Friday, September 14, 2007

Winter Iris

This was originally done on a white card-plain and no texture. You can see what I kept on the edge of the sticker. I really took this one apart but even now, I feel something is not right and I think its the ribbon. I believe it needs something more dimensional or gauzy. But this is what I came up with and I have moved on.

As you can see, the main part of the card with the sticker is smaller than the background piece of dark blue. It's just a flat piece of blue and not folded. The smaller piece does open like a card to write inside. I edged the white card in blue, and folded it. Then I put a piece of blue plaid a little over half and wrapped a piece of blue flat ribbon halfway in between the two edges centered.

The sticker is layered with white textured card and the sticker itself is colored with different colors of glitter pens (not Stickles). You can see some of the glitz of this card but it looks much nicer in real time. It was getting dark when I took the photo. I pop dotted this toward the unfolded edge of the card front and then centered it on the blue flat. The card was still flat and I added back in the baby ruffle ribbon but that is what I really don't like about it, I think. If I could redo this again-I would try to bring out the greenish browns in the sticker-maybe with another layer of card. This card is just too blue for me. I love Penny Black stickers and I know there is more at the stamp store as Stacey sent an email saying the Christmas ones were there. Road trip!!

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