Friday, December 14, 2007

What's In Your Fridge? Blog Food!

ETA-This will stay at the top until late Friday night. New stuff below.

Let's get this show on the road, shall we? I have had this blog a year ago October...and let that pass. I have had 10,000 + visitors....and let that pass. I also have made over 350 actual posts...and let that pass. So to keep you on your toes, lets have a fun to-do here and give away a nice fat prize. While I gather the goodies together over the next few days (and if you are lucky, I will post the photo too) here is what I want to know about you.



To start it off, I will list mine--

  • Tzatziki-Greek yogurt-cooling with spicy food.
  • Pickled asparagus-very garlicky
  • Unsweetened soy milk-hate the flavored ones
  • Roasted Mole-not sure why I bought this yet
  • A moldy baby watermelon-I forgot I bought it.

Rules-post here only and one per person-do not email me your list. If you post anonymously, you need to check back on Dec 15, because too many people are not leaving me a way to contact them-and stuff goes unclaimed. DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL HERE-spammers troll the blogs for just that thing. If you want to post a photo of your fridge, email it to me or a link to a photo of it. Either way is fine. I will try to get a photo of my innard cooler if I have time.

BTW-if you say katsup and mustard for this, so not acceptable! Please tell me you are more adventuresome than that!

This will stay at the top until December 14, so if you are looking for other stuff, look on the side bar for posts. I will draw at Midnite Dec 15-pay day!


  1. Hmmm hubby is checking.........the 5 weirdest items in our fridge are
    6 Pomegranates
    Chewable Acidophilus
    Chocolate soy milk
    Candycane bark

  2. First of all I just want to say that you crack me up! From your blog to the comments you leave on other blogs (maria's challenges) you just simply crack me up! OK on to my fridge...
    1. Green olives with little red hot peppers jammed inside them.
    2. An acorn squash that I am sure is no good anymore , I couldn't figure out what to do with it!
    3. Smart Start cereal, I have to keep all cereal in the fridge, it is my thing, in my head I feel that it stays crunchier longer when wet!
    4. Lots of kiwi
    5. Lemon & cayenne pepper water.

  3. I love tzatziki...esp. on garlic fries!

    Anyway, weird? Hmm...we are a pretty straight-laced bunch around here...

    pickled onions, beets and hot peppers (yum!)

    frozen pepperoni sticks in our meat tray (stupid thing always freezes way in the back)

    3 - 1/2 containers of icing (American = frosting). How I am going to use chocolate, cream cheese and vanilla icing before they go bad?

    about a kajillion bruised bananas in my freezer (kids and DH don't eat them unless they are perfect)

    lots o' jam - marmalade, grape, raspberry, strawberry, peach, apple and pomegranate berry...

  4. This is a creative question for some mystery candy. I hope the candy is FUN stuff and not stuff to add to the Fridge! (tee hee)
    5 wierd things
    1) My monthly shots
    2) Vanilla and Chocolate Soy Milk
    3) Containers with leftovers...unknown and threw away. It was growing something!
    4) Chocolate hidden so no one can find it!
    5) Flour
    Thanks for a fun chance.

  5. 5 weirdest items in my fridge ....Not really weird but I guess to some might be yucky or strange
    1.pickled peaches ......YUMMY !!!
    3.Any Hot sauce DH can find LIKE 10 (its really bad )
    4.Desert we made last night ...My friend didnt want to taste it and she ended up Leaving with some ( made with chocolate brown sugar and soda crackers ....heehhe
    5.Cream for my sons face ...

  6. My fridge is usually quite empty, but here's what I have:
    - A raw corned beef brisket (For tonight's dinner)
    - A drawer full of baby potatoes from my garden this summer
    - Lots of clementines, oranges, granny smith apples, carrots, spinach, and salad mix (my hubby's on a diet)
    - Homemade pickles and relish
    - string cheese - my daughter's fav. snack.
    That's about my entire fridge right there!!

  7. a gallon jar of pickled vegetables
    jalepeno horseradish mustard
    3 petrified limes
    ginger sauce from the japanese steak house

  8. Weird things in my fridge? Malt vinegar, coffee, baked potato, horsey sauce from Arby's and a cooling pack.
    Claudia F.

  9. I don't think my items are that wierd...
    1. rice wine vinegar
    2. broccoli and cheese baby food (smells utterly disgusting)
    3. Mochi ice cream (freezer)
    4. Gouda cheese
    5. Ghiradelli Peppermint Chocolate Candy Bar

  10. I'm sorry,i've searched high and low and can't find any weird things. We're pretty fussy people when it comes to eating so it's pretty straight forward food in our fridge.Sorry!

  11. Oh, great excuse to go clean out the fridge...thanks! There's not a lot of weird stuff in there, but:
    1. some "mystery" leftovers...YUK!
    2. Hemp hearts...a sample from my health food store
    3. SuperLysine - heard it's supposed to be kept in fridge
    4. nail polish - lasts longer
    5. 1/2 a cabbage that's seen better days!
    Thanks for this chance to win!
    ~Brenda H.

  12. hmmm... let's see
    1. jicama
    2. pomogranate cordial (my mom makes these for me all the time!)
    3. kimchi (traditional korean dish)
    4. all the different hot sauces you can think of (tapatio, tabasco, sriracha, cholula, etc)
    5. iced corn tea

  13. Don't know if these classify as weird, or in the case of some, just gross:

    1. 3 moldy zucchini
    2. homemade habanero syrup (dh likes spicy!)
    3. leftover turkey from Thanksgiving (trash day tomorrow)
    4. shriveled lemons
    5. homemade ginger syrup

    my disclaimer is that our kitchen has been under renovation since Halloween and we haven't restocked properly yet!

  14. There's not a lot in the fridge at the moment as I pretty much emptied it to make way for the turkey and Thanksgiving fixin's.

    1) Vitamins
    2) Homemade jam I purchased at a yard sale & later decided that I shouldn't eat it since that's rather disgusting...who made it? how long ago? :)
    3) Dried red hot peppers. (husband puts them in his stir fry)
    4) A bottle of my son-in-laws homemade brew that won a Grand Prize ribbon at this year's fair.
    5) Two Personalized bottles of soda which I'll never open because my niece's graduation photo is on one of them & my 2 grandchildren rooting for the Seahawks is on the other.

    1)EAR DROPS.


  16. Oh my, there's still some leftover turkey in mine. I'd really rather be stamping than cooking or looking in the fridge! I'm one of your new "sisters" from the Sisterhood of stamping bloggers. See you again soon!

  17. LOL..... This is a great way to get to know your SBS4 sisters!! OK, let's see what is in our fridge:
    1. Nasal Saline
    2. Batteries-old habit, kept my oldest son out of them.
    3. Rx cough syrup
    4. McDonalds cups with ice - my sons do this.....sigh
    5. Heart Smart Bisquick

    Your SBS4 sister,

  18. Hmm...

    frozen mice

    (they are for the snake...not for human consumption!)

    A fellow SBS4 sister

  19. I'm gonna have to go check...
    1. Two containers of is dead worms (DH had intentions of going fishing last weekend and didn't) and one was purchased today, as he plans on going fishing tomorrow.
    2. Old Embrel injections for my psoriasis which has cleared up, but I can't throw the meds away cause they cost a LOT of $$...of course they're probably expired!
    3. Doggie ear drops...beagle ears are just a breeding ground for infection. It's pretty gross
    4. Protein shakes. I had WLS and thought I'd need to have shakes on hand for quick meals. Thankfully, it's never come to that as the shakes are NASTY!
    5. Green Pepper jelly that I bought at a craft fair in October. Hopefully that'll get used over Christmas!

    Thanks for the chance to win! Love these kinds of blogs!

  20. Oh... love your "5 weirdest things in your frig" post. I can tell you , I have NOTHING that thrilling going on in there. I feel really BORING right about now!
    Thanks for coming by my blog... I put you in on the drawing also.

  21. 1. Face mask for my headaches
    2. Some leftover chinese that I have no idea how old it is
    3. Dehydrated piquin peppers (they used to be hydrated)
    4. Some really old ground turkey (freezer)
    5. Arby's sauce that was probably in there when we moved 5 yrs ago

  22. my husband keeps our fridge very, very tidy!! Nothing really weird in there. WEll, there is a bottle of Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce), and I saw a bit of cheese that was blue (and we didn't buy it that way), and there is also a really old bottle of pizza sauce (wow, hubby is getting a bit slow these days), a half of a block of margarine (I haven't a clue where the other half has gone), and a cooked chicken strip that my son didn't eat in his lunch on Friday (which will also have to be thrown away - what a waste!)

    hahahha, what fun!!

  23. Fabulous blog Jan!!
    Hmm, what's in my fridge that is weird?
    1) Acidophilus Milk (YUCK! for the cat, even more weird!!!)
    2) An orange that evolved into an avocado
    3) About 40 packets of light mayo from Subway because I just can't toss them out
    4) Celery that I know will go limp the minute I pick it up
    5) Melted snow because I was being shown what is in that in hopes that I won't eat it when I go outside!!! LOL

  24. That is too funny sbs4'er... I just cleaned out my fridge so there isn't much "strange" stuff in there. I can just think of one thing: a collection of condiment packets My DH enjoys "keeping".

  25. very limp celery (from Thanksgiving), expired yogurt, petrified lime, 1/2 bottle of a wine I didn't particularly like, Heath bars.
    Great blog!
    NancyS (momsnack)

  26. Hi Jan!
    Congratulations on your 1+ year blogaversary...and 10,000+ visitors....and over 350 actual posts! WOW!!!

    Thank you for hosting a fun contest :)

    In my fridge is:
    1. baking soda (for that clean fresh small :)
    2. limp celery (I put produce in the produce bin and forget it's there)
    3. limp lettuce (same story as the celery)
    4. my cat's medicine (she has an allergy)
    5. an open can of cat food in a plastic baggie (waiting for garbage pickup least it doesn't smell!)

  27. OK In my fridge I have:

    Almond milk -- vanilla and chocolate -- my husband wants to know how they get milk from almonds

    baby corn cobs

    humus --witch will stay there until I throw it away because I don't like it.


    almond butter-- instead of peanut butter.

  28. Love blog candy!

    Here's what's in my fridge....
    1) extra sharp cheddar cheese spread

    2) honey teriyaki sauce

    3) limp celery (I see a trend in all these comments)

    4) petrified grapes

    5) 3 lb tub of peeled garlic (now that's alot of garlic!)

    Tara K (

  29. Jan, you crack me up ... popped in to say hello and you made my night.


  30. Hi fellow sistah,
    Welcome to SBS4! I'm really looking forward to know you all.

  31. My fridge is always jammed especially this time of the year.
    1. Fig sauce
    2. Cheese of every description
    3. Green and Red curry paste
    4. Pomegranate juice
    5. Preserved lemons


  32. I have blog candy on my blog just specially for SBS4, check it out!:-))

  33. Anonymous11:01 PM

    My fridge is rather boring compared to everyone else's - a blogging sister.

  34. LOL! You are making me giggle. This post is just too cute. I just have to post a picture of the inside of my fridge now too. There's nothing exotic or weird in there though. I just moved here a couple months ago, so I haven't aquired the funky stuff yet. The strangest things in there are Mt Dew and V8 since I don't EVER drink those things, some Valentine's candy, a dog bone, and then lastly I'd have to say mayonaise. ICKY! I hate mayo. How did that get in there anyhow??? I think I might even do a scrapbook page about my fridge now. Look at you being all inspirational and stuff! You go girl! And thank you for helping me out. I mean it!!!


  35. Hi there, what a funny post! It cracks me up to read what is inside some of these fridges!!! I have just checked out my fridge and weird things I have in it are
    1. Acidophilus capsules
    2. Burn cream
    3. An embroidery marker (the lady said it keeps better in the fridge, lol)
    4. Hazlenut flavoured coffee beans
    5. Baby panadol (the box says to keep it in the fridge once it is opened)

    Cheers, your SBS4 sister from Aus

  36. I am posting this for JOhanna as the box wouoldnot show up for her. You can visit her blog on the right hand side.

    Ok Jan. I am NOT going to look too deeply into my fridge because it is creepy and I am NOT sure what is coming or going and REALLY don't want to find out.
    However...upon first perusal here are five items just for you.
    1. A round glass jar of honey that has layers of nuts in a pretty pattern inside the honey.... good too.
    2. Lemongrass Vinegarette
    3. Cranberry salsa marinade great for dipping pretzels into. yum
    4. Some odd cheese that has leeks and mushrooms in it.
    5. Strawberry Keifer....another yum.
    Guess i could find more but that should holdya LOL jo

  37. Sugar-free sweet pickles
    Vidalia onion mustard
    Fat-free feta cheese
    Fish Sauce
    Nite White Teeth Whitener

  38. For some reason, old is the first word to come to mind. Sorry but true.

    My first old item is a bottle of 1-2 year old asti spumante.

    The rest hit the garbage just now.

    mcdoanlds fruit snack that has packing that is looking very puffed.

    Old stewed tomatoes

    Old pumkin pie

    Buger king burger

    greenish fresh grated parmesan cheese

    Ok you got me to clean out some old leftovers. Thank you. :)

  39. Weird huh, well the weird thing was some angleworms in a styrofoam cup, but that was last summer..and I was not happy about it :P
    These are probably the odder things..
    WE HAVE.......
    Pancake mix
    some of my makeup
    4 rolls of film
    and a used cold pack from the DR's that I keep in the fridge for just incase. I have one shriveled up apple way in the back I cant reach too.....but thats in everyones fridge right?? :)

  40. I dropped by to wish you a happy birthday and then saw this post. Had to do this crazy list..before that..a belated happy birthday(according to IST). Hope you had fun.
    Now to the gross list..
    I have this habit of buying fresh and freezing it(is the stuff in the freezer acceptable in the list?)
    1. there's a ton of peeled garlic, ginger.
    2. There's a mustard powder which is around 10 years old. Don't know why i've never thrown it.
    3.No one in my family drinks, but we got gifted a bottle of wine. We all tasted it, and declared, we dont' like it (i know you're shocked!) so its in the fridge since a year, can't use it can't throw it.
    4. A ton of frozen purees to use, tomato puree, mango puree, onion pastes, and tamrind purees.
    5. and of course, leftovers from God knows when..
    Loved doing this..Thanks


  41. Oy Vay... my fridge... it so needs to be cleaned out.
    Wierd things in my fridge...
    Old Cheddar Cheese (We never use it because I needed it for one recipe only)
    Lactaid skim milk - we are adjusting to a boy who is lactose intolerant.
    Dry pork ribs - I don't eat pork!
    Southwester Spring Rolls - for a men's ministry dinner I'm putting together.
    That's about adventurous as our fridge is right now. Sorry.

  42. Anonymous11:28 AM

    1. Medication for the cows in the feedlot (dear husband's stuff)
    2.chocolates that are about a year old
    3.Apples that should have been eaten three weeks ago
    4. Swiss cheese slices (we don't eat swiss cheese and I still don't know why I keep it)
    5. enough ice packs to supply about 10 peoples coolers for the summer.

    fun giveaway.


  43. What's not weird in my fridge? I've got some candle scent from who knows when (I used to be into making candles, and I'm a pack rat, so I keep stuff, because I might use it yet).
    There are all sorts of different dips and stuff brought home from the fast food places ( we might use them at home LOL!)
    Lots of hot sauces, for I don't know who (my BIL if he might come).
    And all sorts of left overs I have to get out of there before they get bad.
    Sounds like you wanted me to clean my fridge. LOL!

  44. Well, I really don't have much that qualifies as weird...except for the strange noise that I heard when I opened the fridge door. Either something is dripping somewhere, or one of those veggie science projects has taken on a life of its own!

  45. estefafernandez3:36 PM

    5 weirdest thing in my fridge....

    1. sausages (made by my father and brother)
    2. my brother's wedding cake (top part)
    3. dulce de leche
    4. cat's antibiotics (:s)
    5. wasabi

  46. My fridge is full of weird stuff. There are some candle scents which have been there for years (since I was making my own candles) was told they keep better in the fridge, there are some of the dipping sauces you get at the fast food places, (might use them yet), all sorts of hot sauces (for when my BIL's show up), and all sorts of left overs, plus some cake frostings left over but not quite used up yet. Sounds like I should do some fridge cleaning!
    Love your blog candy!

  47. In my fridge:
    Cheese that has some white stuff coating it like a Santa beard
    Liquifying vegetables in one of the bottom drawers
    Whipped cream in a can - this goes straight into the mouth for when I need a quick pick-me-up
    Ink pads - someone said this makes them last longer - probably because I forget they are there and never use them!
    Bottle of pink chamagne from when we got married 8 years ago. Let's face it - we're never going to drink it, but it's been with us longer than the children so we think we ought to keep it.

  48. Ground flaxseed
    Wildcat sauce
    Copaxone (shots for MS)
    Starbucks Cream Liqueur
    Pomegrante juice

    Linda Peterson

  49. Ummmm the blog candy isn't comin outta that fridge, is it? lol!

    Here's mine:
    1. a bottle of 3yr old mayo (I found it so it's now tossed, ewww. and I dont even eat mayo.)
    2. an awful lot of fudge, peanut butter truffles, and oreo truffles.
    3. a can of peaches. Why? I have no idea.
    4. Two 12packs of kids juice drinks. And I got no kids.
    5. a jar of an unknown fruit jam from Honduras. I haven't been brave enough to try it.

  50. Anonymous9:39 AM

    wow, looking around in there is pretty scary. Here are the strangest of the strange.

    1. Some kind of cheese balls in oil (looks as gross as it sounds)

    2. Pickled stuffed baby eggplants (poor babies)

    3. Garden vegetables in spicy eggplant sauce. ??????

    4. Fire in the Hole hot sauce

    5. a can of luncheon meat (never opened, probably never will)

    Actually, I guess my hubby buys alot of this stuff, the funny thing is I never see him eat any of it.

    Anyone want to share?

  51. Okay...Here goes my frig contents...

    1. Blood worms for our fish tank fish
    2. dead worms (I assume they are not alive anymore) burried in dirt, from our last fishing trip
    3. cricket food cubes (for feeding our feeder crickets
    4. Doggy worm medicine
    5. Bird food powder (for baby birds who have no mommy)
    ...hmmmmmm, I am beginning to wonder if our food fits in the frigerator anymore...we sound like a zoo. I think the pets have invaded my space.

    Jenn Dove

  52. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Well, since people seem to not be claiming this great prize, and I have you on my Google reader, I will go ahead and answer this. I'm late cuz I was behind in my reading (getting ready for Christmas).
    1. pickled beets
    2. canned cat food, in a ziploc bag
    3. canned pumpkin in a gladlock container for the dog
    4. a tilapia filet waiting to be cooked for the cat
    5. chicken broth in a water bottle to be used for the cat's medicines

    Now, if you had asked what was the wierdest thing that had everbeen in my fridge - well, then it would have been really interesting!!1 Hahahaha!!


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