of it is covered with a Bazzill textured scrap after taking the protecting paper off the foam tape. Press to seal and shake a bit to make sure there are no escapees! Then you mount your shaker to the front of the card!

This card is very heavy and don't forget-you also get the pop out to decorate when you buy the Hero Arts Chips. A card and a tree ornament or a gift tag perhaps? Shake it baby!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm So Glad....

I tend to scrounge thru the clearance bins and buy odd things not really knowing what I am going to do with them. This was the case with this pre-printed paper ribbon. It was several feet on a roll and about 50 cents. A bargain if I use it, right?

I then found some odd chunky striped card stock. And those pieces of paper ribbon looked pretty good laid over the seams of the different colors. So I attached them alternately using small brads and staples.

I felt I needed something else-and have this whole drawer of chipboard and punch outs as I take them out of the packages when I get them and dump them all together to dive thru. So I found this medium circle chip and it just seems perfect, ya think?

Opinion Poll Closed and Winner(s) Announced

I am sorry I didn't get this up right away. Too many things to do, not enough hands or support. I used random to select a number for a winner. Before I announce the winner (and I don't have a photo of the small prize I have selected yet as it rained all day) I should announce the opinion poll results.

Poor lonely stamen got no votes at all. I am not sure what that thing actually was but most thought it a spider. If I turn it upside down, it reminds me of a firework or waterfall. The crystal leaves and the fairy each got one vote apiece. and the butterfly did a little better. Almost tied for 2nd place were the two button renditions and I personally liked the satin button a lot more than the swirl button. But in a runaway, the original design ruled the voting with more than twice as many votes as the runners up. So here is the winner as selected independently by my fellow bloggers. Sometimes it's best to trust first impressions and not tinker, I guess.
The random selection was number 27, who is Jo. Please email me so I can get this bit of goodies out to you. and just for the heck of it, I decided to draw another number, which was 4 and that was dear Dana so you need to contact me with your email too.

I personally am freezing, so my heating pad is calling. I hate it when its under 70F and will be pulling out the warm jammies tonight. Ciao!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big on Congrats!

ETA: For anyone who requested more info on these tomatoes, they are a hybrid called Juliet. It's a cross between an oblong cherry and a Roma. They are resistant to cracking, and even after picking will hold for a while. Size fully grown is 1 ounce. Harvesting is in 60 days. Small compact cage/stakeable bush perfect for large pots on decks and patios.

I was going to call this dueling tomatoes as my friend Becky has photos of the ones she is growing so I went thru the pix I took last week and added them here. This is a new tomato to me. It's smaller than my thumb fully grown and sweeter and very firm but isn't a plum or Roma variety. I have been eating them for several weeks now and have a bunch ripening on the window sill. Hubby managed to bump and crack the buckets I am growing them in and a bunch fell off green. As you can see, I also companion planted some basil in the pots too.

Now the card is another screw up. I ended up lopping off an end as I punched the holes too close together and adding new ones at the other side. This used scraps and some odds and ends from the 2nd drawer-the first drawer being the paper one. The third drawer holds my sanity in case you were wondering.

I inked all the edges of paper to distress and just fit them to the front of a folded, textured piece of Bazzill card stock. After gluing, I took the distress pad and rubbed it over the front for a dirty look. I then punched three small holes on the left and tied three small pieces of leftover ribbon thru each one. I then spelled out the word with acrylic stamps and inked them up to add to a length of plain card stock and also distressed it a bit. The final touch was three small brads at the bottom.

I send a big congrats to Becky and a pat on the back to myself on growing 'matoes with no blossom rot this year! And hopefully, Brian doesn't run over hers with the lawn mower like my duffus tried to.

Enabling at Hobby Lobby

All markers are 25 % off this week including the Copics everyone is looking for. I only wish they were open on Sunday's as I will be within a mile of a store today but can't shop if the doors be locked and inaccessible. ARRRGGG!


I can't imagine making some of the intricate cards I am seeing lately that bloggers say they have to make 50-100 of the same thing. Over and over the same. I would go nuts. I like making themes and changing them a bit. And if it takes more that 10 minutes-forget it.

Using die cuts can really make a card go fast as can stickers and pre-made tags. I used a little bit of each on this. Starting with a plain white folded A2 card, I topped that with a striped block of paper. I added a giant photo corner to each of the 4 corners. Then I took a white piece and stamped the word Merry on it and layered that on a piece of matching red to the corners, roughing up the edges a bit. Layer that on top of the green stripes. Then take a round tag, add a sticker to the middle, use a Cropidile to punch a hole thru and tie a small piece of ribbon thru and pop dot it on the front.

To finish it off as it was pretty flat, I added some Stickles to the letters of the word for a little shimmer. Easy to adapt to any word, theme or stickers you have. Fun and quick.

I am out of here as I have to be up at 7 to do a 5K fundraiser race in Lansing. It is supposed to storm pretty bad-monsoon season maybe?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Everything

Just a quickie as I need to go to bed-not feeling well tonight and maybe some quality bed minutes might help. I hopefully will get the photo loaded of the winning choice and small prize tomorrow for this . I have already chosen the winner.
This is a plain white card stock, folded and the bottom corners rounded on front and back. A piece of dark paper across the top third, another small slice of light pink, and a wider ribbon-like swatch across the bottom of the pink. Leave room for a stamped phrase or rub on near the bottom. I used a rub on from the mystery bucket. Run a couple pieces of 1/4 inch ribbon across the areas where the papers meet on top and save another piece of the same to tie a knot and snot it on the top ribbon (or tying around the ribbon works too).

Elvis had left the building.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dress Up These Stamps For Fun.

You have to see these cool stamps. I bought one at the stamp show and would have bought a few more if I had taken more cash. I got the sweatshirt because it's versatile. Next time,the vendor promises a unisex shirt without the tie. So check out the online samples. Only thing is, the stamps were cheaper at the show, so check and see if she is coming to your area. She also has folding purse stamps and some other neato ones.

Last Call ---Get Your Vote In.

Due to a major malfunction on Blogger's part, I extended the opinion piece a few extra days after I fixed the photos. I hope you had a chance to look here and add your vote.

Move it, lady!!

Artie and the old fart

Blog Scattergories

I found this over at Kelly's.

For each question your answer has to start with the same letter that your first name starts with. For boy/girl names the name can't be the same as your own. I challenge you to try this out with YOUR name.

  • Your Name: Jan (or Janet)
  • Famous Artist/Band/Musician: John Denver
  • 4 letter word: Junk (what most stuff is to me)
  • Vehicle: Justy-from Subaru pre-1994 and ugly too.
  • TV SHOW: Jeopardy
  • City/Town: Jackson, MI
  • Boy Name: Jonathan
  • Girl Name:Jacqueline
  • Occupation: Journalist
  • Something you wear: jeans
  • Celebrity: Janet Jackson
  • Food: jasmine rice (yum!!)
  • Something found in a kitchen: Jamaican Jerk spice (yum too)
  • Reason for Being Late: jump the shark (life is like TV sometimes)
  • Cartoon Character:Johnny Quest
  • Something You Shout: Jeez Louise (thank you Archie Bunker)

Free The Carp

My hubby travels with his job to Asia a few times a year. I am glad when he goes as I usually get some huge back logged jobs done. But I started one when he left in June and it's still not done. He even went on a mini trip when he got back but still I got behind. I like to make noise when I am working and I cant when it's late at night with out him asking what the heck am I up to. I give up....when is he leaving again?

I gave him my old digital to take to China and Korea and he took a bunch of photos-but only one came out okay. A photo of his bed. I won't bore you with it. He seems to think taking photos off the bus thru the window should be Pulitzer Prize Winners. They were all glare and washed out-except the pristine white bed. But he also went to a wedding in Iowa and none of those came out EXCEPT the one below. Why would anyone want a photo of this?

So there are the two men in my life-hubby at the bottom (no, not in the bucket!) and son's white socks. I bet they were so proud and smirky that day. I hope they enjoyed their bucket of crap--um...carp. Poor fishies.

One of A Kind

I wasn't sure whether to add this one to my blog. It is missing its back end. I laid it in some cantaloupe Popsicle sticky goo and had to cut it off and now I don't have the same color or even one I think matches close to make a real card of it.

I do like the colors and the basic design of this card. Normally neon anything that isn't attached to a building in some urban area freaks me out. But it works here because there isn't a whole lot of it. I used a die cut of a crayon for the candles. It must be an Ellison as I don't see it listed on the Sizzlets list. I took a plain white front, smushed some inks here and there on the edges to distress and took a couple strips of patterned card stock to resemble ribbon across the top and bottom.

I used the Trio Runner to attach the candles and tied some string around one for a little bit of color. Using some acyclic letters on a block, I lined up a phrase to fit and stamped it over the top of the candle/crayons. Adding a button to the bottom threaded with the same string and done. I then layered it on a folded card-which now is just a layer waiting for a card.

My gnome friend is one of a kind! His sister fell off the deck in the storm and has been decapitated until I find some Crazy Glue. Such a sad boy.

Enabler Alert for Prismacolor Pens and Pencils! REBATES!!

Have you all been hankering to try or upgrade your pens and pencils from Prismacolors? Got a coupon burning a hole in your pocket to Joann's, Hobby Lobby or Micheal's? Get yourself to one of these stores before September 30, 2007. Use your coupon on either the 48 count of pencils or markers and pick up one of the forms under the products.

I have enclosed the photos of the official rebate forms but you must have one of the official ones-not a reproduction. The rebates are either 15.00 or 20.00 and it comes as a Visa card so you can use it anywhere you choose, not just where you bought the pens or pencils.

Look for this form------------

If you find it hard to find a form down the road, let me know. It is not available at Prismacolors site but many online stores have them to send you if you buy from them.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happiness to Last

It is so buggy in Michigan tonight and my papers/card stocks are oddly limp and I missed Barry Bond's homer when I went for a run at 11:30 PM. As I walked out the door, I said-I bet he does it after I leave. Sure enough, just as I hit the garage coming back, I heard the roar of the crowd from ESPN. If I had only run faster tonight I would have made it in time. But the humidity is crazy and as much as I love heat, not when I am running! It's still 80F at 1:30 AM and 85 % humidity. I feel like I took a bath but no soap or lavender lotion with it!

This card is not huge-made from a small leftover piece of card stock. Folded up, it is probably 4 inches across. I was working on another card of the same color and didn't like it, so lopped off the end of the legal size card and used it to make this on instead. This is a nice tag card for a gift or with a money card inside.

I show it here with the front a bit ajar. I edged it with distress ink in a brownish tint-I just like the way brown and lilac look together for some reason. I did measure the piece of card stock so I would know where the middle was and folded both sides in to meet at the center. I added a Prima flower on one edge of the front and found a charm and piece of ribbon in the messy drawer for any loose thingies and tied them together and snot dotted it to the flower.

A small poem was laser printed on a sheet of off white card stock and then I tore the edges and inked them in the brown as above and taped it inside. There is plenty of room to write a small message either inside the flaps. This was very quick and is adaptable for babies, birthdays, or just because days-which maybe are the best cards anyways.

Now I am really gonna take a shower-and get out the heating pad for my knee. Have a nice Wednesday everyone. August is flying by!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Leaving Comments On My Blog

I really like it when you visit and feel like leaving a comment or two. It makes the time I take to post stuff more fun (I was gonna say funner but the language police might be out today!).

One thing please be aware of-I moderate the posts. So if you don't see your posting right away, there will be a message at the top that says it's waiting for me to approve it. I got some nasty posts on my other blog when I first started it (and I am neglecting so badly) that I had to remove the posts and moderate it too. Some people thought it was un-American to choose to not partake of animal flesh.

I don't mind if you have something negative to say-as it's not really negative but an opinion from you. It's what we are entitled to based on our constitution. But threats are not allowed. Pornography is not allowed. Nasty language (where asterisks would suffice) is not allowed.

But if you feel less than sunny, it's okay. If you really dislike something, say so without being mean. I am a big girl and would love to respond.

I leave you with a corny dog.

Now back to our regular programming.

Celebrating with No Stamping!

I didn't post last night as the blog problem pissed me off and I was exhausted from the stamp show. I will post later on how I felt about the show and how taking a small tote bag to keep from spending doesn't work.

I love those little chipboard pieces you can buy-some just solo chips and some on sheets of related themes. These chippies were part of a company line that has rotating racks where the stores would put them by color/style with everything that's related to that particular theme right there to choose from and they were betting you took it all.

It did not do well locally and all the chippies were in bins for 5 and 10 cents and I took a bunch! I did like some of the textured patterned card stocks for this company but I always cut stuff up- I have no idea what lines I used. The vellum behind the chippies was a scrap that may have been SEI. I started with a dotted piece of cardstock for the base card and just layered away until it looked right and ta-da! It looks good. I always try to hide my brads, so you will see I did pop the brad thru the star and a few layers without going all the way thru to the inside. I like neat insides.

This card was fun and again used up some scraps-and the gnomes like to help me out a lot too.

Opinion Needed---With A Reward! Extended!!

ETA---somewhere along the length of this contest last week, my photos took a powder. They were not at Picasa but I did have them copied on my hard drive. I waited to see if the problem would rectify itself as no other posts were messed up or missing photos. I guess Google liked them enough to keep them-I do wonder which one they chose best tho.. So I fixed them for "now". I am extending this contest/opinion piece until Friday August 10 at 11 PM. Feel free to send to friends and enemies. I will get together the prize and post that with the winner chosen at random later that evening.
I made a card recently that has bugged me a bit as it just doesn't seem finished. It originally had a large "bow" on it and I trimmed it down. It looked a bit better but still lacks something. I asked my daughter and she said it was flat. So to me that meant adding some embellishment to bring it off the paper. I am going to post all my modifications and the original. I would like you to post your favorite. If you don't like any of them, tell me what you would do to make it a winner.







I will leave this opinion piece open until Sunday night when I get home from the Stamp Convention in Novi. So around midnight, I will randomly draw a number and that person will get a fun little prize. Haven't figured out what yet-had a bad experience with my last non-pareil as the recipient still has not received it and it's been several weeks. Stupid me--I did not put delivery confirmation on it. And of course, none of it is replaceable as it was a one of a kind box of goodies.

So let me know what you think on this and I will post the winner and the photo that was chosen along with the prezzie late Sunday!