Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snow Head

Stuffed head is more like it. I have effectively dried up my entire body--except the one small river coming down the nostrils. My eyes are the Sahara (so no contacts today). My mouth is like cotton balls so nothing tastes good. And the more I drink water, the drier I get-because it's running right out of me in several places. Fun stuff. I managed to find some Vaseline (maybe 28 years old since I had kids in diapers) for my lips-that was medicated-and it stung! I know-ewwwww!
Card three. This time I used a red base card (edged in blue) that I layered with a striped piece covering 2/3rds of the upper front. Using a small white scrap to span the seam, I edged it in blue Distress ink and used a Trio tape runner to layer it on. The sticker was stuck to a piece of white scrap and cut to match the curves. This was pop dotted on the right overlapping the white fake ribbon. I took three small buttons, and tied them with floss and pop dotted them evenly on the left. Again using the Trio, I taped a long piece of gingham ribbon across the top. I then tied another scrap into a knot and trimmed the ends before snot dotting it in place to "fake" a tied ribbon. Use the Scrappy Glue to add some snowflakes to the snowman sticker head.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    What a super cute card! Love the sparkly stuff! I love to use bling on my creations! :) TFS!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I do hope the taps dry out (you know the ones I mean)

  3. What a super cute card...Hope you feel better soon.


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