Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spica Flowers

I am trying to play around taking photos inside as the weather is so crappy outside. I just can't seem to find a good place with no animals to bug me and lighting that is naturally good. I used just kitchen lights and this is what I got tonight. Now watch me never be able to reproduce this again.
This card is a Stacey idea. When we do cards with her or her mom, she always finds ways to showcase new or unheralded products in her store. Here we used old ribbon, new ribbon, an established punch and paper company, Cat's eye type inks and the new Spica pens from Copic. I have had contact with all of these items EXCEPT the Spica Glitter pens.

I stamped what I remember to be a Hero Arts stamp and then cut tiny flower off a strand of them to fit over the top of some of the stamped flower images. I also colored in some of them with the Spica pens. A dark layer was placed under the stamped image. I punched the corners to hold a patterned piece that had the edges inked. Trim was used to dissect the piece and taped underneath and then the stamped piece was centered on this. A very elegant card that is prettier when the sunshine captures the glittery Spica flowers.

ETA-SpazzGirl asked if the Spica pens were worth it. I bought 10! They contain crushed glass-so use them for your more specialist cards and projects-don't let the kids use them!!


  1. Beautiful card, so you like the Spica pens?? Worth the money??


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