Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blog Ads-Are You Watching?

How many of you pay any attention to what is being advertised on your blog? I know there have been tons of articles lately in local newspapers and on the Internet that says you will make money by hosting ads. Is it worth it?

Tonight I was visiting a blog about quilting. The blogger is about my age and from Canada and has been published in a well received ATC hardcover book this past year. Does she know one of the ads on her blog is for "adult" magazine subscriptions?

Pay attention to what is being hawked when you agree to host ads. I see some of hers are about quilting but another is one to earn money online working from home. Come on! This is a rip off and we are being duped into thinking we will get rich. I would rather pay 25 bucks a year and have control over my blog than letting some computer decide what to sell thru it.

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