Thursday, November 15, 2007

Get Well Soon

I have this really weird runny nose today. It's like an itch on the part near my lip and when I rub it (with my t-shirt sleeve-like a little kid) it starts to burn and run. And my lips are like they have been sandpapered a couple of times. It's not far enough into the season for this dryness yet. I just took some Benedyl because the sneezing has started. So in half an hour, I will be zombified.

So I made another sticker card. Maybe I will send it to myself? This one is easy as I used store bought tags and placed the flower stickers inside. Take a plain white card and add a layer of paper to cover the front. Punch out a circle just a tad larger than the sticker you want to place in your focal point. adhere with pop dots and then tuck a piece of ric rac under the edge. Layer a long piece of colored card stock onto another contrast color (white here) and then staple a long hank of ric rac on top before attaching with the Trio tape runner. Pop dot your circle tag flowers.

This idea will work with so many themes and maybe you will go grab some 40% off stickers at Joann's (don't forget their 10% off coupon this week too--link here


  1. This kinda sounds like my cold! I have an unproductive cough and my nose, eyes and lips are so dried out and itchy, that I want to scratch them out! Cute springy card too!

  2. Love how you use stickers, great card.

  3. I'm sorry you're not feeling well! I REALLY hate having a runny nose because I can't craft. It drives me nuts!

    Love your card! It's so appropriate for you!


  4. feel better and send it to yourself...hopefully by the time it comes back you'll be well. lol

  5. everyone's sick around here. Feel better soon (and that card is super cute!)


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