Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Two Views of My Fridge

So see, mine isn't as nasty as that other one on the contest, right? All my food is covered and no moldy stuff as I threw the watermelon into the compost. I have little single serving smoothies from Costco, home made veggie patties on the bottom in container. My soy milk on the left top, Ron's individual apple juice bottles (one serving each-as he just doesn't get the concept of serving sizes-I do this for his oreo's too). And some over roasted hot peppers for my pasta salad later this week. I am all out of garlic and that shredded cheese is gross-but hubby likes it.

On the door, I have all my delish condiments. Roasted pepper gourmet sauce, Wasabi the same type (hot!), bunches of salad dressings (all vinegar based as I don't like thick ones), lots of mustards, and soy based mayo. I recently threw out the Hooters Hot sauce my son had in here-like from 10 years ago. I asked him if he wanted it but no answer.

I keep my tofu and some veggies in the bottom as its particularly cold in the crisper's. I never put lettuce there tho because it freezes it. I do think I have some limp celery in there too-I can crisp it up in ice water later. So now that I am hungry, I am gonna make a peanut butter and horseradish pita Sammy-don't laugh as it's very good. Add some crispy lettuce for fiber too.

I forgot to photograph the blog candy for my giveaway, so maybe tomorrow. It will be worth it, so make sure you enter here .

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  1. I would love to know how you make your homemade veggie patties, the store bought ones have so much sodium in them?


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