Monday, November 12, 2007

Joy To The World

Yeah, this one is lame. So sue me. I am in such a pissy mood today. This dog is driving me batty. He and the cats got into it, poor Marley doesn't know if he is coming or going and just sleeps with me all night. New dog ate hubby's pillow, so we went pillow shopping. Call me naive, but I thought a pillow was a pillow and usually buy them by the case from Costco. When they get nasty, after several washings and are lumpy or drooled too much on, I swap them out. New pillows now come in how you sleep, so if you sleep on your back, you need one kind and if you sleep on your side, another. And what room you use them in too-bedroom, family room, etc. They did not have a pillow for those of us who don't sleep normal. I usually get nudged out of the bed by all the creatures who are slowly taking over my bed and the rest of this place.Last night or morning, I was still tossing at 7AM and up at 10-not good.

So this is what you get. A generic card made with some crappy sticker and leftover ribbon.White card base and a piece of paper from some long ago paper stack (maybe DCWV) . A huge circle punched out to leave a rim around the sticker-I wasn't very good about centering it either. Tie a nifty little knot in the ribbon and use a mini snot dot and then add it to the front. I think a three year old could do this one.

I have better ones but just need to photograph them-if the sun ever comes out again. I have other sticker ones that I really like, so maybe tomorrow. I have a class Tuesday in Vernon, MI. I only found this place last Friday-and it's probably gonna go out of business on Thanksgiving weekend. The economy sucks in Michiganand the map programs suck worse. They tried to tell me this wonderful little place was either in Flushing or Durand. I wish I could send photos of Vernon-it's alive and still in the 19th century.

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  1. not bad for a crappy day. hahaha... I have creatures too that my hubs like to have in bed with us. He always hugs the dogs more than me through the nights. hahahaa.... as for the pillows - I know what you mean. What happen to just having the same ol' kine of pillows, huh?!!?


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