Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Weird Funny and a Pissy Pissy

Both my winners in my blog question contest are from Florida and are only about an hour from each other. I should send the envies to a place in between them and let them duke it out?

Hubby just emailed me he is coming home early from Korea-like maybe Saturday. Cause all the people he was going to see there are going to Europe instead. I give up-I can't seem to have any time to do what I need to do just for me. I need to go cry for a while. So no card tonight.


  1. It's OK, everyone needs a good cry every once in a while. It WILL get better!!

  2. Hey, you know stampers are nice people we would never consider duking it out over stuff......well, maybe if it is really good stuff.....or maybe we could just share, we are good about that, too.

    Kinda odd though, we were both from Florida and that close together.

    Thanks again for sharing.


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