Saturday, December 22, 2007

Portfolio Holder for Christmas Cards

I constructed this holder after a lot of cussing. I used several sheets of 8 x 11 paper, only to cut wrong (good thing paper is cheap!). So when I finally thought I had it right, it was still off a bit but I worked around it. I just don't have a workable template until I try to do this again. I used a Scor-it to make the folds.

To start, find the center of your paper along the long side and mark it. Then score in from there on both sides about half an inch. Take a finished card and lay it on the paper near the top to measure how much you need to fold up on the bottom and still leave a tiny bit of clearance at the top. Score along the line and fold up-and make another score about a half inch or so below this. Then cut a notch on each side to make a "shelf" inside the portfolio at the bottom folds. Then slice the center line from the bottom up to the fold.You will trim this slice a bit on each side to make a nice fold line and then round the ends. Ink all the edges if you like. The sides of the portfolio are folded in and then in on itself again on score lines you made to match the notches on the sides.Practice with scrap paper and this can be adjusted to any size finished card.

Cover the insides of the portfolio pockets about 2/3rds of the way up with scrap papers and cover the seams with long stickers or even ribbon will work. The front was layered with a textured and distressed scrap of card stock and another remnent of patterned paper. Again, use a long sticker or piece of ribbon across the front. I took stickers and placed them on scrap white paper and then cut to conform to the shape-this gives them some thickness. I layered them using pop dots and with Scrappy Glue, added my snowflake glitter on the gifts and ribbon sticker.

I made a small slit on the side on the foldline of the front and back pockets for ribbon to slip thru and tie the portfolio shut. I used a thin scrap but I think later I will use a wider gauze or organdy type for a more robust ribbon tie.

Here is the portfolio filled with the cards along with their matching envelopes and inside cellophane protectors. The envelopes below were made with an Ellison die and the patterned paper is the INSIDE liner, with the flaps folded out so you could see them better. Just flip it folded the other way and it's on the inside.

ETA-see portfolio cards here, here, here, and here.

Check your local scrap store to see if they have a die for envelopes. If you buy the paper, you usually can use the die cut machine free. If not-and I see some stores are now charging 25 cents a cut-skip this and just fold them yourself. There are lots of templates for envelopes free on line. Make your liner about a 1/4 inch smaller and slip inside the completed envelope and only glue the top edge before folding over.

I now am working on wine bottle holders-and am tempted to drink the wine myself. I bought a couple bottles of Halloween wine and still have them corked. Anybody want to bring some cheese and share? It's Michigan wine-and whine.



  2. wow - your cards and portfolio are neat! and the 12 days of Christmas poem is funny and absolutely correct! ;) Hope your blog candy winner contacts you - it must be the holiday season. Hard to find time on-line!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These are soooo cute and I love your blog! That little mouse in the blanket id just adorable!

  4. Your cards and folder are beautiful. I love the red, white and blue theme you have going on there! Great idea! TFS with us. :) Kelly


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