Sunday, December 16, 2007

Candy Winner---Now Can I Hibernate?

Well, I thought I had 50 posts to the candy question but it turns out there were a few double posters. So there will only be one prize for this round. I will save the other goodies for later in the winter when it's really sucky (like today wasn't bad enough?) Sadly, I have no one to share a snow day with as my kids are all growed up. I used to love snow days (and flood days too).

So the winner of my 1 year anny fun package is-----#49 Sandy

Please contact me by emailing me from my profile page. If I get no answer by Tuesday, I will draw again. I am so sad I didn't get to give away Kevin Bacon.

PS-the weirdest things I ever truly had in my fridge were dead kitties. My daughter worked for a vet in High School and he gave her some dead kitty fetuses to take to science class. I had to warn anyone not to go poking too much and that they were not some new appetizers. Some of you didn't even answer my poser and next giveaway, you gotta answer or not entry. I am must too nosy to stand pat with ha ha funny funny. You are being warned! Ha Ha Funny Funny.

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  1. That's a real cool snowy photo! Great job!!!!


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