Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Puffy Pine

I was supposed to go to Costco today in Bloomfield. I knew it would be bad when the dogs refused to go out to pee. One even ran upstairs and got under the blankets and now I have huge paw prints on the sheets. It didn't get quite as bad as the middle of the US but it was enough for me to wait and try to go another day. Hubby took me to Meijer's but the pb was out of stock, so I got a bag of Ruffles with ridges. Way too salty but still yummy. I needed some sort of fix!

This card is a Stacey idea. I went to her winter open house a couple of weeks ago and it was a blast as usual. Using a circle punch on shimmer paper behind a plain punched circle, I made the base for my stamped image to come. Fiskars has all sorts of circle punches and edges I like but they are expensive. I wish they had one with running shoes. This tree stamp is from Stacey's own stamp line called Sweet Impressions Stamps. (did you notice the initials of her store and stamps are the same? SIS!) If you visit her website and see any you like, ring her up and order some. She also had grab bags that she takes to conventions. Better yet, if you are within an hour or so, go to the store a hop skip and skip off I96 east of Lansing. I might even meet ya there! And we can go to the Bloated Goat after! (um, they don't have a website but the same name site is porn, so don't go there-unless you like XXX of course. Fowlerville is a so small town, I wonder if they know what XXX is?)

So on the stamp image, we used scented powder! It was pine and oh so wonderful and long lasting! Just some clear embossing ink and covered with powder and heat set. I then used puffy paint and sprinkled it with micro glitter from Great Impressions , Let it sit for about 30 seconds and heat set it until puffy making sure not to burn it. Use a lower heat setting on your embossing gun.

I then stamped a phrase on the lower part under my layered tree and covered it with a sheer piece of ribbon that I taped on the back. Pretty simply and very elegant.


  1. Very pretty card. Love all the details!

  2. The puff is perfect on this card!

  3. Very nice! The thing about the bloated goat is very funny! Thank you for the link to the scented powder I have heard of mixing powder with unsweeted koolaid, but pre mixed and long lasting would be much better! Love the stamp too!


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