Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saw My First Indoor Xmas Tree Up

On a country road in the middle of nowhere-huge tree, all ablaze. I bet they had it up for weeks. And I am already sick of the blow up "things" in front yards with a spotlight on them.

We have this local place called Krupps .I pass by it every time I visit my daughter or go to a stamp class. It's supposed to be world renowned for its collection of stuff. If you have seen it in a yard, they sell it and multiples of it. A huge camel, a lighthouse with blinking beacon, every ugly gazebo around. For gosh sakes, they have artificial rocks! Why would anyone need an artificial one if free real ones are out there? Well, some people seem to have purchased every thing Krupp's sells and have put them in their front yards each holiday season-and then leave them up until Easter where it's replaced by the Bunny. Please, make it go away!

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