Friday, December 07, 2007

You're Too Kind.

I got new contacts today---honestly, I think I see better with my cheapie reading glasses from Costco. I can see long distances with the contacts but close is way blurrier (is that a word?) but I can't wear bi-focals as my eyes are both way off from each other and it makes me nauseous otherwise. Good thing this is a trial pair. Back to the horn rims.

So how about another of my infamous sticker cards? I do stamp but have to actually sit down and color the images. Just not in the mood lately. So this one is easy if you have lots of scraps and like serendipity squares. I double layered under each of the word stickers and single layered under each punchie flower.
Just place the squares evenly on the top part of the card and leave some room at the bottom for ribbon or ric rac to be stapled. Use scraps here too. And mini punchies are touched with Stickles as an afterthought. Depending on the stickers you use, you can really play around with this one.
ETA-Looks like the the Blogger photo enlargement prob is fixed-so I noticed a large white whisker across this card. I am betting it's a Loki stray.


  1. cute idea! I'm in SBS4 with you. looking forward to seeing more of your creations. ;)

  2. Hi new sister... :-)
    Love your card and your blog, I'd like to see more of your great artwork soon!


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