Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My daughter informed me that it is scheduled to snow in the UP later this week. She is in Houghton on business and it is almost as far north in Michigan as you can get without being on an island or in deep and very cold Gitche Gumee. A nice place to visit but only crazy people like having 6 weeks of summer-at least in my book. Where did my summer heat go? It was 90F last week and barely 60F today. Brrrrr!!

Below you will find another of the Penny Black Sticker cards I made at Stacey's that I completely took apart. This was on a cream card with just the altered sticker. I peeled off the sticker and cut the sides closer as I didnt like the blue strip on it.

I dug thru my scrap pile and found this light blue textured card stock and folded it into an A2 size. Digging more, I saw this medium blue which matched the blue in the sticker and I tore the edge and distressed it a bit more. I tried for a match on the green in the sticker but no luck and then came across a hank of wired ribbon in beige and layered the sticker on it. I used a Trio tape runner and it looks pretty good. I think that tiny strip of gold thread maybe was the deciding factor in using it. I have no idea why I have wired ribbon as I hate it. NO MORE WIRE RIBBON (do I sound like Joan Crawford yelling like that?)

The flowers on the sticker are colored in using a clear glitter pen-if you click the photo it will show better. Then I used these cool little plastic dot thingies. I think they are from a company called Robin's Nest but can't find them online. They come in several colors and the cutest little bottles and I like the Halloween ones the best. I just popped those on using a tiny tipped glue pen. I do wish I had taken before photos of these cards I took apart but either way, I like my after ones best. There is even room at the bottom for a rub on word or a stamped phrase.

More altered PB cards coming soon-and I see Stacey is having another class, so maybe I will take it and redo those to-only its the day I have to go to Metro as hubby is off to Brazil that day. One thing for sure, with his visit to Rio, he will not be wearing a Speedo. I don't think they make them wide enough.


  1. This design is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Very pretty...and I really appreciate the full feed.


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