Monday, December 10, 2007

Daisy 2

Since I didn't get to photograph my new made cards (I sorta stamped some of them ) from this weekend, I have one from the archives. This was one of my submissions for a contest earlier this year. None of them won. I wasn't really thrilled with the right side of this card to begin with but I do love the little vellum pocket with tag I made.
I did the scalloping on the bottom of the card and tag with my corner puncher. Then the Cropidile was used for the holes inside the scallops. I did use a subtle ink to stamp on the vellum and also stamped the tag inside and edged with the same ink too. And of course, Stickles! This was the DCWV spring pad of cardstock, which in not as nice as Bling but way cheaper!
I took these photos the day before Halloween. We put our lawn furniture away right after that. It was a strange fall as it stayed so nice in October here in Michigan. We are making up for it now. The snow and cold this month alone are much more than the last 4 -5 years. I cannot remember the last time we had to shovel snow this early-meaning more than an inch or two. I also don't remember my flowers staying in bloom this long either. I have other photos I took two days before Thanksgiving on my front porch that have flowers in bloom but it was sheltered from the elements.

Anyway-a touch of spring on a cold overcast day. Nasty stuff coming tonight!

ETA-we have enough crap weather to make up for this pretty photo since Thanksgiving's ice storm. If the sun ever shines, I will go take photos of my potted plants to show you the diff. Other than the pots the new dog ate! I got my heat bill today and it's twice as much as November and half the rooms are shut off in the house. I think come February, it will be tripled what it is now. I have my heat in the house when I am home alone at 62F and still can't keep the bills low. Consumers Energy is such a wanker!


  1. This card is lovely, the velumn pocket is fantastic.

  2. Such a sweet card. I'm almost done with my Christmas cards so I can move on to flowers. Snowmen with flowers? LOL I looked at your picture and couldn't believe you still had no snow and live flowers outside. Fooled me!!! LOL


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