Saturday, November 10, 2007

Useful Website of The Week

Have you ever lost or damaged a piece of gramma's inherited china or has the dishwasher eaten your favorite wine glasses? Ever lost a spoon down the disposal? Did you think you would just have to dis-invite a dinner partner because you wanted a perfect table set up? Maybe not!!

This website called Replacements Ltd. might be your only hope. They have 11 million items in inventory in over 266,000 patterns. They were even able to replace a dinner plate dated from a 1790 pattern from Copenhagen. You also can get current items such as Pottery Barn if you need more than the local stores can supply, so if you want a certain dish for a wedding reception, check them out.

As a bonus, they are listed at one of the top 25 tourist attractions in the US with no visitors fees and employees are able to bring their pets to work. How cool is that? And dear to me, they recycle over 300 tons of cardboard and 30 tons of paper each year. So put this small but intriguing company in your saved list-ya never know when you might drop gramma's gravy boat and need a replacement.


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