Friday, July 06, 2007

Making Spirits Bright

I was not going to post tonight but someone emailed me and said her post hadn't shown up for the contest and she wondered why. So I even checked my spam file and it's not there either. I wonder if others get confused if they don't see it right away? I emailed her and told her to try again and we will work from there. My other option is to open it up for non-approval posts but I am honestly afraid of the garbage out there. I have seen some nastiness posted and it is very hurtful, so I like having the little bit of control of not exposing my readers to anything ugly in print.

This card is from a Hero Arts class I took last winter. It used one of those chipboard letters they came out with a while back and I think I used the pop out letter on another card too. I backed this letter with a weird paper that I think is from Hero Arts that is crepe-like. Then the chipboard was stamped with a circle stamp from Hero arts as was the phrase. On red crepe paper I stamped a plain tree outline and then on white stamped a striped tree the same size. Then I stamped a phrase tree image and cut out the image to go over the red paper tree and I did not do a good job as I am not a good aligner.

The small tree set is called Fusion Trees and it contains 3 stamps. What is really cool is I have since found several other similar tree stamps from other companies that fit inside the outline tree making this set even more versatile. It is pictured here below.

I then punched a hole in the top of the tree tags and threaded with ribbon and tied around the chipboard. I think we made 5 cards that night and it was fun-I will try to find the others later.

I am going to bed now-I just got back from a Weird Al concert and it stormed and my food blew away as did hubby's hat (which was probably good as it was getting rank!) It was a pretty good concert of 2 1/2 hours and it was FREE!!!!!


  1. Kathy W11:35 AM

    A Weird Al concert? How fun! My son and I love Weird Al. Very gifted rearranging lyrics. Those tree tag stamps are very cute. I like your card and enjoy seeing how people use chipboard. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really like these Jan. I LOVE holiday cards!

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