Thursday, November 22, 2007

Crow's Foot

Remember this crow figurine? I used it back when reviewing the stamp set I received from Rubber Stamp Fun in September. It didn't do much for the photo, so I tucked it into a plant I had outside, thinking when I got my fall cards up, I might use it again.Well, I can't.

This is all that is left of it!
The "dog" ate it, along with some large saucers from my pots, the stakes in the pepper pots, and a couple of plastic bins I had used for waste in the yard. He also knocked over the retaining wall I have under the tree that housed my Hosta's (which kinda tells you the fate of those, right?). And he tried to dig up my lilac bush.At least he didnt get into the compost bin-can you imagine the smell??? That is what I have found so far. Poor little crow. He bit the big one.

We bought an obedience collar today. I have used plain bark collars before but said I would not do it again-well, for my sanity and to really get across who the Pack Leader is , I just spent 150 bucks. It is working so far, and on the lowest level too. Can I use this on hubby?


  1. I am sorry but this just seems funny...

  2. Lol, I am sorry about the crow! He was really cute! Now, it just seems funny, LOL


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