Friday, December 14, 2007

Tags-Not Tagged.

I was gonna put up the photo of the blog candy tonight. I have such a headache. Hubby took me to Costco and my teeth hurt from the music blaring-3 different Christmas songs at once?-how does that happen? We went to Buddy's for my birthday pizza. I am signed up for so many freebie food thingies, I don't think I will buy anything for myself all month. I still haven't heard from Red Robin tho. Hmmm. Maybe because last year I didn't let them sing to me? Egads! Friggin' annoying it was.

I took this photo quick the other night. It's from Stacey's line of stamps and we made these (I have more I am not finished with) at her open house. I know it's a lousy photo but it's been so ugly with no sun. I took this in front of the fridge using the lights in the kitchen. I think Stacey has about 5 of these tag stamps-you can look at the PDF of the catty on the site. We colored them and used Spica markers. You NEED to get these. The tags are nicer than they look, really.

On Sunday I will put up the photos of the cool card thing I am working on. I don't like the ribbon on it. But I am too lazy to change it and rephotograph it. But I want to get this contest out of the way by then. If you still haven't entered, you need to. Cool box of goodies-maybe even two or three. Then I will blog out for a while, I think.

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  1. cute tags.
    Now officially added the Spicas to my bday list...thanks!


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