Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Penny Black Rosebuds

Here for your enjoyment is another altered Penny Black sticker card. The original of this was on a plain white card with the cream colored paper with gold flowers. It was just so flat and plain. I took it apart as usual.

I wasn't sure how to deal with this but I felt the pink in the roses needed to stand out more, even with the glitter pen use. So I sought out a pinkish scrap and a green piece of card stock to also bring out the greens. I pop dotted the sticker/gold flower combination over the card after adding a pink strip. I left enough room to add a rub on or a small sentiment later.

Here is a closeup of the glitter pen work. And at the end, I used Dimensional Glaze to fill in the bottle area for a little more 3D look I guess. It made it look more like a bottle or vase than just laying on the sticker.

I still think this card needs something else but haven't had time to play with it. Maybe some gauzy ribbon or a trio of eyelets on the top right? Let me know if you have an idea. I bought tons of these stickers to alter and hopefully will get some play time soon.

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  1. Beautiful card. I love the glass effect. I can never control my Crystal Effects enough to get a smooth look within the lines like that.



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