Monday, November 05, 2007


I did not get anything photographed today that is really recent but I thought maybe this was a nice one from my archive for you. This card was made using a brass stencil and a spray color wash called Memories Mist. It was the first time I ever used the Mist and I really like it but---I wish they made smaller bottles of it. I will never use it up and sometimes have forgotten I have some as its in a different bin. Now I hear another company has some mists with metallic or mica in it. And they come n two sizes too.
I sprayed the front of my base card with one color and then lightly misted it with another. Then cutting a smaller card, I place a brass stencil of leaves taped down on the sided and lightly sprayed the front of it using two colors again. You can see where I managed to get a little too much spray and it ran under the stencil. Be careful removing the stencil so no extra over spray gets on your piece. Wash the stencil immediately too.

I ran a metallic mesh ribbon piece across the top and tape underneath. Then I cut a small square to pop a fabric or die cut pumpkin on and then a bit larger square for a layer. Put the pieces together and center on the mesh ribbon. A quick idea and versatile with all the stencil designs out there these days.

Supposed to snow here maybe tomorrow-and I still have a riding mower strewn all over the garage floor in pieces-and jumper cables crossing the floor-clipped to a battery terminal. Leaves piling up in the backyard and lawn furniture still out (like maybe it will hit 80F soon?) Why is that?

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