Monday, December 03, 2007

Okemos Scrap Store---Just Gone!

ETA-It's closed, sealed up and taped over. The former proprietors are not answering emails or having any contact with anyone. Skipped town maybe? I know they had kids in the school systems and a home. Usually you hear some gossip somewhere along the pipeline but this is so bizarre.

It just looks gone! The dollar scrap store next door is empty except for some folded cardboard boxes and one display thingie. A few garbage bags on the floor. But a light was on and I could see inside---no product whatsoever.

The main store was totally impossible to see inside because of the plastic bags over the windows and no lights on. Signs on doors said closed and no deliveries would be accepted.

I emailed them and it hasn't bounced back yet so maybe I will hear from them. But the store forums are off limits and inaccessible to those of us who registered long ago.

So the last time I got a newsletter from them was right before Thanksgiving with a 40% off coupon and some big sale. I didn't save it as I knew I wasn't going or there weren't any classes I wanted. I have a store credit too. sigh.

We speculated over din din. They snuck out on the lease the end of the month....or they were in receivership and the banks took the stock as collateral...or they are redesigning the store and want it to be a surprise (they did this in August and it was a bust)....or aliens took it all....nothing legal posted, so I am gonna do a Google search and see what turns up. ++++++++++Hmmmmm-not a peep++++++++++.

Maybe they just sold the contents at 50% off or less and just closed. There were warning signs for a while but nothing this bad. So another one bites the dust locally. That leaves one store in the Lansing area-Pages in Time.
My side bar is gonna get smaller and smaller---sad.


  1. I wondered why I had not received any emails from them. The last time I went past their store, it sure looked dark.

  2. Anonymous6:57 PM

    :( It was a favorite stop each time we returned to Lansing (moved from the area 2.5 years ago).

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I've been trying to call and the number has been disconnected. How do we get a hold of somebody there. Is the store even open.

  4. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I taught classes at the store, and I had no idea they were closing; not a word to anyone. It is sad to see Jeff and Michelle close the bussiness.


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