Friday, November 30, 2007

Rubber Stamper Magazine Update

For anyone who has a subscription, you will be getting switched over to Crafts n' Things for the rest of your remaining issues. I hope you will be pleased with it but I already knew the contents of this craft rag and demanded my money be returned. I received a check today-altho I am not sure if it was enough at $40. For anyone who is clueless to what I am talking about, read this post.

Here is what Crafts n' Things posted and what the future would be for the magazine. When I originally heard about the sale of Rubber Stamper, I contacted the company and was assured there would be tons of stamping samples (there were already some and I can't imagine more being added). Very few were qualified card related. The focus of the projects in Crafts 'n Things will be home decorating and gift giving. Below is an exact quote from Nicki Ingle Customer Service Representative at Amos Publishing who now owns the former Rubber Stamper subscriptions.

The Crafts 'n Things team has spent a great deal of time working with the staff at The Rubber Stamper to get to know the readers and understand your likes and dislikes. And, we've already received all of the Rubber Stamper content for the next issue (and future issues) and plan to include a lot of the content in the January/February 2008 issue of Crafts 'n Things. In addition to those projects, Crafts 'n Things already includes 50+ card and paper craft projects in every issue, many of which include stamping..

Anyone a subscriber to Paper Made Easy ? They too have been absorbed into the Crafts n' Things cauldron. I had a sub to that one last year but did not renew as every other day I got an offer to renew from them, and I figured I would pay and out of business they would go.

Just want to let you know what you are in for as far as any outstanding issues left for your subscriptions. You can request a refund. It is quite obvious that Amos Publishing has no clue as to what rubber stampers want and need, so you are forewarned.
ETA-Wait to you get a look see at the "new" Creating Keepsakes. Ewwww!

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