Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wingin' It.

This isn't about birds. This isn't about doing something with no preparation. This is about an unexpected close encounter.

Last week at Costco in Bloomfield Hills, I was wandering about-which is what everyone does at Costco, right? Looking for free food samples (not a whole lot of vegetarian stuff anyways), getting weary from not finding oatmeal and freaking out because stuff keeps falling out of my basket (I had 6 cases of juices and tea's piled up along with a turntable and a mini camcorder). How I crammed the food in the basket is really a trip.

So I stopped to look at the books-my absolute fav place to veg in Costco-and I turned to check out the kids stuff (even if I don't have any small kids, I am always buying cool books and stuff for all the fringe kids I know-bad habit?). I pick up a box of puzzles and am talking to myself-another bad habit-and someone answers me back! I chat without looking at first, thinking its just some dad getting my opinion for Christmas gifts. But he certainly has an interesting accent.

Then i did look up. OMG-this guy has on a short sleeve t-shirt and muscles! I kept up the usual babble about kids, toys, books and their educational value-but my eyes didn't want to leave the arms. I personally could care less what his face looked like, but he had arms to die for. I started to walk away but had to get one last glance down the aisle as his kid came up to see what dad might buy. I stopped at the end of the aisle and just looked back with a sigh. His butt was danged cute too!

It wasn't until I was halfway home that I realized who I stood next to and exchanged kid notes with. None other than Tomas Holmstrom of the Detroit Red Wings! I exchanged book airs with one very hunky pro athlete and I didn't have a clue. All I saw was the arms!


And we won tonight too!

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  1. Yeah? Well we like to lose here! And last year I sat up in the President's section of the 'dome with all of the retired players...of course, they were all too busy chatting with their wives!


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