Sunday, November 11, 2007

Holiday Cheer

All these stickers have to be used up and the quicker, the better. I love stickers but have discovered rub ons with glitter this year, so I can't use them until I use up some of these. BTW-the rub ons were on sale at Micheal's this week for 74 cents. I did buy some. And the Halloween ones were on clearance at 50 cents!
White card, red layer, shimmer paper piece on top. Cut a cube of green and a smaller cube of white and then place your square stickers neatly (or haphazardly if you want) centered in the middle of square. Take two pieces of 1/4 inch ribbon and criss cross them over the seams of the stickers and tape in the back. Pop dot it on the left side.

Use one of those store tags (or a punched circle) that you probably have and center a round sticker from the sheet inside and use your Cropidile to put a tiny hole near the top. Use a contrasting ribbon bit, thread it thru the hole and tie in a tidy knot, clipping the ends at an angle. Snot dot this one on the right.Ta da! 5 minutes or so and done. Go make lots. Have the kids make them too.

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  1. beautiful card...i need to get started on mine...eeek!!!


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