Friday, August 31, 2007

Just 4 U

I love gnomes. Whenever I see statuary for sale, I try to buy one or two a year. I like this style better than the sullen earthy gnomes because they just don't seem happy. But I rarely see a happy girl gnome and I can't understand why. Some of my little guys are so old that I have cemented pieces back on when hubby runs over them with the mower (the mower is dead, so run amok Gnome Boys!) They will probably outlive him anyways-'cause this mower drama is driving me insane and that is a good excuse in court.

Another in the cache of cards I have made using Rubber Stamping Fun stamp images. I have no idea what the company thinks of my cards because I have had no communication from them since they sent me the stamp set in early July. A bit odd but I know others who have ordered from them in the ensuing time period, so they are alive. And so is my gnome.

This card was so quick and easy. A plain black textured card was layered with the pink strip half way up (this card folds from the top) . Then using the Trio tape runner, I applied the ric rac across the met edges. I used some pink conches (clearance aisle as they have been discontinued)-from Scrap Works -and placed them evenly across the top of the card. I used a foam piece of stuff-yeah stuff-that came with brads from Karen Foster to help apply these underneath the card stock. Just gently press down where you want to put them-then use a nail file to fold over the pokie thingies-okay prong thingies. I then applied a Jolee flower inside each conch.

Stamp the phrase on plain white, layer to a pink piece and then to a black textured piece and just like that-ta do-done and ready to send. Just 4 u-a super easy card.


  1. This card really caught my eye Jan. The black and pink stand out and the simple LO is pretty.

    What was the point of reviewing their stamps if they aren't even going to check and see your review? Silly. But, hey, you received some free stamps, right? *grin*

  2. Love that gnome!

    And hey.. My DH picked your name as a runner up in the Owl-blog-drawing.. SO now I´d like your addy so I can send you your winnings =D

    email me on: mahlin.andersson[a] or if your are on SiSTV you can pm me there..


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