Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Photo Holder

I made this a few weeks ago and thought I had published it. I have made several since-and you are not limited to Christmas motifs. Make sure you have two squares of chipboard (this was from the back of a stack of paper, so don't worry if it's not pretty chipboard-you are gonna cover it). Cover both of them on one side using a scrap of paper that is about an inch larger all around. Fold those edges over and cut diagonally on the corners to fold in nicely.Tape or glue down. Then cut another piece of matching or not-and make just a tad smaller than the square. Just a tad! (what exactly is a tad anyway?) Glue that down on the back of each square. Ink the edges.

Mark evenly your spots to be punched for holes on the inside or each square. You will be lacing ribbon thru this, so make two sets at top and middle and only one set at the bottom (your bow will tie here). Use a Cropidile or your fav hole puncher.

Cut two strips of pretties-and edge with ink- Glue these not too close to the middle but between the first two sets of holes. Cut photo mats of a solid color and ink the edges and distress up a bit. Dig out some stickers and place them on some scrap white paper for stability and then cut them out. Pop dot them where ever they look good. Now take a length of ribbon and lace from the top down and from the back to front. If done right, the two ends will be in front and just tie in a knot. Just don't lace too tight. Stand on end and when you get those photos printed, just pop a couple on the easels.

Remember, you can do this with any size chipboard and any holiday or occasion. Use up those scraps and these are about 30 minute or less giveaways to have tucked in your bag for whatever. If you make one of these, please post to your blog and let me see! It's always fun to see what others make with scraps and insomnia.

Back to seeing that cutie patootie Steve Nash! Yum!

It must be the hair!

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