Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Doggone Winners!

I was surprised at the unusual mix of names that were suggested. It is rare that I give a fur child a non-human name. Many moons have past since I did that, about 15 years or so. I guess I see human qualities in many of my adoptees. I think I knew what this guy would be called before any of the names were posted and one person actually came very close to the name I chose.

Now first I have to say there were a couple of names automatically disqualified-Ralph (my grampa's name); Mike (my brother's name); and Ben (my son's name). I wonder if anyone caught the fact that Nebbie is my son's name backwards? He named her, and he was called Nebbie at work. Two names I especially liked were Hendrix and Baldwin-both of which I am saving for cat names later-one can never have too many cats. I also had to be careful not to use a name my kids want for their children. My son likes Zack and Shelby.I can never ever use those! Sam is out too.
I shot over 250 photos this afternoon and most of them sucked. It was getting dark, the dogs wanted to play catch and were running circles around me. I ended up with a broken blood vessel in my finger and many bruises trying to get a few presentable shots for you. I have a couple that are just blurs of fur which I am saving for a layout called Kinetic Energy.
Marley actually got pooped out and sat down. But you can see the motion in his brother. They are getting along much better yesterday and today. I still don't trust them inside alone. The pillow incident was warning enough. I did buy a rubber barbell and a medium tire with a rope along with some pull type ropes. I think for 55 pounds, this guy is as strong as Clancy was at 95!

So you need to know his name, right? Not so fast! I did a random draw for a small goodie bag from all participants. I drew #10 Mary Puskar(primitiveseasons). And because someone came SO close to the name I actually chose-I am sending a small gift to #23 Dee from Dasimonds who suggested the name Jack! Because this big bruiser is now going by the moniker Jackson! So ladies, click my profile and email me as soon as possible-I will be passing by a mail box later this week. Thanks everyone for participating. Check back soon as its my one year blogiversary, 10,000 hits and 350 posts celebration coming up. I will have a very fun question for prizes!

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